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Negotiate Debts With No Money

This is understandably tough to do but it can be done. Why would someone agree to accept your terms when you have not paid him or her anything in the past? Remember the old saying "Half a loaf is better than nothing". Well again, let's put ourselves in the seat of the original creditor. He sold you something that you failed to pay for. Here it is again later and you contact him. He has sent the account over to a collection agency and they have not had any results in collecting any money. Now when you make contact, in writing, you are planting a seed in their mind. They are saying to themselves "this guy has either come into some money or he needs something". Well they are partly correct. You do need your credit history addressed.

Let us now proceed to negotiate our debts. It becomes very simple. When you owe money, make arrangements to pay it. Negotiate – remember you are offering something they previously had little hope of collecting. You actually have some leverage in this case. Do remember that you only want to communicate in writing and NEVER on the phone.

Writing allows you to create a paper trail. Do not even try to the old "he said, or she said" scenario when negotiating paying bills. That simply will not fly. But, when you can produce in writing a record of an agreement and you can PROVE that you are making payments on your back debt, you are satisfying a lot of the requirements of the FHA in regards to obtaining a home mortgage loan.

Do not believe for one minute that debt simply dries up and goes away. Yes, there is a seven year time limit of reporting adverse information in your credit files. That is true. Can you wait seven years? This is important to remember if you're trying to get a home loan. If a creditor decides to take you to court and he is successful, the seven years flies right out the window. It now does not mean a
thing. You are now in a judging scenario. Do not take a chance regarding a back debt. Handle it NOW if you are serious about buying a home. …


How I Made Money in Real Estate No Money, No Credit, No Experience!

First I'd like to preface that I am not a Guru! I am not selling a seminar, workshop, boot camp or mentoring
program. I created this site to answer the question I am so often asked, "How did you get started and make money in real estate?"

If my comments seem boastful, recognize that there are many others who have done far greater than me.
My hope is that this article will serve as an encouragement to "Newbies", those who are just starting out in
real estate. You can make money in real estate with no money, no credit, no prior experience and in your
spare time!

I can hear you say, What spare time?
Real estate is a time-money business. You've got to have one or the other and preferably both. I did not have
either, so I decided I would make the time to make the money. Once I made time to make money, the
question was how do I make money in real estate with no money, no credit and no experience? I had never
bought a property, did not even like the thought of real estate. Tenants, fixing toilets and dealing with
evictions was not for me, but I had heard of others making loads of money in real estate. The question was

Since I love to read and love good coffee, typically a trip to the bookstore was the first step in my quest to
find out how to make money in real estate with no money, no credit and no experience. Browsing through
the books I came across a couple that were particularly interesting to me. What the heck, I'll spend $ 15.00.

A WEEK LATER I MADE $ 6500.00 !!! THE WEEK AFTER THAT I MADE $ 8000.00 !!!

As a beginner, flipping properties is the technique you need to generate fast cash. You do not have to buy a
house, just put it under contract and flip it. All I did was made some cheap letter flyers, passed them out, found
a motivated seller, put it under contract and flipped the property to the end Buyer and cashed the check! I was so thrilled to say the least. I did it again and again.

Again, you do not have to buy a house, just put it under contract for one price and flip it for a higher price. Buy and hold, lease options and all other methods should be used after you've built a solid cash foundation. There are lots of investors out there in serious financial trouble using rehabs and multiple rental income strategies. Also you do not need expensive seminaries and boot camps. If you can afford them go, but I did not. After I made my first flips, I bought some courses.

I've found that chat sites can quickly overwhelm a new person with such diverse opinions, and can cause confusion. Do not get …


How to Get Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Connecticut

The east coast is known for its hard-hitting storms and damaging winds. If you do not have homeowners insurance when one of these hits, you stand to lose everything you own. Here's how to get cheap homeowners insurance in Connecticut with a reliable insurance company.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Homeowners insurance not only protects your home, it also protects your personal property and your assets. Here's what covers:

* Structural coverage – Homeowners insurance will pay for repairs or rebuilding costs when your home is damaged or destroyed by fire, vandalism, plumbing leaks, or storms. Standard policies do not cover damage caused by flooding, but you can purchase this coverage if you need it.

The amount of homeowners insurance you need should cover the cost of rebuilding your home. You can find out how much this would cost from a local builder or real estate agent.

* Personal property coverage – Homeowners insurance will pay for replacing your personal property when it's damaged or destroyed by fire, vandalism, plumbing leaks, or storms.

The amount of personal property coverage you need should be enough to equal the total value of all your possessions – clothing, furniture, jewelry, electronics, appliances, tools, sports equipment, kitchenware, musical instruments, books, CDs, linens, etc.

* Personal liability coverage – Homeowners insurance will pay for an injured person's medical bill and personal property damage repairs when you're found to be at fault. It will also pay for your court costs and your legal fees.

The amount of personal liability coverage you need should be at least enough to cover your assets – checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs. mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc. Most policy holders carry $ 100,000 to $ 300,000 worth of coverage.

Cheap Connecticut Homeowners Insurance Quotes

In order to get the best price on Connecticut homeowners insurance you need to spend some time comparison shopping. Fortunately, this will only take a few minutes if you do it at an insurance comparison website.

When you go to one of these sites you'll fill out a short form with your insurance information and the amount of coverage you want, then wait to get quotes from multiple insurance companies (see link below). After you get your quotes you simply choose the cheapest one. …


It's True: You Really Can Earn Money From Home And Quit Your Day Job And Here's How

Making money online is a reality today today more than ever because the possibilities are very expanded, technology gives us a hand and allows us to make money from the place we choose for our office, on holiday or the comfort of our home.

The resources and information available online can actually be overwhelming that most of the time we overload of information and this prevails us from starting to take action.Most people choosing the path of internet marketing struggle to succeed and never make a dime.The key to a successful online business is not to try and learn every skill in one go but learn step by step, stay focused, have a plan and take massive action.

It is not hard to earn money online you simply need to follow what works and then just rinse and repeat and scale.I wanted to start this article by naming some of the ways to earn money online.look for the niche market that feels more comfortable , probably related to their tastes and passions. Some people start trying many variants and after that successfully establish or focus on what really works.

Some of the most popular ways to make money online are these:

– Without a blog, what we do for example answering surveys for businesses that need common customer information to this there are many companies that use this method, many people still suspect of this way of making money online, but I can assure you there companies with a strong track record and on the internet that actually pays people who choose to integrate their staff.

Today with the rise of social media we can use to promote products, auctions or affiliate products with our contacts and the community by paying for advertisements (eg. Facebook).

There are other methods such as making money by reading e-mails, searching, and browsing certain websites a certain time, or by clicking on ads or offers. Finally, there are also betting and online games, which are also used by thousands of people.

Currently people are losing their fear of online commercial transactions, with the growth and development of technology to make one hundred percent secure credit card or other banking system. Today there are companies that allow us to get our money earned online from almost any country either through transfers or by checks sent to you.

– With a blog, in this case the possibilities are expanded and this allows us to actually create a real online business or enterprise, not only making money, but to build automated systems that we can generate profits for years. A blog is the window of our business and what we can offer in the range from our services, our products or advice, and even promoting thousands of products by working as affiliates. Platforms to create blog are really very accessible and even more important we can create blogs for free, which is a great help to start, probably later use a blog in a private domain that …


Why Do You Need to Have an Adequate Car Insurance Coverage?

Nowadays, when you buy a car, you must also carry adequate insurance. You may be wondering why do you have to cover the extra cost of the insurance. Actually, the premium is affordable and you can get discount when you buy it online. It is common for people to get into accident every once in a while. Therefore, it is best to always equip yourself with adequate insurance coverage just to be on the safe side.

Driving a car without car insurance is illegal. If you get caught, you may get a hefty fine. The premium of your car insurance policy must meet the minimum requirement of your state. Every state has different insurance requirements. Most of the states require you to have liability insurance. Some states like New York and Florida require drivers to have a personal injury protection.

Having an adequate car insurance can protect your finance in case you encounter an accident. If your car collide with someone else’s car and you are at fault, you will have to pay an expensive damage fees. The damage fees will cover the other party’s car’s damages along with the hospitalization or medical fees of the driver or passengers.

The damage fees often reach up to a few thousands dollars. You will be broke if you use the money from your savings to pay the damage fees. If you don’t pay for the damages, the other party may sue you in the court. If you have an insurance policy, you just have to file a claim and they will reimburse the damage fees.

You may want to consider getting a comprehensive/collision car insurance as it not only protect the damages of the other party’s car but also the damage you suffer as a result of the accident. Many people who drive on the highway don’t carry enough car insurance. For this reason, if someone collide with your car and run away, you will at least can claim the damage fees from your insurance company.

Comprehensive/collision coverage provides coverage when you accidentally hit an animal that is crossing the road. It covers damages on the broken windshield, hail damage, fire damage or collision that happen as a result of a storm. Your comprehensive insurance will also reimburse the compensation on a stolen vehicle that has gone missing for over 1 month.

It gives you coverage over any type of vandalism performed on your car, for example, someone uses a key to scrap the paint off your car. It offers coverage when your car is damaged due to high flooding water caused by a hurricane. It is your comprehensive coverage that will pay for the damages when your car is being smashed by a fallen tree.

The comprehensive coverage will protect your vehicle when it is parked in place. Your home insurance will not provide coverage when the garage collapse or other physical damages happen when it is parked.

When purchasing car insurance, you have to choose a deductible. The deductible is …


Finding Employees For Insurance Industry Jobs

Finding the right employee for any job opening can be a challenge to say the least, and this is no truer than in the insurance industry. With considerations ranging from experience and education to their personal skills, the decisions faced by recruiters and employers can be of critical importance.

When hiring employees for insurance industry jobs it is important to take many factors into account. Summarized, these factors include:

1. Education & Certification

2. Experience

3. Personal Skills

Education & Certification

Obviously one of the first criteria you will be looking for in a candidate will be their education. Whether the employee is applying for a one of your insurance sales jobs, customer service, risk management or some other position you will want to make sure that their education matches the criteria of the job. With this in mind an employer will often find him/herself in a position when multiple candidates are well educated and/or certified. While it may take additional time, looking into the schools themselves may yield significant differences.

A certificate from the “University of Phoenix Online” is worth significantly less than the same certificate from an accredited educational institution but unless you look into the credentials you may be tempted to consider them all equal.

While education cannot be considered the end-all-be-all of hiring any qualified candidate, a solid education from an accredited institution reflects more than a knowledge of the industry – it also reflects the job applicant’s ability to write and present ideas clearly and also to stick with something they have started.

And isn’t that a key feature in a candidate, whether the education is necessary in their job function or not?


This is perhaps the most important factor in filling jobs in the insurance industry (or any industry for that matter). What you should be reading into their experience is not simply the number of years they have worked in the same or similar roles however. While experience in a specific field lends itself to a strong understanding of the ins-and-outs of it can also have its downside that must be taken into account.

The value of experience in the insurance industry comes primarily from the reduced training that will be necessary to get the employee functioning. Knowing how to perform a specific function, especially a complex function such as risk management or loss control, can save a company countless dollars in training.

The downside in experience that must be considered is that an employee may not fully understand the processes and procedures unique to your insurance company. No two companies perform all their tasks the same way and an employee who has performed a specific role for one company may assume (incorrectly) that you do or should do it the same way. This can lead to bottlenecks and sometimes even conflict.

An additional drawback to experience that must be addressed when filling insurance jobs is the knowledge that the prospective employee has worked in insurance industry jobs and has chosen to …


High Paying Jobs With MBA Degrees – The Right Business Education

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs used to learn business on the job. This was the most prevalent way of getting business education, though informal. There are numerous successful entrepreneurs who succeed in business field without any formal business education.

One can learn business on the job as has been demonstrated by a large number of businessmen. That route takes longer and is worn with concerns.

With the complexities of modern business, business education has now been formalized. In order to do business, it is necessary that one should be conversant with so many business practices. Any business is now interdependent on other national and international factors. Formal business learning is now necessary in order to understand business environment as a whole.

Without a business degree from a renowned business school, it is difficult to undertake a business career.

Basis of business education are business and economic practices and theories. These consist of courses in fields like business accounting and bookkeeping, business strategy, business intelligence, business law, business writing, business consulting, financial management, organizational behavior, business marketing, business planning, international business, micro and macro economics etc.

Business education leads to important degrees like bachelors and masters (MBA). These two are the most important business degrees and are in high demand among companies and business establishments.

A university level business qualification leading to an MBA degree is the crown of a business course. MBA programs have been in high demand because of their clout in the market. While business concepts get clear at bachelor's level, master's education is a more specialized form of business education.

Generally an MBA program is spread over a two year period after bachelors. Most renamed MBA universities are in North America, UK and Australia. There are certain institutions like Indian Institutes of Management (IITs) in India which are equally reputed.

Some universities also have executive MBA programs which can be completed in one to two years. Executive Mabs are specific to working executives and managers who have been practicing in business field or at jobs for a number of years.

Executive MBA candidates have mostly bachelor level degrees and experience of a number of years. Essential qualifications for an executive MBA program are a combination of education and business experience. Executive MBA programs are generally employer supported and have a shorter duration than regular MBAs.
It is estimated that MBA saloons are generally higher by about 35 per cent than regular graduates. They hold prestigious jobs. They position their businesses strategically and help in the growth of companies and economies.

MBA courses can be obtained at a university campus, through distance learning MBA, MBA online and part time MBA. With the spread of internet, it has become easier to pursue an MBA degree. It is no longer necessary now to be a full time student at a campus, although this is most desirable.

Almost 43 per cent of MBA universities also have online MBA degree programs. About two thirds of MBA degrees get awarded through distance …


Creating Wealth With A Small Or Home-Based Business

Millions of Americans are discovering how to attain wealth with a small business. Many individuals are being outsourced due to companies downsizing. This trend is expected to continue due to increasing foreign competition and factors in the US economy. A small business is defined as a business with 10 employees or less. A home-based business falls under the category of a small business for our discussion there before we are also speaking of home-based businesses. A small business is one of the last significant tax Shelters other than a home for middle-income Americans. Individuals can receive generous tax incentives with a small business along with income-generating opportunities. Items such as training, books, business meals, entertainment, business travel, payment to family members for employment services, auto maintenance, utilities, a percentage of the mortgage or rent, and others. Tax advice is beyond the scope of this document and the discussion here is not intended to provide advice, strategies, or education on tax subjects. To get the necessary information on small business tax considerations, visit

The small business should be started with every attempt to make a profit. The IRS allows the business owner time to generate a profit. Most business owners will incur a loss for at least the first year of operation. Some incur a loss the second year as well. If the business does not show a profit by the third year, it is in risk of being labeled a hobby by the IRS. Hobbies are not given the same tax consideration as small businesses therefore the discounts would not apply.

A business owner can employ several strategies to generate wealth. Using the tax charges allowed by the IRS, a business owner may elect to pay his or her children to help out with the business. The children could put all or a portion of their wages into a tax-deferred college savings fund. The wages would be a tax deduction for the parent and dependent on the children's tax bracket, the wages could be tax exempt income for them as well.

Take, for example Bob, who is an employee of a company. Bob receives $ 40,000 a year from his employer in wages. Now let's say that Bob decides to start a small business. The first year, his business has $ 12,000 in revenue. The expenses were $ 15,000 for the first year which included business meals, business travel, educational training (books, seminars, etc), wages to family members, advertising, office expenses (printer, computer, paper, etc), utilities for his office, mileage for his auto for business travel, costs related to manufacturing the product or providing the service, a percentage of his rent or mortgage if his business met the IRS criteria of a home-based business, and other business expenses.

Because Bob's business had a net loss of $ 3,000 ($ 12,000- $ 15,000), he could report a lower taxable income to the IRS. In other words, he would report his taxable income to be $ 37,000 to the IRS rather …


Even the Average Family Can Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

One area you can cut costs is homeowners insurance, but you must do it in a sensible way. Here are some tips that will help the average family cut the cost of their homeowners insurance in a smart, but economic way.

One of the many ways to cut cost on your homeowners insurance is as simple as letting your insurance agent know your home is a smoke free zone. By having no smokers in your home, you may qualify for a discount on your homeowners insurance. Many people forget to tell their agent this and could be paying more than they need to.

Updating your home is another way to say money on your homeowners insurance as well. Insurance companies love people who take an active stand in protecting their homes and usually will reward you in the form of discounts. By adding things such as a sprinkler system or alarm system to your home could pocket you a nice little discount on your home insurance. One area of ​​the home that many homeowners neglect to think about is having locks put on windows. Insurance companies love this small, but preventive measure and many will give you a discount on this. You will need to talk to your insurance agent and see what they offer.

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is not reviewing their policy on a yearly basis. This is a good idea on a couple of fronts. Things can change in your life and you want to make sure you are covered. Many times homeowners are either under insured or over insured. By reviewing your policy, you will not be either one of these. Sit down and look over your policy the time spent could save you money.

Combine as much of your policies with one company whenever possible. If you want to save money on homeowners insurance, ask your agent about adding other services. Most insurance companies will give you multi-discounts by insuring more than one thing with them. Usually the more services you add the better deal and larger discount you will be given. Talk to your agent and see what they offer you.

The one area many people fail to ask about is discounts. Many insurance companies will not come out and say what homeowner discounts they offer. Most people know about the major ones. Some insurance companies also have some minor ones that you may be able to take advantage of. Ask and see what is available, as you never know what your options are without you ask.

The average family can do saving money on homeowners insurance. Follow some of the tips we have outlined above and see how much you can save. You may be surprised how much you can really save by putting a little effort into it. Over time, those savings can mount up and the money you save can be used for other things. …


Why Web Conferencing Is Vital to Every Modern Business

They say that travel broadens the mind. I think that your average business traveler may beg to disagree, especially when contemplating yet another business trip. Travel can prove less than exciting when it entails waiting for ages at dreary airport lounges and visiting a company boardroom the likes you've seen a thousand times before. Yet travel is essential to modern business. You are always having to fly to another city, state, or country to meet with a client or to strike a deal with a new partner. Ever wonder if there was some way you could attend an international meeting without having to fly out of your home city? Well, have you every heart of web conferencing?

Web conferencing allows you to have meetings between people who are in different locations at the time, by having the conference take place through the Internet. A web conference can be one-on-one or involve a group. It coincides and real time, and the attendees will be able to see a single presentation simultaneously, seeing and hearing the information as if they were all attending the conference in one room when they are in fact sitting at separate web terminals.

There are a lot of communication options with web conferencing depending on the service provider or software you use. A basic setup will allow live presentation and text-only chat. A more advanced option would be to use VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, which enables participants to have voice call conferences on the web at minimal rates. A few web conferencing systems even allow the option of video conferencing, so that the participants can see not only the information presented, but the faces of their co-attendees. That certainly can impart a more human feel to long-distance proceedings.

Another advantage of web conferencing is the ability to share applications, which means that participants will be able to make changes to files or enter new information while conferencing. Participants will also have the ability to send their files to one another.

Web conferencing is especially worthwhile if you have to deal with clients and colleges on an international basis quite regularly. You do not want to spend too much time and expense on taking international trips. With web conferencing, you will not have to, and that will lower your business travel costs. And if you already have a broadband Internet connection, it takes little more effort to implement the service.

Considering the fast pace of contemporary business and the rapid development of globalization, it is vital for the modern business person to adapt quickly. Learning and applying the technology of web conferencing can be critical in helping you to move forward. It is one means of matching or keeping ahead of the competition, and also a useful means of reducing certain business expenses. …