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Service with Style – How To Impress Your Clients with a Serviced Office in Hong Kong

Image: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/18/Hong_Kong_Night_Skyline.jpg

Hong Kong is home to a thriving business environment thanks to free trade, low tax and minimum government intervention. Add to that modern infrastructure and excellent telecommunications, it has long been a draw for major corporations looking to exploit the Asian marketplace. It’s the world’s 8th largest economy with China being the city’s biggest trading partner. You’ll see all the major players from the corporate and finance sectors in Hong Kong’s central business districts.

All of these incentives also combine make it the most competitive economy in the world. This has driven office rental prices through the roof and the city also holds the title of the most expensive office rental prices in the world. This can be a massive barrier to getting a business off the ground in Hong Kong.

Serviced offices (www.servcorp.com.hk/en/serviced-offices/) can provide a solution to this barrier to entry to the marketplace, as well as making a lasting impression on prospective clients.

Service with Style

Serviced offices come fully furnished and ready for you to get to work in instantly. Servcorp offers 5-star unbranded office fit outs, complete with luxurious leather furniture and original artwork decorating the walls, complemented by their signature checkerboard granite floor.

There’s also a dedicated bilingual receptionist provided to manage your calls and greet your guests, creating an instant air of professionalism, sure to make a lasting impression on your clients.

Prestigious Locations

Servcorp’s serviced offices in Hong Kong are located in the best and most prestigious CBD buildings with incredible views over Hong Kong’s skyline. You can choose from there different locations, each one sure to suitably impress clients.

One Peking is an award-winning building shaped like a sail located in the Tsim Sha Tsui district, in Kowloon’s commercial hub. It’s also a green intelligence building that makes full use of natural lighting and energy saving facilities. If your business is eco and/or sustainability oriented this is sure to impress potential clients.

The Hong Kong Club Building is located in the heart of the aptly named Central district, the financial and commercial centre of Hong Kong. It boasts spectacular scenery and is located near many of Hong Kong’s landmark attractions.

Two International Finance Centre (Two IFC), is the tallest building on Hong Kong Island, which is the main financial centre of Hong Kong. This building has had a taste of fame as it was used in numerous Hollywood movies, the most famous being Batman The Dark Knight. That is sure to impress your clients when they come by for business meetings.

All these serviced office locations are conveniently positioned near all amenities you could ever need from shopping centres to restaurants and most importantly they offer convenient access to metro, bus and ferry transport systems, so clients can reach you easily.

State of the Art Facilities and A Professional Team of Staff


Serviced offices proved state of the art boardrooms and meeting rooms, with video conferencing capabilities, as and when you need them. Lightning …


Health Insurance For a Family – Find Out Your Options

Providing your family with the best health insurance possible is a must. The more kindly you insure your family, the safer they'll be. Even if everyone is in good health, accidents and illnesses can happen at any time. Health insurance for family members means that all of you will be protected in the event that something unexpected should happen.

As you're probably aware, however, there are countless insurance companies and plans out there. You may not know where to begin. If you're self-employed or unemployed, it may be hard for you to sort through all the different plans. You'll want to provide the best health insurance for your family, of course, but how can you tell which plan is the best?

To begin narrowing down your choices, you'll need to decide just who, exactly, you wish to insure. If you have no children, then you need to find a plan that will just cover you and your spouse. If you're unmarried and are taking care of a parent, you'll need to check into plans that cover yourself and a dependent. If you have children, then you'll obviously need to insure them.

Once you've decided how you're going to go about providing health insurance for family members, you need to decide what kind of coverage your budget will allow. Do any of your dependents have special needs? Is everyone relatively healthy? Is anyone visually impaired? If so, then you'll obviously need eye care coverage.

As you answer all these questions, you should read health insurance for family guides so you'll understand your options. There are many special programs out there that help out with low income families, so if you're on a tight budget, you need to find out as much as you can about special plans. …