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Internet Money-Making Ideas – To Learn Affiliate Marketing Is The Second Best Thing You Could Do

If you're interested in Internet money-making ideas, you probably already suffer from information overload. Words like "Facebook", "Twitter" and "Fiverr" form part of your daily mantra, and now you wonder whether it's worth your time to learn affiliate marketing. It might be the second best thing you could do.

So, what's the best ?, you're probably thinking right now, and you'll know in a moment.

Why are so many people employed with affiliate marketing?

There are several reasons:

1: It's easy to start with – even for beginners to Internet marketing.

2: You can do it without having your own home page.

3: You do not have to create a product.

4: You do not have to take care of customer service.

5: It takes little or no initial capital.

When I arrived in France eleven years ago, I discovered the dreadful truth: My college French was far from enough to get me a job here. I had to come up with other income sources, and it had to be fast, because we had two small children to support as well as ourselves.

One of the first things I did, was to contact the creator of the email client we used and were very happy about. We became resellers, and started to earn money shortly after.

My chance was that I was forced to find ways to make money. I did not have a job to fall back on.

This leads me back to my point about why learning about affiliate marketing is only the second best thing, you could do.

The best thing you could do is to start performing affiliate marketing.

Obviously, you'll make more money, if you learn your trade first, but you should never forget that studying alone does not make you any income. Only taking action does.

And believe me – learning from somebody who is already making a living online is of great help. Back when I started, there were no books or courses. We had to try different things, and see what worked, and what did not. Can you imagine that one of the things we did wrong, was to ask our customers to call us, and then receive a form they had to print out and mail us back together with a check?

It's a small wonder that we made any income at all. However, it was one of my first Internet money-making ideas, and it makes me almost nostalgic thinking about it. …


High Deductible Health Insurance Can Save You Lots of Money

Have you heard about the new High Deductible Health Insurance Plans? These new plans can offer you major medical coverage at very low prices when compared to other types of health insurance. Let's take a look at what this type of plan is all about.

High Deductible Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans

HDHPs or High Deductible Health Plans are growing rapidly as Americans look for ways to save money on health insurance. If you're looking for low cost health insurance, and want coverage for serious injury or illness, a high deductible health plan may be just what you need.

A high deductible health plan is designed to protect you and your family from high medical costs and encourage preventive health care. If you are reliably healthy, this plan can save you a lot of money. This is how it works:

1. You choose from a selection of high deductible amounts ranging from $ 500 all the way up to $ 10,000 depending on which insurance company you are working with.

2. You agree to a health insurance plan in which you are responsible for medical costs up to the deductible amount you have chosen.

3. After you have reached your deductible amount, the insurance company agreements to cover up to 100% of your medical costs, up to the policy limits.

Choosing a high deductible health plan can dramatically reduce your monthly payments dramatically. As much as 50% in some cases. The downside of high deductible health insurance, is that you absorb some of the risk for medical costs. For instance, if you were to choose a $ 3500 deductible, then you would be liable to pay that amount before the health insurance begins to pay. Many of these plans offer 100% coverage once the deductible has been met, which means $ 3500 is the most you would have to pay in case of a serious medical issue.

High Deductible Health Insurance Quotes

Because almost all major insurance companies have made their medical plans available online, you can go shopping for health insurance any time, night or day, and find high deductible individual and family health insurance quotes in a matter of minutes. …