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Turnaround Finance – Solution by Vultures or Angels?

An injection of turnaround finance involves saving a potentially insolvent company from irreversible insolvency and returning the company to a stable financial and operational position. The objective is to achieve this whilst maximizing creditors' interests and the interests of employees, managers and shareholders. Popularized by such media productions as Dragon's Den (starting in Japan, now exported to the USA and UK), private wealth may be granted where the investor believes there is a future for the business. This article deals with turnaround finance for both under-performing businesses and businesses that are either insolvent or potentially insolvent.

The Progress Path

Turnarounds are achieved by a combination of financial, crisis management, restructuring and insolvency skills. The first step is to determine why the company is in the state it is. Realistically, there is anything that can be done to reverse the trend. Analysis is the key to really get into the problem. The analysis will resemble the three legged stool approach. The 'legs' vary, but essentially the analysis will get into these three areas: possibilities for structure, liability and management


Even a formal structure involving insolvency does not have to conclude the company. Many companies have found that this experience has forced a re-think of the company mission and a focus of action. But the majority of turnaround finance initiatives result in informal restructuring which is generally better for creditors, customers, employees, banks and shareholders. The structure may necessitate job loss and lean arrangements with creditors. It may involve closing some facilities to reduce overhead or consolidating partitions to eliminate duplicate administrative functions. It may be necessary to sell off underperforming divisions of the company and outsource some functions to other parts of the world with less expensive labor rates. Viability This is the 'leg' that varies, sometimes it's in the guise of the finance package. But whatever finance is required, whatever the state of the company and it's creditors – is the company viable? Does it have a sustainable market? Does it have a future for it's goods or services? If it's a new business in something like internet technology, the answer to this question may not be straightforward and need significant analysis and business instinct. For older industries the past history of similar ideas will help greatly.


Of all issues involved in the turnaround, the most difficult is getting the company to recognize deficiencies in management. Weaker members of the management team need to be replaced and this is very difficult for the board to be objective about. The management of any company does not want to know that their company is struggling because of the obvious implication of where decisions are made resulting in the problem. Many management teams will not accept that they need help until the last moment – but the best help is the help administrated early. The resulting action may have to be decent and definite, aka brutal. Conclusion The most famous example of a turnaround success is Canary Wharf in London that …


Life Insurance 101 – Whole Life Vs Term Insurance

If you are even considering to buy life insurance do you have the hardest time when it comes to deciding on Whole Life vs Term Insurance?

One life agent named Vicki Gunvalson (not affiliated with our organization) vaguely states…

The difference of term to permanent. I think that term is being sold to a lot of clients under age 40 where I try to talk more permanent coverages when over age 40 with more on the estate planning side where it is something they want to have for their beneficiary’s benefit when they are an age 100.

So with term we could obviously only go 20 to 30 years but when we’re looking at 40-50 year olds I always talk to them about permanent coverage.”

In contrast to what Vicki states we wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly believe that no one should purchase anything other than term life ins. When you have an agent trying to sell you Whole Life, Variable Life Insurance or Survivorship Life Insurance then be extra cautious with this life insurance agent because they may be looking at their own interest and financial gain rather than you and your loved one.

Whole Life vs Term Insurance

Permanent Insurance, which includes Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Life and Survivorship Life insurance has a built in “Cash Value” but when you understand that the cash value really means nothing to your bottom line you will never think about purchasing any of the types of permanent ins.

Cash Value is the “investment” portion of life ins that you can access through loans or withdrawals. The death benefit may be reduced with the withdrawals and there may be some charges which could affect your policy in the future.

Also, you definitely do not want to have life coverage forever. If you understand how expensive continuously paying into a life policy can be you will definitely rethink this purchase. At age 100 the cost is $1000/month for every $1000 of coverage. So if you have a $500,000 policy it will cost you $500,000 per month at age 100. You only need it when you are younger and when you have dependents counting on you for your income. Outside of that temporary time period you do not need this coverage. Again, it is only for a temporary period of time.

Insurance agents that tell you the benefits of cash value either don’t know how bad a permanent insurance policy is for you or they don’t but chances are they know how much commission they stand to make from selling one of these whole life policies to you and have chose that route instead of looking in you and your family’s best interest.

What? Do you mean I get to invest with a life policy? Isn’t that wonderful?

Yes, there is an investment portion to these permanent life policies but in reality the cash value is never really yours. It’s the insurance company’s money and they will allow you to borrow from it. They …


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Who Loves Money – A New Sensation To Master Google Adwords

Every one us will agree that making money online does not happen in a single day. But in fact it's a process where we should keep our efforts in an organized manner. Most of us have tried affiliate marketing where we put up a website and then drive traffic to it using all sort of SEO techniques. This is a pretty sound way of doing things however it does take a long time where we lose our interest in affiliate internet marketing.

The only alternative to this method of making money online is PPC . The fair advantage of this method is that it is quiet easier than the traditional internet marketing but you can end up losing a fair bit of money if you do not know what you are doing.

Mastering Google Adwords is the central theme of studying PPC techniques. If Google Adwords, then the authors Kyle and Carson comes to the mind who are pretty well known as the synonyms for Google Adwords. Earlier the two internet marketers are best known for their top rated works namely Beating Adwords, Inside The List and the excellent Wealthy Affiliates. Truly they are the masterpieces from the highly successful internet marketers.

Recently they have come up with a new ebook Who Loves Money . As a fellow internet marketer let me furnish a honest review of this ebook. This affiliate marketing ebook deals with the same concept of management of Google AdWords which is a quick way to rock the online market. In short, Who Loves Money is a volume of new ideas, techniques, strategies and information that Kyle and Carson use to set themselves apart from other marketers.

There are many books that are written by "wannabe" GURUS who have not made a cent online using the techniques they write about! The reality is that they are making all their money from people who buy their book. However, Kyle and Carson, are the internet marketers teaching the techniques what they practice in real.

The unique point of Who Loves Money is that it tells how to target the right audiences instead of simply teaching how to use Google AdWords to sell other people's products.

I'm very much impressed with the author's words that "Who Loves Money Will Teach You How to Make Money Using Your Brain, Instead of Your Wallet". Absolutely "Who Loves Money" does not require you to invest a single penny of your money. Although there are some techniques that can be applied by spending money, but there is no compulsion that one has to follow them to succeed. Each technique is explained in detail and you can follow the steps to make money online.

Finally I would recommend " Who Loves Money " because if one properly use the strategies and techniques within this affiliate marketing ebook you will make money online. The authors guarantee that their techniques work, but it is you to implement them to make money online. …


Explode Your Home-Based Business By Finding The Right People To Inspire!

If you've been a distributor for a multi-level marketing company as long as I have, you've probably heard about every numbers game system there is out there for people to follow. They tell you "the more people you sign up, the more you will make," and "get three people who get three people who get three people and you will be rich." If this were true, there would be 95% who succeeded and 5% who fail rather than the 95% dropout rate that is taking place today in the Network Marketing industry.

The reason most companies train you to do this is because they know that whether you succeed or fail, some of those people will still hang around to buy products long after you are gone. This works great for them, but it does not really help you build your own business. I mean seriously grow it to the point where you really do become rich. In order to do that it would cost them too much time and money. They would rather you focus on just selling for them and getting their name out to as many people as you can.

Simply enrolling people at random into your organization is not what builds it to new heights. What makes the difference is knowing how to select the people you want to work with based on their qualities (Kind of like choosing oranges without bruises, or bananas that are not too green) and also your ability to inspire them to new heights. If you could do that with one person, it's more valuable than signing up 1,000 people who just are not ready or willing to do what it takes.

In order to begin the selection process, you first have to have an idea of ​​who you are looking for. You never want to lead with your business first …. meaning, stop distributing "work from home" signs and "earn what you're worth" flyers. The types of people generated from these advertisements are not focused on what they would be selling and they'll quit after a few months if they have not found the pot of gold.

Always focus on people who have a want, need or desire for the products you are offering. Talk to them and listen to what they have to say about themselves. If they are willing to what it takes to try your product without focusing on this coupon or that deal, it's a good indication they are serious. Notice if they make excuses or if they take responsibility for their actions. Are they easy to deal with? Do they complain a lot?

Once they have an emotional attachment to the product after trying it, starting a business around it and succeeding is a lot more probable than someone just looking for extra income. They will have more of a desire to help other people get the kind of results they got, and helping people achieve their goals is probably the most important aspect of …


How to Define Personal Finance

In the modern world, personal finance is more important than ever. A person’s entire life revolves around the decisions they make about their money. The media would have one believe that big banks are what make the economy function or fail, but the truth is that individuals should be much more concerned about what they can control, namely their personal finances.

For many people, personal finance simply means keeping their checkbook balanced and having enough money in the account to pay the monthly bills. This is a great start, but only a start. Other important decisions affect a person’s financial well-being. Everyone eventually have to rely on the decisions they made in the past to provide them with suitable income in their golden years. Decisions like this are just as important as keeping the checkbook organized.

The old-fashioned bank is the financial institution most likely to play the greatest role in a person’s daily personal finance strategy. Banks offer a variety of ways to help one manage their money. Most people need only concern themselves with four main types of financial accounts. The first two account types, checking and savings, shouldn’t be anything new to the average person living in the modern world. Checking accounts offer the most convenience and easiest access to your money.

Savings account also allow you access, but are designed with long term savings in mind. These accounts pay interest, but it’s usually very low and shouldn’t be viewed as an investment. Money market accounts are similar to savings accounts but have a few restrictions. In return for a higher interest rate, banks usually require a minimum deposit to open one of these accounts and the number of transactions that can be made on the account per month is limited. Though not actually an account, certificates of deposit (CDs) offer some of the best returns on one’s money. The longer one invests the money in the CD, the greater the return on one’s capital.

Before knowing the best account type or types to use in a personal finance strategy, a person first must analyze his or her own financial situation. It is important to consider one’s sources of income as well as one’s personal liabilities such as mortgage, car payment, credit card bills, daily living expenses, etc. Once all this information is gathered, a plan can be formulated. If one discovers a budget surplus, this money can be invested in money market or CDs. However, if the bills are barely being paid, it makes no sense to put money into a savings account just to have to remove it the following month.

The goal of all this information is not only to stay out of the red in your personal finances, but to also accrue a sizable savings surplus. By examining one’s daily spending habits, extraneous expenses can be removed and more money can be saved. The savings can then be put into money market or CD accounts and earn interest. The old saying that a …


Debt-Consolidation Companies Approved by the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

In life we ​​understand that there are high points we never want to leave and low points we hope to forget. One of the most common situations that many end are financial problems. In today's economy it can be a bit hard to make the money necessary to save enough to make a big purchase or investment up-front (for example paying cash for a car or home, covering medical expenses, or even taking a much needed vacation) . With this in mind, taking out a loan is something that many see as a temporary relief or a last resort option in the case of an emergency.

At times, the decisions we make during bad times, permeate into our good times. If a loan with poor terms is acquired under stress, there's a good chance that consolidating your debt is a solution that will lend the pressure. There are Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​approved consolidation loan companies that can help you re-organize all of your loans accordingly and begin paying them off.

Cambridge Credit Counseling

With an A + rating from the BBB, it is pretty safe to say that first impression by Cambridge Credit Counseling can be a great company for you. Their main goals is to help individuals consolidate their loans including housing, credit card, student loan debt and more.

As a full-service consumer credit counseling agency, if you are experiencing a multi level situation in regards to your loans, the entire team is experienced in pointing you to the right direction.

Accredited Debt Relief

Accredited Debt Relief was established in 2008 with the intentions of helping individuals in their financial shortcomings. As a consumer you will be able to receive a free quote in addition to free consultation as well. Their goal is to assist clients by consolidating debt and resolving said debt within 24-48 months. Depending upon your personal situation you can expect your rate to be between 4% and 8% (which is pretty great comparing to the average).

National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief helps clients with debt solutions regarding housing, credit cards, and regular loans. Many customers have noticed that their credit card payments were reduced by 30% – 50%. While bankruptcy tenders to be a possibility that some take, it is not necessarily what needs to happen.

The difference between bankruptcy and consolidating your loans is complex. Bankruptcy has long term effects on your credit but it can be positive if you are not looking to make any credit-based purchases in the near future. Consolidating your loans is a reduction in the payment or a renegotiation of the payment terms. There is no delay, as you continue to pay back your debt immediately. The sooner you pay your debt back from loans, the quicker you can begin to improve your credit score, making BBB approved debt-consolidation companies an option worth looking in to. …


Top 3 Tips For A Bigger Flaccid (Hanging) Penis Size (And The Best Method To Bring It All Together)

I’m sure you would love to have a huge penis erection that is long, thick, rock-hard, attractive, and muscular-looking. Am I right? Well, you most certainly are not alone with this much sought after goal most men have. That being said, I’m pretty sure that if you want to have a huge erection, you also want to have a huge flaccid (hanging) penis size as well. Am I right again?

Well my friend, the good news is that you can not only increase how big your flaccid hanging size is, you can also increase your erection size (and gain all of those benefits I mentioned above), and you can even improve your performance with intercourse (such as curing premature ejaculation, having more intense orgasms, and more). The bad news is that most of the methods you are familiar with (extenders, pumps, hanging weights, surgery, and pills) are NOT going to get you to the promised land!

In the words to follow I’m going to share with you the top 3 tips on how you can increase your flaccid hanging size (which will also increase your erected size as well), and also which method actually does work to bring all of this together naturally easily, SAFELY, permanently, and without spending obscene amounts of money!

What Increases Your Flaccid Size…

1. Your ligament needs to be stretched…

The penis has a ligament that is responsible for the length of your penis. This ligament is called the suspensory ligament. It extends a few inches below your pelvic bone and out to your penis. A natural method will put out those few inches that is below your pelvic bone and thus increasing the length of your flaccid and erected size.

2. You have to have an increase of blood circulation…

One of the most important aspects of getting a bigger, stronger, and harder erection, and also a bigger hanging size is that you must have more blood flowing into your penile shaft.

Pumps and pills claim to do this very well. Well, in my own experience, and in light of many reviews from other men, pumps will only work on a temporary basis (and they cause side-effects), and pills (the natural and safe kind) actually do work for increasing blood flow. However, pills can not increase your penis size… they only help with speeding up blood flow, and that alone does not make you bigger. JUST having more blood flow will help with erectile dysfunction.

3. Chamber expansion…

You have 3 penile chambers… and all of them must be stimulated and NATURALLY expanded in order for you to get a bigger flaccid and erected penis size… and there is only ONE method that will do this extremely important step.

The Method That Brings It All Together…

The best and most effective method to naturally stretch your suspensory ligament, increase blood flow, and expand your penile chambers are natural penis exercises.

Penis exercises are a group of exercise routines that you do with nothing but …


Finding the Best Mobile Phone For Small Business Users

Small business owners need to keep a close eye on their costs at all times. Finding the right business mobiles can save you money each and every month. It is easy to be dazzled and seduced by the latest handsets but do you really need all of the features offered? If you are paying too much. Listed below are some of the features offered on modern mobile phone handsets. Be honest and think about how many of them your business really NEEDS.


Cameras on mobile phones have come a long way in a short space of time. Resolutions are now up to 8.0 megapixels. But is this necessary for your business?

Many small business users will not use the camera at all. Others, such as surveyors or estate agents may use a mobile phone camera for property pictures. Think about whether you NEED a camera for your business, and if you do it really need to be 5 mp plus?


Email has become a part of daily life and many small businesses rely on it in some form or another. However, do you need to access email on your mobile?

Many people will be able to do without email away from the office and use SMS instead. Any received emails will be waiting for you when you get back to the office.

If email is an absolute necessity you need to consider a few things.

  • Screen size – make sure you can read your emails without having to scroll in multiple directions.
  • Keyboard – do you need a full QWERTY keyboard, half-QWERTY or can you manage with a standard mobile phone entry system?
  • Document viewer – make sure you can view email attachments in .pdf, .ppt, word and other formats.
  • Cost of data – if you are going to be sending and receiving emails make sure that your contract is extended to include data usage otherwise you could be paying a reasonable amount for out-of-bundle data.


Many mobile manufacturers are now offering touchscreen phones. Is this necessary for your business?

Touchscreen phones are more expensive to manufacture and will likely offer little advantage to your business.


If your business is involved in a trade where mobile phones get broken regularly, for instance the building trade, cosmetic appearance needs to be shunned in favor of a hardwearing phone. Rubberised phones are available which are shockproof, dustproof and splashproof.

Music and Media

Does your business need MP3 and MP4 players on its mobile phones? It may be that the mobiles are also being used at home, in which case the extra media features may be required.


If you already have satnav in your vehicle / s do you also need it on your mobile phone?


Be realistic about how many minutes and texts your business is going to use each month.

Make a list of the features your business actually NEEDS in its phones and try to choose handsets that offer only the required elements. If …


Cheap Car Insurance for the Young Female

Car insurance companies are notorious for offering cheap car insurance policies to females. This does not mean the car insurance companies are sexist, but it does mean the car insurance companies take into account the statistics that show that female drivers are usually safer drivers. Female drivers make fewer claims, drive safer vehicles, and get fewer traffic tickets than male drivers – statistically speaking, of course. Therefore, car insurance companies see female drivers as a lesser risk than male drivers.

Yet, despite the gender of the driver, car insurance companies always look at the age of the driver, too. Older drivers are viewed as less of a risk because they are thought to have more driving experience. Younger drivers are viewed as more of a risk because they are thought to have less driving experience.

So, how can you find cheap car insurance for the young females?

Use all resources. This means, your good driving record, any driving classes you've successfully completed, your safe car, and your safe neighborhood. Point these facts out to the car insurance agent, and you may get a cheaper car insurance quote. You may even discover discounts you were not aware of.

Stay on, or "spin off" of, your parents' car insurance policy. If you stay on your parents' insurance policy, they will most likely get a discount for having multiple cars on their policy. You can "spin off" of their car insurance policy if you have already been on their insurance policy, and have now decided to get your own car insurance policy from the same car insurance company. By "spinning off" of their car insurance policy, you will get a cheaper car insurance policy than if you purchased your own from another company, or without ever having been on their policy.

By taking either, or both, of these steps you'll find cheap car insurance for the young female; at least, until you get a bit older! …