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Home Insurance – Five Ways To Pay Less

Here are five proven ways to lower your home insurance rate by a good margin.

1. The newer a house is, the more affordable the rates you'll pay every other thing being equal. You can get anywhere from eight to fifteen percent discount if your house is a new one. The simple reason for this is that a new house typically has electrical, plumbing and heating systems that are in great condition. In addition, all about its structure is naturally in the best condition. This poses better risk to your insurer and less expensive premium for you.

2. Just as a new home visits cheaper rates, you get savings if your home undergoes a renovation. The reason for this is that in the same way the systems and features of a new house are in great condition, a renovated home also has its structures and features returned to excellent shape.

The more massive your renovation is, the more the reduction in rates you should get. If you plan to get discounts for doing this, you've got to ask an agent what you'll get for what.

3. Your rates will be more or less as a result of the material used for your home's construction. If you live in the East, you'll pay lower rates if it's a brick home. If you compare a brick home to a frame home, it is evident that the brick house will have more resistance to wind damage.

On the other hand, if you live in the West, you're better off if your house is built with frame. Due to the fact that earths are perils that are predominant in the West, frame house, which are more resistant to earthquakes are better risks. You can make savings of from 5 to 15 percent by choosing the most appropriate material.

4. Insure the home not including the land it's built on. Home insurance is to give coverage over what could be lost or stolen. Bear in mind that the land on which your house is built can either be lost nor damaged. Remember to give the value of your house minus the land when you apply. Individuals who unknowingly fail to do this buy much more insurance than will be useful. You'll just be spending more than you should.

5. Make out some time to visit not less than 3 quotes sites that provide quotes on home insurance policies – Doing this will take you around 15 minutes. As you visit each site, ensure you give the same information. Doing otherwise will return misleading quotes. After you've obtained your home insurance quotes, compare them to determine which serves your interest best in price / value. …


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Holy Shenanigans! More STUFF?

Loosing one's business due to lack of personal control is a sad thing. I've watched many people do just that. Recently, a friend told me that her only money is in her business account and she's been using it rather freely. The business is losing money. It's going under, because it can not support itself. She has another income, but she's not living within her means.

So, what is she buying with 'her money'? Frivolities, unnecessary trivialities, and 'bargains'. She and I have discussed the 'bargains' she buys. She's got more STUFF than any ten people NEED, and she still buys because it makes her 'feel good'. The fact of the matter is, she owns a big old building completely full of 'STUFF' she refuses to 'sell' because it's got personal value, and it's important to her, but the roof is falling in on the building, pigeons are in the building pooping on all of her prized possessions, so she buys more 'STUFF' to solve the problem. Ten dollar swimming pools to keep the rain from dripping onto her antique furniture and collectibles, plastic to cover them. Meanwhile the mice are eating through the upholstery and gnawing through the antique woods.

The reason she does this – is it provides her with emotional 'security'. As long as she has 'STUFF' she has 'security', she thinks. In the mean while, she's working at a job to support her 'STUFF' habit, and losing her business, because she's wasting the money from her 'business', instead of using it to build a business that would eventually support her – if she did not have all that 'STUFF' draining her income. She does not have security; she has 'STUFF' being ruined by the frivolous manner in which she is spending her money.

To say she is eccentric, actually only gives credence to her behavior. The fact of the manner is, she does not have the money to be eccentric. She has 'STUFF' which is not going to get her anywhere, because her 'STUFF' is not appreciating, it's getting ruined. She has friends, but she does not listen to them, she has to have her 'STUFF'. I'm actually afraid my friend is going to be a lonely old person taking care of her 'STUFF' because she just can not quite realize that she needs to build relationships with people, and let go of her 'STUFF'.

One time, I even ask her about 'friends' and she responded she does not have anyone she can trust. I can understand why. She's worked her entire life to develop a relationship with her 'STUFF'. I consider her a friend, and I have gone the extra mile to make our friendship work. I wonder sometimes at my dedication to the friendship – because sometimes I feel like I'm working toward a dead end. Particularly when it comes to her business. I worked for nothing at times while I attempted to help her get her business up and …