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A Brief Introduction of SAP Business Objects

Definition: Business object skill and business object programming are based on the idea of ​​Real world objects called as business objects. If you can imagine the SAP BO as "black boxes" that summarizes business processes, therefore hiding the information of the structure and implementation of the underlying data.

Business Objects: (aka BO, BOBJ) is a German enterprise software company, concentrating in business intelligence (BI). Since 2007, it has been a part of SAP AG. The company claimed more than 46,000 clients worldwide in its last wages release. Its flagship product is BO XI, with mechanisms that offer performance organization, preparation, reporting, question and examination and venture information management. Business Objects also offers consulting and education services to assist clients organize its business intelligence projects. Other BO tool-sets enable universes, and ready-written reports, to be stored centrally and completed selectively accessible to communities of password-protected user names.

History: Bernard Liautaud, the chairman and chief strategy officer co-founded SAP Business Objects in 1990 together with Denis Payre and was chief executive officer until September 2005. In 1991, the first customer, France Télécom, was signed. The company went public on NASDAQ in September 1994, making it the first French software company listed in the United States. In 2002, the company made Time Magazine Europe's Digital Top 25 of 2002 and were Business-Week Europe Stars of Europe.

On 7 October 2007, SAP AG announced that it would acquire BOBJ for $ 6.8B. As of 22 January 2008, the corporation is fully operated by SAP; This is seen as part of a growing consolidation trend in the business software industry, with Oracle acquiring Hyperion in 2007 and IBM acquiring Cognos in 2008.

Business Objects had two headquarters in San Jose, California, and Paris, France since the fact that the largest office was in Vancouver, BC. The company's stock was traded on both the NASDAQ and Euronext Paris (BOB) stock exchanges.

To accomplish structure encapsulation, the SAP BOs are created as entities with multiple layers:

  • At the center of an SAP Business Object is the most important part, which stands for the object's inherent data.
  • The second layer is the integrity layer. This signifies the business judgment of the object. It includes the business policies and constants that relate to the Business Object.
  • The third layer is the interface layer. This illustrates the implementation and structure of the SAP Business Object, and defines the object's interface to the exterior world.
  • The fourth and outermost layer of a Business Object is the access layer, which describes the technologies that can be used to acquire external access to the object's data, for example COM / DCOM (Component Object Model / Distributed Component Object Model).

Latest Versions:

BOs XI (XI 3.12SP3 is the latest version):

  • Ordinary services make straightforward deployment and management of BI tools
  • Reporting
  • Question and analysis tools for self-service reporting, including DeskI (Full Client) and WebI.
  • Universe Designer: An administrator tool used to create Universes or abstracted end-user visions of the database. It permits

Texas Individual Health Insurance

Whether it's a minor sickness, injury or a major disease, visit a doctor and the inflated medical bill will jolt you into looking for health insurance ASAP. Survey the market and you will find that there are two major individual health insurance plans, managed care health insurance plans and fee-for serviced plans.

The managed health health plans can be further categorized under the preferred provider organization (PPO) and the HMO. The highlight of the managed care plans is that these insurance companies manage your choice of health provider. They have a list of doctors and hospitals and only if you restrict your visits to the service providers in the list, then only the plan cover your medical costs. This is not say, that you have no choice regarding the health provider. Under some managed care health plans, you can visit a doctor of your choice, but the financial benefits provided, you visit a listed doctor, are far greater.

Also, if you opt for the managed care health plan, you will need the nod of approval of a listed doctor, in case you have to visit a specialist. You must also keep in mind that usually there are many alternative ways to a treatment, and if a situation so arises, the general tendency of the insurance providing company would be to settle for the option that is the least expensive.

Fee-for-service plans: These are the traditional health insurance plans, and they are also known as the indemnity plans. They are costlier than the managed care plans, but their major advantage is that you can visit a service provider of your choice. This plan is especially suitable for those who are suffering from an illness and have faith in their own doctor only.

Apart from the above, the state of Texas also provides coverage to pregnant women and people with special disabilities.

There are also the Texas Health Insurance risk pool health coverage plans, which cover families whose income is high enough to exclude them from Medicaid, but at the same time not high enough to buy private insurance. In act, the Texas Legislature also provides for two plans to provide health coverage to children between 0 to 19 years. These are the CHIP and children Medicaid program.

The aim of both these programs is to provide health coverage to children in terms of check-ups, immunization, preventive health care, labs tests and doctor visits. …


Four Reasons To Save Money With Insulated Blinds

If ever there was a winter that you needed insulated blinds it was this winter. Temperatures dropped, the wind blew, snow drifts got taller and taller and all the while you sit there listening to the sound of the electric meter or the fuel gage running, wiping there was something you could do about the cost.

Winter are expensive to say the least. But there is one area where you can take control and do something about "old Man Winter". Here is a list of the benefits of insulated window blinds.

Keep your family cozy and warm

Your family will be able to use the whole house. They will not need to stay away from the outside wall and windows when the wind is blowing and the snow is drifting. Regular window allow the cold air in the house even double pain windows still allow the wind to sneak in.

With insulated blinds you gain back the outside walls and your family will be able to use the whole house again. With some of the new cell shades you gain not one but three dead air spaces which I'm sure you know is the best insulating factor you can have.

Those dead air spaces stop the cold period. With a r-factor somewhere around R-6 you'll smile every time walk by your cell shades, knowing your family is warm and cozy and you still have a jingle in your pocket.

Save You Money

Talk about a jingle in your pocket, smiles come when you see the fuel bill going down. You know from listening to the news that fuel costs are only going to get higher.

Especially with the situation in the middle east not getting any better and if any thing getting worse, fuel costs will only do one thing and that is to go higher.

The politicians will do all in their power to keep the price lower this year because it is an election year but watch out after the election, up-up-and away!

With quilted insulated blinds you can achieve an R-factor of R-7! That is nothing to sneeze at. The higher the R-factor, the more money you save. The more money you save the more you have for vacations and fun times with the family.
Save Energy

Now I know that when I say you will save energy, you are probably not going to do a dance and get too excited. Thats all right! But every drop of energy we save we give that energy as an inheritance to our children and our grandchildren.

The bible say's "that a good man leaves an inheritance to his children and grandchildren."

I would also like to see our country less dependent on foreign companies for our energy needs. Countries like Venezuela and the Persian Golf countries do not have our best interests at heart. As a matter of fact some of them would like nothing better than to see the United States fail.

I like the idea of ​​saving …


Taking An Online Survey For Cash – Make Money Without Scams

Taking an online survey for cash is a great way to make money. If you want to make money without scams, though, you will need to know where to start and what to look for. Here's what you will need to know.

Some surfers just do not know where to start, while others are just in such a hurry to get some money that they pick the first site they see, not even knowing if it is legit or a scam. First of all, you should never have to pay money to become a member of a survey site. Every single survey site that I have joined over the last three years has been absolutely free. If you run into an online survey site that wants cash from you, walk away quickly. A lot of survey sites will even give you up to a five dollar bonus just for becoming a free member.

Secondly, if you plan on taking an online survey for cash, joining a survey site that has a member's forum is a huge plus. This is where survey takers from all over the world share their tips and tricks of how to make the most cash possible from taking surveys online. You will even find sections where other members post scanned copies of the checks that they have received, which should get you really motivated.

Posting and reading these forums will help you with learning the most for your time, as the long time members are always posting ideas, tips and tricks for you to fever on. By checking these forums, you can also see if the majority of the members are happy. If they are, then you can feel assured that you will be able to make some decent income.

Taking an online survey for cash is easy, but you need to watch out for the scams. If a site claims that you can make money doing nothing, then you should know that it is not true. The real money comes with being a member of only the top survey sites. If you are a member of four to five of them, you can be assured that you will have a steady stream of surveys to take. Taking an online survey for cash can be your way to earning extra income that will pay off some of your huge bills, like the big car payment you have and that electric bill that is so high during the summer.

You may or may not have known all of this information, but it should not be forgotten. Taking an online survey for cash is easy and quick and now you know how to make money without scams. …


How to Increase Your Chance of Business Loan Approval

Lending companies are willing to extend loans to businesses but they need a guarantee that the loan will be promptly repaid. Established businesses that are doing very well in the market have a great chance of approval. On the contrary, if you own a new business or a start-up business, applying for a loan the first time can prove to be a challenging task.

After the challenge, it does not mean you should not try to apply for a business loan at all. In this article, let us discuss the strategies you can do to increase your chance of getting an approval.

Know the Prerequisites of the Business Loan

Generally, lenders will require the submission of your financial records for the past two years or if you're a new business, since the time you started. You must also prepare proofs that you are running a legitimate company such as permits and licenses.

For new and start-up businesses, a sound business plan will be expected. Your business plan must present a clear explanation of the type of business you are running and must include monthly cash flow projections since you started your operations.

For established businesses, make sure that balance sheets are accurate as any discrepancy in the details may cause an alarm. Business lines of credit you have previously agreed will also be evaluated. Yes, your business credit history will be closely reviewed.

But what if you have yet to build up your corporate credit history? In this case, your personal credit history as the owner of the business will be taken into consideration. How you manage your personal accounts such as loans, mortgage, and credit card debts will show a potential lender your ability to manage a business loan.

This is why it is recommended that you obtain a copy of your personal credit report prior to submitting your loan application. In this way, you can still correct errors or inaccuracies that may be included in your report which could have been pulling down your score.

Needless to say, the same advice is also applicable even to owners of established businesses. Check both your corporate credit and personal credit history to make sure that both your personal and business credit profiles are in good standing.

Preparation Is Vital

Indeed, preparation is very important when applying for a business loan. Financial experts recommend making investments in assets that generate income such as inventory or equipment. You should also avoid major changes in the structure of your business a few months before submitting your loan application. Remember that you need to show a potential lender that your company is in a stable state.

Aside from bigger banks, it is also worth the effort to check out what business loan programs that are available from your local bank. Smaller banks may be more inclined to finance a new business, especially if the owner has been a long time customer with an existing personal account with the company.

Do not submit different applications …


The 7 Biggest Mistakes Most New Daycare Owners Make – And How to Avoid Them!

What does it take to be successful in child care?

Obviously, you should have a deep & passionate desire to take care of children, a huge amount of patience, and the ability to juggle several tasks at once (such as warming a bottle while helping toddlers with an art project).

It also helps if you have a separate space in your home, such as a finished basement, where you can run your child care business.

But as if that isn’t enough, there are many things that a successful home daycare owner needs to be good at besides caring for children. Honestly, it can be quite daunting.

Things like getting paid on time from parents, writing solid policies & contracts, marketing your business to new potential clients, obtaining the right insurance policy, understanding record-keeping and how it affects your taxes, and overall, just getting started in a manner that will optimize success.

To help you get started more successfully, here are seven of the biggest, costliest mistakes women make when starting their own home-based child care business, and how to avoid them.

BIG MISTAKE #1: Not doing the proper research on the child care market in your town or city.

This is a crucial step that many new child care business owners miss, usually because they’re not sure how to go about it. Or they may think that it’s not really necessary to do the research, because they don’t understand how it could impact them.

After all, it’s just a small home-based business, right? Why do you need to do all that extra work up-front?

The goal here is not to spend weeks or months completing some huge market research project that you’re not ever going to use.

I’m talking about spending a few hours over the next few days, calling around (or maybe visiting some other child care businesses) and asking key questions.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. My neighbor Mary, who runs a child care business in her home, discovered a couple things about our local market that helped her create a more profitable business. The first thing was, our town has ½-day Kindergarten, not full-day. By talking to other Moms in our town, Mary found there was a need in our town for “before-and-after care”, that is someone who could watch Kindergarteners & older kids before and after school. She structured her daycare to fill this need. All she had to do was make sure the buses were able to pick up & drop off these kids at her home, and she was able to start taking kids.

So what you want to uncover, when you do your upfront research, is a “pocket of unfulfilled need” in terms of child care. You don’t need it to be a huge pocket, but something unique about your business that will bring you customers who have that need.

Other examples of this are:

– offering second or third shift care if you have large companies …


How to Choose a Personal Trainer – And How Not To

It used to be that the services of personal trainers were restricted to professional athletes and hollywood stars. But nowdays, regular people like you and me can afford that personal training touch.

However, that raises a question. How exactly do you choose a personal trainer in order to get the best results? While personal training is now affordable for many, nobody wants to throw money away. Well, looking for someone that possesses a personal training certification is a good starting point.

While there are various certificates offered by a number of different organizations, and they vary in quality, at least the fact that the trainer took the time to get certified because they're serious about their business, and probably planning to keep doing it for a while. More important than certification, however, is their knowledge, experience, and their personality.

As a matter of fact, once you have found someone who's competent, personality may be the deciding factor on whether or not you get results from working with them. Regardless of how much knowledge they have, if you do not like the way they communicate that knowledge, it's not going to do you any good. In order to apply ourselves and exert the necessary effort, most of us need to work with a person we can get along with.

A great way to select a fitness trainer is through a personal recommendation. If the person making the recommendation has similar goals to you, all the better. If you're a college age male who wants to add thirty pounds of muscle, a recommendation from a forty year old mom of three whose trainer helped her lose forty pounds of fat is not too relevant. It's better than nothing, of course.

The one criteria that you do not want to use when picking a personal trainer is to choose one because he looks like a pro bodybuilder, or because she looks like a world class fitness model, or whatever. Of course, you want anyone you select to walk the talk – so you do want them to look fit. But choosing one trainer from two or three prospective candidates based solely on their appearance is usually a big mistake. They just might be one of those people who can train haphazardly and ignore good nutrition and still look great, just because of their genetic inheritance. Therefore, they may lack the knowledge to train typical people. We all have different inherited capabilities for building muscle or losing fat – so do not go on appear alone. Consider it along with the trainer's credentials, experience, personality, and any feedback you can garner from their current or past clients.

Finally, make sure any fitness trainer you select is certified in CPR and has liability insurance. That will probably never be needed, but you want the trainer to be prepared should a worst case scenario ever occur. …


Is Maverick Money Maker Another Online Scam?

Looking to build an online business? I am sure some of you may have already heard of Maverick Money Makers. Is this is another money making scam or is it a real money making opportunity?

Maverick Money Makers is a monthly program that was invented by Mack Michaels in 1997. His aim is to teach you how to build a successful online business. When you go to his sales website you will see that he has a lot of videos which he wants to show you how easy it is that when you follow his teachings, you can have the similar success yourself. He even showed you some proof of what he has make on clickbank. The rest of his sales page are talking about how he did it, and why he wanted to teach you his method.

When you join his program, you are directed to another sales page that asks you whether you want to upgrade your membership to VIP status. As a VIP member, you can download all his training video into your PC, Laptop, handphone, ipod and any mobile equipment that supports video viewing. This actually saves you more time and effort having to connect online every time to learn his program. Normal membership can only access his training video online. As a VIP member, you also entitled to a free 30 minutes teleconference with one of Mack’s trainers.

Once you log in to the website using your member ID and Password, you will be greeted with a website that immediately shows you 3 training videos, each aiming to teach you different money making strategy online. You can access his core training video for more in depth training on how and what you need to do step by step.

If you are interested about making money quickly, he dedicated a section on “Quick Money Blueprint”, which shows you various method that you can make money fast from the internet. Although I didn’t try all his Quick Money Guide, I tested Yahoo! Answer Guide and Super Affiliate Guide. And true to his words, they do bring in money faster than building an online business.

Are you interested in the rest of the review? You can go to to learn more about it.…


How You Can Save Up To 4 Times More Money While Making Extraordinary Monthly Income

Starting a home-based business has a considerable amount of financial benefits in the long run. This is due to the fact that home-based businesses provide more opportunities to transform your lifestyle and become financially independent. If you’re considering starting a new business and you don’t have sufficient resources to purchase an office space, starting a home-based business could give you some financial leverages.

Here are some benefits of owning a home-based business:

It saves you money on rent

Since this business is ran from your living room or garage, it will save you the upfront expenses you would have if you were renting an office space.

You will save on transportation expenses

A study conducted by Work From Home magazine shows that Americans spend an average of 50 minutes commuting to and from their offices. This type of business can save you a considerable amount of money because you will not have to travel as much anymore. In addition, the time you are saving by not commuting as much also helps you to be more productive. You are able to be more productive because instead of being stuck in traffic on the way to work, you can stay home and use those extra 50 minutes to promote your marketing campaign.

you can also save on additional taxes

There are numerous tax benefits that come with operating this type of business. If your business is qualified, you might be allowed to deduct a portion of your home’s expenses. Some expenses that can be deducted are mortgage interests, property taxes, utilities, and maintenance. However, to enjoy these tax benefits, your home office must be your principal place of business.

Low overhead expenses

A home-based business will reduce your overhead expenses since you will only pay the usual bills for your home. No additional bills for gas, electricity, telephones, internet connection, and other overheads you would have paid in case you’re opening an office.

Home-based businesses offer a lot of financial benefits for startup owners. It gives you multiple opportunities to test the waters and position your business on a low budget before launching on a full scale. However, I would recommend that you consult with some experts before you start.

According to Work From Home magazine, the average rate of success is low in this industry and you will need to proper guidance if you want to avoid being another failure statistic. Lastly, I would also recommend that you go to the Better Business Bureau’s website to get a non-biased review on whether the business you choose is legit or not.…


How to Make Money Online, Fast: Your Key to a Successful and Wealthy Life

Obviously you make money online and becoming wealthy fast is a nice position to be in. There is a common and general notification today, and it's that, every single person is looking for a means to getting rich, fast. This is probably the reason why many people easily fall into the snares of con artists in the online money-making world. People are willing to believe anything, especially when they are desperate and in need for that fast means of getting money to solve their everyday problems or a solution for getting themselves out of the very pit they dug for themselves in the form of debts. In truth, whether you are looking for a way of getting that dream job, house, car or even fending for your family daily, you should know that many people especially the young are searching for the easiest and fast means of hitting the "jackpot of gold "in the form of easy cash. Only a few of them will succeed.

There are literally thousands of ways of becoming wealthy online fast. The only thing that will prevent you from doing so is your creativity, willingness to go that extra mile when things get tough and your ability to act upon the things you have learned. It is possible to become wealthy if you have the drive, determination and ambition to succeed beyond all odds. It's completely understandable if you are one of those that are pessimistic and have negative attitudes towards the majority who come knocking with the claim of being able to help you make money online. You are in your right mind to do so, because the internet world is full of con artist who wants nothing more than just empty your already "wind blowing" wallets, or to drain your single to triple digits bank accounts. In truth, there are only a handful of series and websites that present thousands of ways to becoming wealthy by making money online, and I am here to share with you the secret key to becoming wealthy fast by making money online.

Having 10-20 million dollars in your bank account is you being rich, but you should know from the start that being wealthy is reflected in your lifestyle and the root of this lifestyle may lie on the fact that you are making 2000 dollars a week. This will lead you into an early retirement with a million dollars in your bank accounts. This might sound too good to be true, believe you me, I would also be skeptical if I heard of such notions myself. Fortunately, it is very possible for you, for anyone. Making money online fast might not be as fast as you would expect, but it can happen fast enough for you to get a very early retirement. It is possible.

Alfred Aldler once said, "Follow your heart but take your brain with you". You have to know that making money online is not easy, and thinking of making money easily online …