There are so many reasons why people are writing articles for the web. Some would like to put relevant content to their website so they can attract traffic and search engines at the same. There are others who are distributing articles to increase their back links to site, and a quite a few who make money by selling their articles to webmasters and other ebusiness owners. Whatever drives you to write, you still need these powerful methods so you can create killer articles:

1. A killer article begins with a hot title. The first step in getting online users to read your articles is arousing their curiosity through the use of attention-grabbing titles. The best kinds of headlines that you can use are "Tips format" (Example: 10 sure fire-ways to lose 10 lbs. In 14 days) and "How to format" (Example: How to get rid of computer virus in 3 easy) steps). These are the types of headlines that never fail to deliver great clickthrough rates.

2. Once you were able to grab your readers' attention, keep a hold of it by making them more interested. How? Make your opening sentences equally attention-grabbing. You can do so by spilling in the juicy details of your topics on this part. This will make your readers want to read the rest of your articles to discover what else is in store for them.

3. The body of your article must fulfill the promises or deliver the benefits that you have communicated on your title. To make it more enticing and easy to read, make sure that your ideas are presented on a logical manner. They must also be well-written so your readers will not have a hard time understanding the points you are trying to get across.