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How To Avoid Panic Attacks – Panic Attacks Free Zone – My Personal Story

I was 30 years old when I experienced my first panic attack! 11 years prior to that, I was badly hurt and was fighting for my life, but when my first panic attack occurred was worse than that! Read my story and see how I managed to avoid panic attacks.

I am currently happily married and have two wonderful children. I am 34 years old and even thought, I was badly hurt 15 years ago, my panic attacks did not start until 4 years ago. The first anxiety attack happened in the morning at work. It was so bad that my co-workers wanted to call 911 because all of a sudden I could not breath, I was shaking, and I was white as a sheet. I did not know what was happening to me. My number one fear was that I was dying.

Later on I realized that it was a mix of situations caused me to start having panic attacks. It was probably partly due to what I have gone through before, but other circumstances caused it as well. The first one was that my father had a mild stroke and since he lives about 5000 miles away, I could not visit him right away. Second, my wife was pregnant and hurt her back in the last month of pregnancy and could not move (literally). For disabled person, it is very hard not to be able to help her. Third, I was going to school at the same time and having to deal with all of that was just too much. And the fourth, the uncertainty of having our first baby, and all the questions new parents deal with. The total distress! It was all building up inside, and I could not talk about it to anyone. My whole family was going through crises and I did not want to put more burdens on them.

So after staying in bed for 4 days thinking it was the end of my life, I finally decided to call the Doctor. My Doctor diagnosed me with Anxiety Attacks He also told me that every third person who comes in to his office, has anxiety attacks. He gave me some medication to calm down.

I did start feeling better right away. But I also started doing more research on what it was and how to heal myself completely. I just wanted to avoid panic attacks, because now I was living in fear that the next one was going to happen any minute! Also, I just could not picture myself being dependent on medication my whole life!

I was also embarrassed that I had this problem. There is nothing we need to feel embarrassed about. It happens. We just need to learn how to deal with anxiety attacks. You see, after the first panic attack, we start living in fear of when the next one is going to happen. That is where the problem is! So during my research I came across a guide …


Whole Life Insurance – What It Is And When It's A Good Option

A whole life insurance policy provides coverage for an insured's entire lifetime provided there is no default in premium. It builds cash value and guarantees a death benefit irrespective of when the insured dies.
Here are its main features …

1) It gives a fixed amount of coverage through the policyholder's entire life provided the policy remains active.

2) The premiums are usually fixed throughout the policy holder's lifetime provided the policy remains active.

3) Benefits are either payable on the maturity date (which is usually set at the policy holder's 100th birthday) or the death of the policy holder. Whichever comes first.

4) The face value is fixed once the policy is purchased.

5) Coverage can be increased only by: Buying an additional policy, dividends or additional riders to the original policy.

6) Cash value is accumulated and increases over the years from premiums paid.

7) The total amount accrued minus the total premiums is reported to as earnings. They do not usually attract any tax if you do not surrender the policy. However, if you do, you may owe taxes. To be sure ask a competent professional.

8) A policy holder may draw loans up to the amount of the cash value. Repayment of such loans is not compulsory. However, such unrepaid loans will reduce the death benefit paid. The insurance company will simply deduct the owed amount with the accrued interest before paying out the benefit.

If you've made up your mind on the best life insurance policy for you get it at the best price possible by obtaining and comparing quotes from insurance quotes sites. Your whole life insurance premium will be far less if you do this well. …