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What Does a Legal Cashier Do? Choosing the Right Law Job

The legal cashier’s job can be ideal for someone who finds the idea of working for a solicitors or law firm appealing but doesn’t have the experience or desire to work directly on legal matters. Normally a legal cashier is responsible in one form or another for the finances of the company. As the financial needs of solicitors and law firms are quite unique, a niche has opened up for those with the skills and expertise to carry out these kinds of jobs.

There are a number of different jobs which could be described as a legal cashier:

Legal Accountant – The responsibilities of a legal accountant are in many ways similar to a traditional accountant however there are some distinct difference unique to the industry. For example the large transfers of money for house purchases and legal fees are quite different to that of a traditional business. Though the tasks carried out by a legal accountant may differ from other industries many of the skills required to carry out the role are quite transferable.

Financial Controller – typically a financial controller has a lot more strategic role than a legal accountant, they might not be as involved in the day to day, invoices, payments and bank reconciliations but are still heavily involved in how a legal firm manages it finances.

Accounts Manager – This might be a role for someone working within a legal firm who has extensive accounts experience yet isn’t a qualified accountant. They don’t have the legal ability to carry out accounts like their professionally qualified colleague but might still carry out very similar tasks on a day to day basis.

Practice Manager– a far more administrative role typically, though it may still involve aspects of a finance common to most legal cashier roles. A Practice manager would normally have responsibility for the teams responsible for the administration and non legal functions of the firm.

Legal cashiers can also often be given the responsibilities within a company beyond the financial. These tasks often include

Marketing– while legal firms might not instantly seem like they require a great deal of marketing just like every business they need new customers. For most firms they would never reach the size where they could afford or justify a full time member of staff dedicated to marketing the firm. However often the responsibility of attracting new customers can be passed to someone with the appropriate skills. Often a legal cashier has just the right mix of abilities and enthusiasm to be given the task of marketing.

HR – the responsibility for human resources is another important part of a business which a small legal firm may not be able to dedicate a member of staff. As legal cashiers often manage a large number of the firm’s staff often HR can be allocated to them.

Administration – the amount of paper work and administration that a team of practicing solicitor can create is surprising. Consequently there is a team of …


How to Make Money Online Without a Website Or a List – Classified Advertising

Classified advertising is probably one of the oldest ways to market online. Although it's not always as effective as it once was, it's still an effective way to market your business online.

The reason is that it is a form of marketing that most people are familiar with. For those new to the internet, it's an easy way to find things. For those who want to sell, it's an easy marketing technique.

If you're new to internet marketing, or you do not have any money to spend on marketing, your advertising is the best place to start. It's easy to learn how to write ads, and there are plenty of free classified ads that will allow you to post ads.

Before you post any ads though, here's a few things to help you make more money from this technique:

1. Choose low cost products to market.

It's a lot easier to sell low ticket items on classified ads than it is high ticket items. If you plan to use qualified sites to drive traffic for your high ticket items, then it's a good idea to create some type of freebie to draw traffic to your site.

Do not offer your product in the ad. Offer the freebie. Give visitors a reason to visit your site.

2. If possible, optimize your ads for the search engines.

When you're writing your ads it's a good idea to write them with the search engines in mind. Try to include your keywords in your ads if possible.

Many classified ad sites, especially free ones, do really well in the search engines. You can easily increase the traffic to your ad by considering the keywords.

3. Try offering physical products too.

Top classified sites like Craig's List offer just about everything. Just as shoppers may shop auctions to find bargains, classified ad sites are another place to look for bargains.

The best part of offering what you sell through qualified is that it will not cost you anything.

4. Write as many ads as you can and post them.

The more ads you write, the more chances you have to make conversions, get traffic, and get sales. Many of these classified sites also allow you to renew your ads so you do not have to rety them.

5. Post ads Consistently.

As I mentioned before, many of these sites allow you to renew your ads without reposting them. This will save you a lot of time and help you get your ads out more quickly.

Do not just renew your ads though. Post more ads and try to do a certain number of ads each day. More ads equal more traffic and extremely more sales. …