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Link building: 7 tips for 2020

If you are working on a SEO campaign, you should never ignore link building. It is one of the most effective methods available for you to boost the visibility of your website on search engines. You will be able to receive outstanding results with link building as well.

However, you need to make sure that you are using the most effective link building strategies available. Here are 7 useful and effective link building tips that you can follow in 2020 to take your link building campaigns to the next level.

Spy on the link building strategy of your competitors

You should begin link building with appropriate information at your disposal. This is where you can spy on the link building strategy of your competitors.

It can help you to uncover a lot of useful details on link building. You shouldn’t copy the link building strategy of your competitor.

Instead, you need to get inspired with it and understand what kind of a strategy that you must follow with your link building campaigns. This can deliver excellent overall results to you with your link building efforts.

Ask for backlinks

Asking for backlinks is a good method available for you to get started with link building. In here, you can reach out to your friends, business partners, colleagues, relatives and clients who have a website or a blog. Then you can ask them to provide backlinks to you.

It is better if you can ask them to provide you with an in-content link, instead of a link in the footer or the sidebar. You should also make sure that you are getting backlinks from websites or blogs, which fall under the niche of your website.

Otherwise, you will not be able to get positive results with the link that you build.

Develop long lasting relationships

In order to get outstanding results with link building, you should learn how to develop long lasting relationships.

You are provided with a large number of opportunities to go ahead and develop contacts. Social media networks, blogs and forums are some of the best methods available out them. You can contribute with relevant and interesting posts and comments.

You need to add value into the discussions that take place online. Then you will find it as an easy task to develop long lasting relationships. These long lasting relationships can eventually help you to get backlinks.

Provide testimonials

Link building with the help of testimonials is a win-win situation that you can consider. Most of the businesses would provide you with the opportunity to write a testimonial by highlighting the experience you had with their products or services.

You can follow this approach to build links to your website. On the other hand, this method can provide a great help to you with boosting customer trust as well. Along with the backlinks, it can help you to increase the traffic that you are getting as well.

Start your blog

You can start your blog with a minimum …


Event Insurance Gives You the Peace of Mind to Focus on Making Your Event a Success

One thing about event insurance is that it gives you peace of mind at a time when such peace is particularly valuable. It goes without saying that what with the tension and stress of managing a trade show or exhibition, you really do not want to think about everything that could or might go wrong. You want to concentrate on making those critical strategic decisions that can spell the difference between success and failure at such an event. But you do not have to spend sleepless nights worrying about a potential disaster, or the losses it might mean for your company.

Is anything really likely to happen, though, and is any event insurance really necessary? To answer that you have only to consider the investment that went into developing your modular or custom exhibition stand. Remember that the cost of that stand must be measured not only in the cost of the actual materials, but also in terms of the research and development that went into perfecting it, and the prices paid to various design companies to develop the external shape of the stand, the modular capability, the graphics panels, and the in built equipment.

And speaking of in built equipment, just consider the cost of that high fidelity sound system you had incorporated into the stand. Without event insurance you stand to lose it – a fire or high power spike could damage or gut it completely. What about the powerful spotlights that you train on your overhead banner – could you actually afford to lose them to theft, for example. Yes, theft at an exhibition may seem unintentionally, but anyone would agree that the illegally does tend to happen when you least expect it.

But you can not waste time worrying about things like this – your job is to plot strategy, not to worry about these details. So you need to bring in a reliable insurance company that will send an underwriter over to look at the details of your event insurance. This man or woman will examine your set up on site, and will then draw up a list of which your property and equipment his or her company is willing to cover. Yes, very few companies will offer you blanket coverage on an on event. They are more likely to give you a list of which items they are willing to cover, considering certain items high risk.

No matter how busy you are, you should take the time to carefully examine this list, preferably before you invest in the insurance. Better still, you should have a few insurance companies send their underwriters over, and examine all their lists to see who sees to be willing to offer you the most complete event insurance coverage. Do not set for half measures, ask the companies to offer a reference that can prove that they give sufficient and swift support in case of a real disaster or claim.

It all comes down to shopping around and finding the …


You Do not Need Money to Start a Home-based Business

When you think about starting a home-based business, what is one of the first things that comes to mind – MONEY.

You wonder how you can create a business when you're money is already stretched as far as it can go. Sure, you can beg and borrow. You can use credit cards. You can have a garage sale or bake sale. You can even roll up all the change in your jar. But, why not make it easy on yourself and create a home-based business that can be started with no money?

I know you're thinking that there is no way to start a business without money. But, there is. All you have to do is develop a plan where you collect your money up front for your products or services.

One idea might be a home-based business that provides holiday characters for rent such as Santa or the Easter Bunny. You can call on businesses either in person or by phone, and book appointments for the character months in advance.

When the order is placed, you will collect one half of the fee up front. After you have scheduled multiple bookings, you will have enough to rent or buy a costume. Your character can meet and greet customers, give away balloons or candy, and have a picture made with children. Collect the other half of your fee and your done.

You can build your business by adding more bookings, costumes, and props each year. Other characters could be added that could be scheduled all year like at birthdays, meetings, festivals, sales events, or grand openings.

Before long you could find yourself as an entertainment mogul. And to think that it all started with absolutely no money. This is just one example. There are more ideas that can be turned into a profitable home-based business with little or no money.

Ian Leopold was a college student when he started his company Campus Concepts. He created student resource guides and sold advertising. The company was started with only $ 48 and is now worth millions.

You could design a local ad circular. If you have a computer and are familiar with desktop publishing, you would not need any startup funds. All you would need to do is make a mock circular so business owners would have some idea how the circular will look. Pay a visit to local small businesses to obtain advertising. Then collect payment for their ads up front.

Create a business doing something you enjoy. If you are doing something you really enjoy doing, you will put more effort into it and, it will not even seem like work at all. You can create a home-based business from something you like doing AND you can do it with little or no startup money. …