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Is Money Really What Holds You Back From Starting a Business?

Ask just about anyone considering whether to start a business what they believe to be the biggest obstacle to starting that business and the answer is almost always, money. It's a matter of, "I do not have the money" or "I do not know how to get the money" or "Even if I tried, I do not think I could get the money." It is a valid concern. Many businesses fail in the first three years because they are under capitalized to withstand the ramp up period needed by many new business ventures. The bottom line- money matters. But, the more intriguing question is how much?

On our website, we encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to check their entrepreneurial readiness with a short online survey. Rather than "score" the respondent, the intent is both to highlight the success factor gaps that are most significant to a particular person and to gather information to pain a profile of the aspiring entrepreneur. Several of the questions refer to money matters and simultaneously what the largest perceivable barriers are to starting a business. The results of the survey present an interesting paradox ~ Is Money What is Really Holding You Back From Starting a Business?

As of the end of July, 68% of the survey participants indicated that they understand the costs of starting a business and either have a plan for or an idea of ​​how to acquire them, yet almost a third of those responders also cite money as one of the primary obstacles they have to overcome. As we reviewed the responses of these individuals, we also discovered another piece of the puzzle. Most of these responders, also indicated that they had access to an alternate source of income and could wait from one to three years for the business to become viable. So, here's the paradox -if these individuals want to start a business, understand the financial requirements, have a strategy form meeting them, and have other means to support themselves, how is it that money is the obstacle?

Reconciling the inconsistency is critical because it absolutely will separate those who absolutely take that final first step towards entrepreneurship and those who will likely look back on the disappointment of an unfulfilled promise. Is it that money is the true obstacle or is it possible that aversion to losing that money is the real culprit? Our hypothesis is this-money matters, but not as much as people think.

What are some possible explanations for the inconsistency? One could be that while you may understand what you need to do to gather the financial resources to start a business and know what you can do to acquire them, at the end of the day, you find yourself somehow unwilling or unable to commit to the actions necessary to build the "nest egg". Alternately, it could be that the connection is really tied to the unwillingness to risk losing either what you have today or even what you save to support that new business. …


3 Ways to Make Money Fast From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Communication and technology, previously the internet has made it possible for anyone to make some extra money all without leaving their very own home. You can use the internet to make a few extra bucks here and there or you can use it to create your own fortune. Either way, the opportunity exists for those who are interested. Here are three ideas that you can use to start making some fast money from home using the internet.

Become a Freelance Writer:

If you are skilled at writing and are passionate about your writing skills, then you have the opportunity to make money being a freelance writer. Webmasters all over the world are always looking for good English writers to be able to produce content for them. You can charge up to or over $ 10 for every article you write over 500 words as long as your work is quality. These same webmasters also need writers for eBooks, reports, automated email series, sales copy, press releases and more. Advertise your services at various internet marketing forums or through the many freelance websites that exist.

Create and Flip Websites:

If you are more patient in being able to make money, there is a big calling for profitable websites on the various website auction sites. Bidders will pay anywhere from 10 to 15 times the websites monthly earnings … sometimes even more if the potential is there. So if you put up a website in a really easy to rank for niche and start earning some easy money, you can then flip it and profit or hold on to it and earn more over time. What I do is try and put up a few new websites each week and then plan on selling the not so profitable ones 6 months to a year down the road.

Sell ​​Web Design Services:

If you are skilled in designing websites or blogs, there will always be a call for you to make money online. People are constantly looking for good web designers to create their next website for them. For those that really know what they are doing, this can be extremely profitable and wont take much work or time. You'd be surprised at how pleased some webmasters will be just to have a nice looking but simple themed website up for them. Since they have no idea what it takes or how easy or difficult it is, they will be willing to pay a lot without thinking twice. …