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6 Impact Dangers Drink Milk Mixed Tea For Health

Tea drinks have been believed for a long time to have benefits and can be refreshing when the body is thirsty and exhausted. The longer tea is served with various variants. Although tea has health benefits as well as milk. However, if the milk and tea mixed together, it would be dangerous to drink milk tea for health.

The content of compounds that in tea can indeed benefit the health of the body. But if we mix it with milk, high protein, and calcium substances from milk will reduce the quality of tea-containing compounds.

If you want to drink tea should not be mixed with other foods or beverages. This is so that the nutrients in tea can be absorbed properly by the body. In addition, consuming tea and milk mixture into one will cause various health complaints about the body. Here are some examples of the dangers of drinking milk tea for health.

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  1. Kidney stone formation

The danger of drinking tea mixed with milk does have more harm than the benefits of the birth. One of them is to form kidney stones. High calcium and protein content in a glass of milk will turn into deadly toxins when mixed with tea.

In addition to being toxic, milk tea will also trigger the formation of kidney stones in the urine, causing a person will have difficulty urinating. The initial symptoms commonly caused by this disease is suffering from abdominal pain due to damage to the kidney.

  1. Sudden Heart Attack

Drinking tea mixed with milk often for a very long time will cause the cache compound in tea will disappear. Though this compound is used to protect the heart from various problems such as sudden cardiac arrest. Therefore, milk-mixed tea can cause a person to suffer from sudden cardiac arrest.

  1. Damage the immune system

The protein content of milk will damage the content of caffeine in tea that will cause immunity or immune system damaged. When a person’s immune system damaged will easily experience fatigue and diseases such as a cough, flu, and colds.

  1. Free radical attack

In addition to the above effects, the content of antioxidant substances can also be reduced even disappear if the tea is combined with milk. As a result, tea is no longer able to control free radical attacks including smoke, sunlight, and dust.

  1. It is difficult to lose weight

Never ever to drink tea mixed with milk for any reason. Catching substances that exist in tea are very reliable to overcome the overweight. But if mixed with milk, then the catching substances in tea will experience a reduction in performance to break down the fat in the body. As a result, someone will be difficult to diet and it will gain weight because milk contains very high fat.

  1. Inhibits dilation of blood vessels

Tea mixed with milk can also inhibit …