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Save Money With a Fix-It Toolbox

Do not throw broken stuff – and money – away! Spend a few bucks on some basic tools that will save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Which tools do you need in your fix-it toolbox? I recommend these basics:

* A good quality 8- or 16-ounce curved-claw hammer for installing and removing nails
* An adjustable wrench (6, 8, or 10 inches long) for tightening and loosening bolts
* A set of screwdrivers or a combination screwdriver with assorted tips (standard and Phillips) for tightening and loosing screws
* Adjustable pliers (6, 8, 10, or 12 inches long) for holding or turning things
* A basic multimeter for testing electrical voltage, current, and resistance.

That's about it. For less than $ 25 – including the cost of a small toolbox or tool apron to hold everything – you can have the basic tools you need to fix hundreds of things in your household. Buy at least medium quality. A $ 3.00 hammer is hardly worth three bucks. A $ 10.00 hammer may last you many years. Beside, you'll probably save the cost of the tools on your first repair – and you get to keep the tools!

You also can expand your budget to upgrade any of the basic tools covered here. For example, you can invest a couple dollars more to get a better set of screwdrivers or even a power screwdriver with assorted tips. If you want to add on to this basic toolbox to make tasks easier – or to make even more repairs – you can get these:

* Hand or power drill with assorted bits for drilling holes in wood, metal, or plastic
* Wire stripper for cutting and removing the outer wrapper (insulation) from around wires
* Retractable-blade utility knife for cutting softer materials such as plastics
* Measuring tape for measuring the height, width, or depth of various materials
* Hand, hack, or power saw for cutting wood, plastic, or metal (depending on the blade used)
* Set of wrenches (open- and closed-end) with standard (inches) and metric (millimeter) sizes for bolts and nuts
* Socket wrench set with standard (US) and metric sizes using 1/4, 3/8, or 1/2-inch ratchet drives for bolts and nuts
* Allen wrench set for tightening and loosing Allen-head screws and bolts
* Files are useful for removing excess metal, plastic, and wood.

In addition to common screws and screwdrivers, you may occasionally run in to spanner and Torx fasteners. Both are designed to resist tampering. A spanner bit has a notch in the middle (sometimes found on coffee makers). Torx fasteners have six points. Torx tamper-resistant screws have a post in the center that makes it even more difficult to open (found on some microwaves). If you need to get past one of these fasteners, you can purchase these special tools at larger hardware stores or auto parts centers.

A basic tool kit for painting projects will include these items:

* Paint brushes or paint pads …


Personal Life Destiny Analysis

Every journey has it beginning and so is yours life journey to begin with.

The very moment you came into this Earth, your journey of your life destiny begins. And together with you, you brought along a very personal Heaven luck; a luck that belongs solely to you and nobody else.

And hidden within this luck is the very key to your life destiny.

Take it or leave it. Whatever you are born into the riches with the best of the environment or the poor, your life begins here.

But now that you are actually reading this, you should be happy and feeling glad. Why do I say so? Just think about it. Are not things great that you are actually here as a human, reading this? I do not think you would actually prefer to start off your life as any other animals or creatures in this world?

Now that you are given this luck of having the intelligence of a human, you have the power and the choice to make a difference to things.

And to embark on this journey of life, Personal Life Destiny Analysis is a tool that can help you discover your destiny; a tool that can provide you with wise guidance.

Calculated based on your personal heaven luck (year, month, day and hour of your birth), it accurately reveals your personal element of life; personality, individual strengths and weaknesses that can be applied to career choices and other major life decision.

You will get to understand also the different period of luck you will meet in your life; when is bad and when is good. Understand this. You are certainly not going to be bond to ill luck all your life. Just recall. Have not you experienced times when everything seems just so smooth, succeeding in everything with even the least of effort? But then again times when things just does not go the way you want to finish the fullest of your effort?

And likewise, you will get to understand who can be there to help you and who to be better avoiding. You must understand this. You can never rule this world alone.

Now, to be trying hard in life is definitely not a bad thing but to be trying hard in the wrong way, it is. To succeed in life, we have to always work things around the smart ways?

Remember this. You are just who you are, why make things difficult for yourself. Learn to love yourself and be true to yourself. You are given your strength for a reason. And you are given the intelligence to recognize your weaknesses, not to put down yourself.

Understand yourself, your very own life destiny and you can better prepare yourself for your journey in life; reasonably knowing what to proceed with and what to avoid, when to go for it and when to better be on your guard. Surely with a better understanding of your life destiny, you can make better plans …


Auto Insurance Facts – What You Should Know

Confused about auto insurance? Want to know the most important auto insurance facts? Here they are …

Do I need auto insurance?

Most of the 50 states require you to have a minimum amount of bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. Some states make you show proof of insurance before you register your car, while other states don’t ask for proof of insurance until you have an accident or get a ticket.

To find out what your state’s requirements are, go to your state’s department of insurance website by doing a web search for: “(your state’s name here) department of insurance.”

What does auto insurance cover?

Bodily injury liability coverage – Pays for your legal fees and any claims made against you if your car injures or kills someone. It also covers any family members living with you and anyone driving your car with your permission.

Property damage liability coverage – Pays your legal fees and any claims made against you if your car damages someone else’s property.

Personal injury protection – Pays for you and your passengers medical expenses when you’re involved in an accident. It also pays for you and your family’s medical expenses if you’re injured in someone else’s car or are walking.

Collision coverage – Pays for repairs to your car when you’re in an accident with another vehicle or an object, regardless of who was at fault.

Comprehensive coverage – Pays for damages to your car resulting from theft, vandalism, fire, or acts of nature.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage – Pays for personal injury and property damage expenses for you and your family when you’re in an accident that’s caused by an uninsured, underinsured, or hit-and-run driver.

Where can I get cheap insurance with a good company?

Because yearly insurance premiums for the same type of policy can vary as much as $1,000 or more from one insurance company to another, the best way to get cheap insurance is to compare rates from different companies.

Go to an insurance comparison website. Once there you’ll fill out a simple questionnaire in order to get quotes from a number of companies. Compare those quotes and choose the best one.

There are comparison sites that let you talk with insurance experts using an online chat service or a toll-free telephone service. Take advantage of this service if you have any questions about auto insurance or want to find out about any discounts you may qualify for. (See link below.)

How do I know the company I choose is reliable?

To find out if the company you choose is reliable and will give you good service, go to the following websites:

* Your state’s department of insurance website offers a wealth of information about auto insurance and auto insurance companies.

* J.D. Power & Associate’s website ( rates auto insurance companies using feedback from their customers.

* A.M. Best ( provides an insurance company’s financial ratings which tells you something about the company’s stability and it’s ability to pay …


Want a Free Car Insurance Quote in Billings?

For people living in Billings, Montana, the time has never been easier to save money on your car insurance. There are many insurance companies out there looking for your business and its free and quick to find out who has the best deal for you.

Nobody likes paying for car insurance. Every year it sees to get more expensive, and every year it looks you have another car to insure. Your son's new car, granddaughter's car, your husband's second car for the weekend. It never ends! This is not too mention the deductible, the collision, different premiums, discounts … finding out which is what and how much of this do you need, or is that really necessary.

But there is help. With the advent of the Internet, there is now the opportunity to both learn and save more on your car insurance. With a cup of coffee and a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily be on your way. There are many, many insurance companies out there, but dont let that scare you. Turn it to your advantage. Think of it this way: They are all competing for your attention and they know you can just as easily go to the guy across the street, and they have lost you as a customer forever.

There are services out there that will provide you with different quotes from different companies to let you see for yourself and to decide for yourself, who you would like to do business with. These services are free and they are fast, usually taking only a few minutes. Then, with this new information at your hand, you are now in a position to not only get what you need, but also what you want. And save money doing it. …


How To Make Money From Boxing

If you want to make money from boxing, I suggest you *don’t* follow in the footsteps of Lennox Lewis.

As I write this in the spring of 2007, it’s rumoured that Lewis is considering a comeback in his 40s.

Lewis is that rare beast, a heavyweight champion who retired with his title intact, but they always say that fighters can’t give up, and the lure of a big payday is tempting him.

It’s rumoured that he could get $25 million for one fight.

Now that’s a lot of money, but I don’t suggest that you should get into the ring to make money from boxing!

Let’s face it, it is only the very few elite that make a lot of money, and most of them end up broke!

So, if we’re not getting into the ring, how else can we make money from boxing?

I want to cover 3 methods, including the technique I use.

Firstly, you could take up boxing promotion.

Remember how I said that most champions end up broke?

That’s because most of the money seems to end up with the managers and promoters.

Although there seems to be a lot of money there, this is a route for the long term only – it would take years to build up a business of any note, and then you’d still have to compete against the few who seem to control all the big fights.

The second method, and this is much more realistic, is to become an affiliate.

As an affiliate, you don’t need a website, you don’t need any stock, you simply send traffic to other companies’ sites, and they pay you a commission of any sales generated.

There is a huge variety of things you can be an affiliate for – from equipment like gloves and training gear, to tickets and pay per view subscriptions (this is where the bulk of the Lennox Lewis $25 million would come from.)

There is also memorabilia, books, dvds, posters, etc.

In fact one of the consistently best-selling sports posters is of Ali standing over Liston in the ring.

So although this can be a good revenue source, it has the downside that you are competing with all the other affiliates.

Great for the company concerned, not so great for the affiliates.

The third method is the one I use, and it’s to provide information.

Boxing fans will spend money – that’s proved by the pay-per-view model, so if you can provide information on how they can earn money to cover their expenses, you have a willing market.

How about if you showed them how they could earn enough money to make trips to see the fights in person?

To buy all the books and videos they’d want, to indulge in collecting memorabilia – do you think they’d be interested?

You bet!

Information can be produced and delivered without cost nowadays, and this is why I use it myself to make money – there is no reason why you …


What is Renters Insurance? And Other Moving-Out Concern

First time moving out of the house? Do not be surprised if you're overwhelmed with the number of responsibilities you have to face, and the number of choices you have to consider in the course of smoothing out your new life as an independent taxpayer! Insurance is one of the things that you absolutely have to take into consideration. But the kinds of insurance out there in the market might overwhelm you even more! You might find yourself asking: What is renters insurance? How can I protect myself from the potential risks of renting a home?

Well, luckily, you do not need to be in the dark for much longer. If by the time you move out, you still have to ask "What is renter's insurance?" you're actually asking for someone to take advantage of you! It is best to secure a renter's insurance as soon as you move in, so that you are able to protect yourself against the common problems faced by someone who has just moved into his or her own living space.

You may finally appreciate how having one's own living space is not as easy as it used to look, when you were stuck with your parents and had to abide by their house rules. As someone who is responsible for pretty much everything in a new living space, you should finally be able to appreciate the house rules your parents or guardians tried so hard to make you stick to, while you were growing up! House rules are there to make sure everything in the house runs smoothly. For malfunctions and everything else, there is renters insurance.

Once the lease is signed, the tenant (to be more specific, you: the person who is leasing a specific area of ​​the building for any purpose) is obligated to take care of everything inside his or her area of ​​responsibility. But no matter how vigilant you are, things could always get out of control. Bear in mind that some devastating problems are not easily visible, or foreseeable. Faulty wiring, for example, could just creep up on you while you are sleeping, while you are away and you left the Tivo plugged in, or other inopportune moments.

It is best to secure renters insurance in case of emergency. This is the kind of insurance that you, as the renter, must take the intiative to get. This is not included in your contract with the building manager. This is protection from accidental fires, electrical surges, theft and other unforeseen potential tragedies.

If you are in correspondence with an agent who is selling property insurance, make sure to ask him or her: "What is renters insurance?" Getting a good answer – as well as a good premium – will save you a lot of grief in the future. …


Why (and What) You Need To Be Reading If You Want To Be Leading

My favorite quotation (and yes, the word is “quotation;” “quote” is a verb, thank you) from Harry S Truman (and no, there’s no period after the “S,” because it’s not an abbreviation; “S” was his entire middle name – my goodness, I’m being irritatingly picky today!) is this one:

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

But my second favorite quotation from Harry S Truman is this one:

“Not all readers are leaders… but all leaders are readers.”

(Before I go on, perhaps I should point out that we’re talking about “leaders” here, not “people who happen to have the title of ‘leader.'” They are not necessarily the same thing.)

It’s a simple equation: if you want to be a great leader, you need to be a great reader.

In a wonderful article from StartUs Magazine, Dave Olsen outlines five reasons for leaders to be readers:

  1. Reading elevates us above our current situation.
  2. Reading multiplies our experiences.
  3. Reading allows us to spend time with smart people.
  4. Reading can quickly build our expertise.
  5. Reading gives us an escape.

If at least three out of five of these reasons don’t excite you, then you have no business calling yourself a leader. That’s because most of these reasons are about growth, and if you’re not interested in growing, then you shouldn’t be in a position of influence over others. Period.

All of this, of course, begs the question: what should you be reading?

That’s up to you. But over the years I’ve developed a loose system for myself, and I invite you to steal it (or any part of it) for yourself.

My “system” is this. I always have a least four books going at any given time:

  • A non-fiction book on my area of expertise. For me, this means Leadership, Creativity/Innovation, and Producing Under Pressure. Currently, I’m reading Choke: What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To.
  • A non-fiction book to help build my business. This could include sales, marketing, social media, branding, networking, or any of a number of other topics. Currently, I’m reading All About Them: Grow Your Business By Focusing On Others by my friend Bruce Turkel.
  • A non-fiction book that has nothing to do with my business. These tend to be – although not exclusively – biographies and histories. Sometimes I’ll intentionally pick a topic in which I don’t necessarily have an interest (and often, the book will change my mind). Because of growth. Currently, I’m reading Divorced, Beheaded, Survived: A Feminist Reinterpretation of the Wives of Henry VIII .
  • A fiction book. Preferably quality fiction (I tend to seek out Man Booker Prize finalists and winners), but occasionally just a fun “airplane book” read. This is my nighttime, just-before-bed reading. I just finished A Tale For The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki, and am starting Ian McEwan’s The Innocent.

I’m not saying you need to be reading four books all the …


Insurance Score – What It Is, How It Affects Your Auto Insurance Rates and How to Make It Serve You

Do you understand what your insurance score is? Do you also know factors affecting it? What about how it is being used to determine your rate? If yes, do you also know how to adjust it to your satisfaction? If not, why not.

But before we proceed, let’s take a look at the term…

Due to the information extracted from the insurance information institute, it is defined as a numerical rank given to a person depending on his or her credit history.

According to insurers, individuals who lack good credit history are likely to file up claims more often. This in particular should give you reason why you would enjoy cheaper rate if you maintain good credit history. And we can also say, for one to enjoy a more cheaper rate, one need to take some steps in order to enjoy more favorable rate.

Listed below are steps on how to achieve a good credit rating.

-Always pay your bills at the appropriate time. Apart from the fact that you will pay more interest, failure to do this will affect your credit score negatively.

-Always re-check, double check and even triple check to correct any available errors.

-Try hard not to make use of too much credit cards.

-At any point in time, do not exhaust your credit card. Try as much as possible not to spend more than 30%.

Now, what else do you think you could do to enable you save on insurance rates?

The fact is that, most insurers do use your credit score to determine your rate, which if bad, will cause increase in rate. But keep in mind that you will get different quote from different insurers. Therefore, to enjoy favorable rates, it is highly advisable to compare quotes online in order to select a more suitable one.…


Reinsurance Jobs – The Basics of the Insurance Industry

If you are financially minded but unfamiliar with what a reinsurance job might entail we've compiled four reasons why companies carry out reinsurance and the two main different types of reinsurance.

Four Reasons for Reinsurance

Risk Transfer – you only have to look at the amount of money an insurance company would have to pay out if your house was damaged in a natural disaster to realize how there is the potential for them to have huge costs. By reinsuring themselves with other insurers they are able to spread the risk so that no matter how many of their policy are claimed upon they have the ability to pay out.

Income Balancing – for any large company its important they can predict their income for cash flow and often shareholder benefits. As you can imagine this would be difficult for insurance companies if they were not reinsuring. A number of big payouts if they were not reinsured could have a very significant effect on their bottom line. By reinsuring they are able to manage this risk more effectively.

mproved Surplus – on the balance sheet of a company it's good to have a surplus. This is the sum of assets minus liabilities. Successful reinsurance can reduce the liability pushing up the surplus level upwards. It is desirable as it makes the company more financial stable and more attractive to potential investors.

Arbitrage – another reason reinsurance is often popular is due to arbitrage. If you are not familiar with arbitrage in simple terms it is where you sell something at a high cost which you then buy at a low cost. In reinsurance this would be where a company sells you insurance at one price yet is able to insure that same risk at a lower cost from another supplier. This is of course hugely appealing to insurance companies and fuels some of reinsurance popularity.

Two Types of Reinsurance

Proportional – this type of reinsurance is often known as quote share insurance. If companies are entering into a proportional reinsurance arrangement they divide the risk up as a percentage. Assuming insurance company alpha reinsures 50% of my house insurance with insurance company beta, if I then make a claim both companies would pay their percentage of the settlement. The agreement does not have to be with just two companies, it is possible for several companies all insuring the same risk sometimes with different percentages.

Non-Proportional – this system works in slightly different way. Assuming I felt on any policy I could only pay out a £ 1000 but there is a reasonably hood that the risk could require more coverage I could get reinsurance for £ 9k. If this even then takes place and costs £ 5 thousand I can then recover £ 4k from the reinsurance company. …


Online Money Making Opportunities – Making Money Online Easily and Quickly

There are a number of scams out there and its important to be able to sort out the real online money making opportunities. Do not believe the hype that its simply a matter of setting up a web page and watching the money roll in. Like any other business the internet business needs to be built with skill and determination. The hardest part is actually finding helpful information without falling foul of the many scams.

I am willing to share my own technique for making money on the internet. There are many online money making opportunities, but this is what I do and it works for me. I did spend lots of money and time on pointless information that simply regurgitated the same old information and made me no money but then decided that I would develop my own method which I then tested extensively and improved over a period of many months.

This is what I do:

1: I find some PLR ​​(Public Label Rights) products. It's important that this includes a sales page.

2: I register a domain name that clearly links to the main product that I found in step 1 above.

3: I then edit the sales page. I change the author name, some sentences and the graphics. In fact anything that makes it completely unique. If necessary, I add some bonuses to make it even more attractive.

4: I create a OTR – One Time Offer. This is sometimes something that I found in step 1 above but otherwise it can be anything that has perceived value.

5: Next I edit the PLR ​​material that I found in step 1 to make it match the sales page. Its important to change the material enough to make it unique, including the author name and the actual name of the product.

6: I create some new graphics for the material. I do this myself but if you do not know how to do this then its easy to get it done for you very cheaply.

7: I then upload everything to the site which domain name I registered earlier, including the payment and download files.

8: Next I set up an autoresponder and some email messages as follow ons.

9: I test all the links to make sure it works – I make sure that every single link is tested using both Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers – these are the two most common browsers used.

10: Finally I drive traffic to the site using Pay per Click, articles, forum posting, blogs and include relevant backlinks to the site.

It actually sound more difficult than it is in practice. I can do all 10 steps in an afternoon – so its not too onerous. Thats all there is to it. Its simple but incredibly effective. …