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Single Trip Holiday Insurance – Valid and Invalid Trip Cancellations

One of the most common reasons people take out single trip holiday insurance is to cover their expenses should an unforeseeable event prevent them from going. This can refund money money on airline tickets, hotel reservations, tour expenses and other prescheduled events.

The problem, however, is determining if your reason for cancelling a trip is valid or not. Here are a few points to help you better understand your position:

Mature versus Premature

One of the first things you need to do once you've booked a trip is to obtain appropriate cover as soon as you can. Many travelers choose to pick it up at the last possible minute, but this is not recommended because you never know when you may have to cancel arrangements. If you obtain cover the moment you finish making all your reservations, you will not need to worry about your coverage being denied reimbursement because it was premature. It also shows that you are seeking coverage in good faith and are not planning to cancel without something of great importance coming up.

Unforeseen versus Foreseeable Events

One of the first real factors that will determine the validity of your trip cancellation is wherever your reason could have been anticipated or not. For example, being called for jury duty is a commitment that a citizen can not expect and prepare for. This is a valid reason because it is a legitimate and unforeseeable event. Other valid reasons include injury, illness, disasters and being a victim of a crime. If a contractual obligation forces you to get back to work, however, then your claim for reimbursements would be invalidated, as the nature of your work is something that you should have foreseen earlier on. If you could have planned and prepared for the event that would cancel your trip, then your single trip holiday insurance will not cover your expenses.

Out-of-Control versus Self-Infected Events

Another important factor for validating cancellation reimbursements is wherever you have played an active role in it or not. Simply changing your mind about the trip for no reason at all is invalid, because your predisposition about the trip is fully within your control. Illness and injury are two solid examples of valid reasons, however they would only be considered valid if you did not inflation these up yourself. If you engage in dangerous sport or expose yourself to a harmful environment, chances are your single trip holiday insurance provider will not pay out.

Close versus Distant Relations

Providers often include a clause that will cover cancellations when a close relative falls seriously ill or figures into an accident. This is only valid for close relatives – typically spouses and those in the first level of consanguinity. This includes parents, siblings or children. The illness or injury of other, more distant relatives will often not be covered. This means that you will not be reimbursed should your cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents or half-siblings figure into a medical situation.

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How Free Sites Make Money

As a former marketing executive for a popular classified ad website, I was often faced with the question "How do free classified sites make money?" My response to them was always the same, it is summed up in one word; Traffic. Free products or services generate traffic and traffic equals money. The more traffic that a site can attract, the more money advertisers are willing to pay to receive some of the attention that is generated by that site. Craigslist.com for instance generates well over 100 million views per month. Even though Craigslist.com does not allow commercial advertisers to promote banner ads on their site, they do charge a fee for certain options in certain categories. For example, in 2011 the site made approximately $ 96 million in the job recruiter category, $ 13 million in the real estate category, and $ 6 million in the therapeutic massage category. This is not even calculating the money that was being made by them in the Erotic categories that they had in previous years. Some estimates were conservatively estimated at around $ 50 million per year before they shut it down.

Isisclassifieds.com is another great example, this website has established profit centers all through out its lay out. The company charges a small fee for use of its personals section which conveniently reduces the amount of spam received in that category. According to them, this allows the visitor to have a more quality experience. They also have an adult category that generates income for the site and I assume will add millions of dollars to their bottom line in the near future (if not already). Many classified sites like Isisclassifieds.com also charge a fee within the automated, real estate, and job section. Basically, once the volume of visitors to a classified site is at a certain level, there is plenty of money to be made! Making money for a free classified ad website is accomplish able but definitely not easy. It can take years of marketing and promoting for these sites to generate the kind of traffic that it takes in order to turn a profit. However, once established it is very easy to create several profit centers within a classified ad website due to the multitude of categories and subcategories that exist. they have the option to just pick a popular category within the site, stamp a price on it and watch the money flow in. …