Have you ever thought of design objects to be given as exclusive corporate gifts? Well, why not start? Some time ago we told you about the importance of customizing the cutting board in adding recognition and authority to your company and consequently to your brand.

If you stop to think, you would understand for yourself that there are different ways in which your client or potential can come into direct contact with your company. According to several studies, the ideal methods to promote the company are those that use quality objects to engage and capture the target. For the bulk purchase gifts this is the perfect option now.

Exclusive corporate gifts: what does PTO mean and why should you know it?

The so-called PTO business promotion through object is enjoying great success in brand promotion processes because it shows the company thanks to the object, transmitting an emotion. This form of communication is specifically designed to effectively represent companies in different contexts:
• Events
• Congress
• Exhibitions

Special periods of the year (Christmas)

As you will imagine, the different contexts indicated above are capable of attracting a vast and international audience. For this reason, to guarantee an effective PTO, start with the object you want to donate: the more promotional items will be of quality and value and the more the company will be appreciated in terms of brand awareness and brand reputation : two essential pillars for obtaining a brand strong identity.

Can giving exclusive and customizable objects affect the corporate brand identity?

An exclusive corporate gift can encompass the entire universe of concepts linked to a brand in a single product. Like people, companies also have their own identity characterized by unique attributes and traits. Speaking a little bit of sociology, the identification of the brand is a social construction that involves the integration of brand identity with that perceived by the customer. This occurs only when the consumer gets a positive experience with a brand. Once the brand identification takes place, the brand becomes a representation of the consumer’s self-concept. Then there are the trendy water bottles and similar gifts.

Such an approach leads to a strong attachment to the brand and therefore to a solid corporate brand identity. Reconnecting to our talk, do you know other strategies to make your target happy if not to give them an exclusive design object?

In this sense we can declare the end of the badly made and poor quality promotional gadget. In fact, to ensure the company excellent recognition at national and international level, an inevitable action to be taken is to focus on the quality and customization of the promotional object. The combination of these two concepts plays an extremely important role in the eyes of the final recipients. Furthermore, choosing a quality object, maybe even Made in Italy is synonymous with durability, so whoever receives your elegant thought will certainly have your brand in mind, which you are and what you do for a long time.