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Personal Life Destiny Analysis

Every journey has it beginning and so is yours life journey to begin with.

The very moment you came into this Earth, your journey of your life destiny begins. And together with you, you brought along a very personal Heaven luck; a luck that belongs solely to you and nobody else.

And hidden within this luck is the very key to your life destiny.

Take it or leave it. Whatever you are born into the riches with the best of the environment or the poor, your life begins here.

But now that you are actually reading this, you should be happy and feeling glad. Why do I say so? Just think about it. Are not things great that you are actually here as a human, reading this? I do not think you would actually prefer to start off your life as any other animals or creatures in this world?

Now that you are given this luck of having the intelligence of a human, you have the power and the choice to make a difference to things.

And to embark on this journey of life, Personal Life Destiny Analysis is a tool that can help you discover your destiny; a tool that can provide you with wise guidance.

Calculated based on your personal heaven luck (year, month, day and hour of your birth), it accurately reveals your personal element of life; personality, individual strengths and weaknesses that can be applied to career choices and other major life decision.

You will get to understand also the different period of luck you will meet in your life; when is bad and when is good. Understand this. You are certainly not going to be bond to ill luck all your life. Just recall. Have not you experienced times when everything seems just so smooth, succeeding in everything with even the least of effort? But then again times when things just does not go the way you want to finish the fullest of your effort?

And likewise, you will get to understand who can be there to help you and who to be better avoiding. You must understand this. You can never rule this world alone.

Now, to be trying hard in life is definitely not a bad thing but to be trying hard in the wrong way, it is. To succeed in life, we have to always work things around the smart ways?

Remember this. You are just who you are, why make things difficult for yourself. Learn to love yourself and be true to yourself. You are given your strength for a reason. And you are given the intelligence to recognize your weaknesses, not to put down yourself.

Understand yourself, your very own life destiny and you can better prepare yourself for your journey in life; reasonably knowing what to proceed with and what to avoid, when to go for it and when to better be on your guard. Surely with a better understanding of your life destiny, you can make better plans …


Auto Insurance Facts – What You Should Know

Confused about auto insurance? Want to know the most important auto insurance facts? Here they are …

Do I need auto insurance?

Most of the 50 states require you to have a minimum amount of bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. Some states make you show proof of insurance before you register your car, while other states don’t ask for proof of insurance until you have an accident or get a ticket.

To find out what your state’s requirements are, go to your state’s department of insurance website by doing a web search for: “(your state’s name here) department of insurance.”

What does auto insurance cover?

Bodily injury liability coverage – Pays for your legal fees and any claims made against you if your car injures or kills someone. It also covers any family members living with you and anyone driving your car with your permission.

Property damage liability coverage – Pays your legal fees and any claims made against you if your car damages someone else’s property.

Personal injury protection – Pays for you and your passengers medical expenses when you’re involved in an accident. It also pays for you and your family’s medical expenses if you’re injured in someone else’s car or are walking.

Collision coverage – Pays for repairs to your car when you’re in an accident with another vehicle or an object, regardless of who was at fault.

Comprehensive coverage – Pays for damages to your car resulting from theft, vandalism, fire, or acts of nature.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage – Pays for personal injury and property damage expenses for you and your family when you’re in an accident that’s caused by an uninsured, underinsured, or hit-and-run driver.

Where can I get cheap insurance with a good company?

Because yearly insurance premiums for the same type of policy can vary as much as $1,000 or more from one insurance company to another, the best way to get cheap insurance is to compare rates from different companies.

Go to an insurance comparison website. Once there you’ll fill out a simple questionnaire in order to get quotes from a number of companies. Compare those quotes and choose the best one.

There are comparison sites that let you talk with insurance experts using an online chat service or a toll-free telephone service. Take advantage of this service if you have any questions about auto insurance or want to find out about any discounts you may qualify for. (See link below.)

How do I know the company I choose is reliable?

To find out if the company you choose is reliable and will give you good service, go to the following websites:

* Your state’s department of insurance website offers a wealth of information about auto insurance and auto insurance companies.

* J.D. Power & Associate’s website ( rates auto insurance companies using feedback from their customers.

* A.M. Best ( provides an insurance company’s financial ratings which tells you something about the company’s stability and it’s ability to pay …


Everything About Life Insurance!

I want to start off this 2010 with an article regarding Life Insurance. Many people find this topic morbid but believe me when I say this contract is as important as a Will and should be taken just as seriously as health insurance. Due to the length in details of this article I have provided chapters for easy reading. I hope this will educate you on Life Insurance and the importance of its necessity. (Note: For better understanding “You” is the policy owner and the insured)


1= Introduction

2=When/If you have Life Insurance already

3= Difference between a Insurance Agent and Broker

4= Types of Policies

5= What are Riders and popular types of Riders

6= The medical exam

1) About general Life Insurance:

This is a contract between you and an insurance company to pay a certain amount (the premium) to a company in exchange for a benefit (called the Death Benefit, face amount, or policy amount) to the beneficiary (the person you want to get paid in the time of your death). This can range based on the type of policy (which will be discussed momentarily), your health, your hobbies, the Insurance company, how much you can afford in premiums, AND the amount of the benefit. It sounds overwhelming but it is not if you have the right agent or broker.

Now many people can say that Life Insurance is like gambling. You are betting that you will die in a specific time and the insurance company bets you won’t. If the insurer wins, they keep the premiums, if you win…well you die and the death benefit goes to the beneficiary. This is a very morbid way of looking at it and if that is the case you can say the same for health insurance, auto insurance, and rental insurance. The truth is, you need life insurance in order to ease the burden of your death. Example 1: A married couple, both professionals that earn very well for a living have a child and like any other family has monthly expenses and 1 of the couple has a death. The odds of the spouse going back to work the next day is very slim. Odds are in fact that your ability to function in your career will lower which RISK the cause of not being able to pay expenses or having to use one’s savings or investments in order to pay for these expenses NOT INCLUDING the death tax and funeral expenses. This can be financially devastating. Example 2: lower middle income family, a death occurs to 1 of the income earners. How will the family be capable of maintaining their current financial lifestyle?

Life insurance is about the ability of lowering the risk of financial burden. This can be in the form of simple cash or taxes via estate planning.

KEY Definitions:

The Insured: The person that is covered by the insurance company (He/She does NOT have to the policy owner)

The (policy) Owner: The one …


Points To Consider With Cheap Auto Insurance

The word "cheap" means different things to different people, so the first thing you will want to do is to define what "cheap" means in your vocabulary. If it means that you want the bottom line lowest of the low prices to get cheap auto insurance, and the only thing you are concerned about is what the policy costs, then this may not be for you. But if you are looking for the best value to get the most bang for the bucks, then there are multiple places, online and offline, where you can find cheap auto insurance.

You need to understand that not all auto insurance policices are done the same way. The standard policy from one insurance carrier is significantly different than the standard policy from another insurance provider. You also need to know that whatever you get, everything comes at a cost, and sometimes if you do not pay that cost up front, you will pay it later, and there is no getting around that.

For example, the reason you are carrying cheap auto insurance is because you need the coverage, either for peace of mind or to comply with your state laws, but what happens when you get into an accident? If you have a good policy, then things are taken care of with minimal effort on your part. However, with some of the cheap auto insurance policies that are available out there, getting the insurance company to pay on a claim is going to take significant time and effort on your part. If you value your time at all, sometimes think about it and attach an hourly rate to it, you will realize that after factoring in the personal time you had to spend on getting them to cover a claim, you have not saved any money at all . In fact, you paid MORE for it!

Auto insurance policy coverage is not an exact science. First of all, you have the deductible, and the amount of the deductible could be different for the various kinds of coverage. For example, you may have it set up for $ 500 deductible on collision, but a $ 1500 deductible on comprehension or fire. The deductible amount has a drastic impact on the rate that you pay, and is the amount that you will pay out of your own pocket before the insurance company pays anything. To give an example, let's say you have $ 500 deductible on collision and you get into a minor fender bender, but the estimate to repair only comes to $ 400. The insurance company will not pay anything on that, since it is less than your deductible, and in fact, that is a case where you probably do not even want to tell your insurance company about it.

There are also differences in liability. For example, if you get into an accident where the other person sustains various severe flaws. It is not unusual these days for hospital costs to go well …


Your Guide to Full Coverage Dental Insurance

A General Overview of Discount Dental Plans

Discount dental plans is one way you can avoid having to pay astronomical dental fees. Let's face it, we will all have to go to a dentist multiple times in our lifetime, at the very least, so instead of paying dental insurance, you can enjoy bigger savings in discount dental plans.

The advantages of discount dental plans is being able to pay lower prices up to 60% of the standard price. This means if you call in for a cleaning and you are informed that the charge is $ 100, then with the discount dental plan, you will only pay less than half.

Other advantages of discount dental plans is the fact that you get a straight discount, unlike dental insurance wherein you have a ceiling price on dental services. In other words, with dental insurance, if the treatment is over what your insurance company is obliged to pay for in the policy, then you have to cover the balance. To get full insurance coverage, the premium will be very high, and may not be worth the cost. Why? You will not always be needing expensive dental treatments, and yet you will be paying through the nose every month.

In addition, the coverage of the discount dental plans starts the minute you sign up. Unlike dental insurance, there is a waiting period of as long as 6 months before you can claim on the insurance policy. As most people know, the reason you are looking for dental plans is because you see the need for it today, not 6 months from now.

Similar to dental insurance though, you have a choice on how you want to pay for the discount dental plans. You can either pay annually or monthly. Naturally, the annual payment scheme will give you larger savings on discount dental plans.

7 Tips On Finding Insurance

Before you start looking for insurance, you need to know what kind of insurance you want. There are quite a number of insurance plans in the market ranging from life to home, loans to general insurance, and disability to income protection. Of course, if you talk to an insurance agent, he will tell you right away that you will need all these different insurance plans. That's your personal decision to make.

If you have an idea of ​​which insurance you want to start with, here are 7 tips on how to get the most affordable insurance possible.

Talk to an insurance agent

Since an insurance agent works on commission, you could ask him to put together several options for you. Make him work for his commission. Be sure to explain your budget and needs, and let him find a solution for you.

Know what you want

Unless you are specific about your needs and what you want to achieve with your insurance policy, then it is not possible to find cheap insurance.

Ask for choices

Keep in mind that if you can compare and contrast …


Strategies for Success

Holy Shenanigans! More STUFF?

Loosing one's business due to lack of personal control is a sad thing. I've watched many people do just that. Recently, a friend told me that her only money is in her business account and she's been using it rather freely. The business is losing money. It's going under, because it can not support itself. She has another income, but she's not living within her means.

So, what is she buying with 'her money'? Frivolities, unnecessary trivialities, and 'bargains'. She and I have discussed the 'bargains' she buys. She's got more STUFF than any ten people NEED, and she still buys because it makes her 'feel good'. The fact of the matter is, she owns a big old building completely full of 'STUFF' she refuses to 'sell' because it's got personal value, and it's important to her, but the roof is falling in on the building, pigeons are in the building pooping on all of her prized possessions, so she buys more 'STUFF' to solve the problem. Ten dollar swimming pools to keep the rain from dripping onto her antique furniture and collectibles, plastic to cover them. Meanwhile the mice are eating through the upholstery and gnawing through the antique woods.

The reason she does this – is it provides her with emotional 'security'. As long as she has 'STUFF' she has 'security', she thinks. In the mean while, she's working at a job to support her 'STUFF' habit, and losing her business, because she's wasting the money from her 'business', instead of using it to build a business that would eventually support her – if she did not have all that 'STUFF' draining her income. She does not have security; she has 'STUFF' being ruined by the frivolous manner in which she is spending her money.

To say she is eccentric, actually only gives credence to her behavior. The fact of the manner is, she does not have the money to be eccentric. She has 'STUFF' which is not going to get her anywhere, because her 'STUFF' is not appreciating, it's getting ruined. She has friends, but she does not listen to them, she has to have her 'STUFF'. I'm actually afraid my friend is going to be a lonely old person taking care of her 'STUFF' because she just can not quite realize that she needs to build relationships with people, and let go of her 'STUFF'.

One time, I even ask her about 'friends' and she responded she does not have anyone she can trust. I can understand why. She's worked her entire life to develop a relationship with her 'STUFF'. I consider her a friend, and I have gone the extra mile to make our friendship work. I wonder sometimes at my dedication to the friendship – because sometimes I feel like I'm working toward a dead end. Particularly when it comes to her business. I worked for nothing at times while I attempted to help her get her business up and …


10 Effective Ways to Keep Personal Data Safe From Peepers

In this present world, the internet is fastened in many people’s lives. The Internet has changed our lives, everyday communication. And we know that it is a great source and a place full of fantastic and useful information. The Internet provides us a means of services and information. Now many activities in our daily lives depend on the Internet, including various forms of shopping, communication, entertainment financial services, and many others. But you have to know that it is also a source of many threats, risks, and hazards. You just think about all information you send over the Internet, like bank account information, personal messages, photographs, your card details etc. As a general internet user, you have the expectation that your transactions and communication secure and private. Just think about when you make a video call to your family member, you normally expect that no one else is watching what you are doing. When you buy something through online with your personal credit card, you must expect that nobody else can get access to your credit card details.

So you should learn about the various security threats and methods to make your online activities more safe, sound and enjoyable. Now I will give you a few but important tips on how to be safe your data on the internet.

Most of the time, the internet is indeed secure and private. But there are a number of risks. The following lesson will provide some review of those security risks and also provide some realistic suggestions on how to deal or tackle them.

We know that computer viruses are one of the serious threats consists of viruses and another type of harmful programs. A computer virus is a program that easily duplicates itself into other computer programs and causes damage hardware, software or data of the computer. It performs a harmful action, for example, getting sensitive information or corrupting data.

The best way to fight with the threat of a computer virus is to use antivirus software. Antivirus software helps to protect a computer system from viruses and other types of harmful programs. Antivirus software scans your online activity to make sure you are not downloading the infected programs or files. It also helps to detect and remove viruses from your computer system if you do get infected.

Phishing is the program that attempts to get sensitive information like passwords, usernames and credit card details etc. It is often caused by spiteful motives. It is also an email scam that is masked as an official communication from a legal website. The message generally tricks to people into providing some sensitive information, for instance, login details. A usual scam consists of a message that focuses and describes some issue with your account and requires you to log in to your account to confirm something. This message, however, looks very official, expert by using logos and formal language. The Web page looks very authentic, but if you look carefully and closely, the Internet address …


Homeowners Insurance for a Mobile Homes in Massachusetts

Homeowners insurance for a mobile home in Massachusetts is slightly different than that for a traditional home. The main difference is that there are no attached structures to a mobile home and the insurance company recognizes this. In addition to having the standard protection from theft and damaged caused by fire or certain natural causes, a person who owns a mobile home in this eastern state can also purchase liability coverage.

Liability coverage on a mobile home offers the same type of protection as liability coverage on a traditional home. It pays for any damage or injuries that may result from a person being hurt while at your home. For someone who owns a dog, this type of coverage also protects them in the event the dog becomes aggressive and attacks someone who is visiting the promises.

Virtually all homeowner insurance policies for mobile homes offer some liability protection and in most cases it's more than adequate. For someone who is concerned that the standard level of coverage is not sufficient they can always purchase a higher level of liability coverage.

One way to determine whether you do have enough liability coverage is to consider what your position would be financially should someone bring a suit against you if they tripped and fell on your property or if they were indeed bitten by your family pet. Anything over and above the liability coverage offered by your mobile homeowner's insurance policy would become your personal responsibility. With many people bringing lawsuits against others in the hundreds of thousands of dollars this does cause concern. Remember that any legal fees you'd incur would also be paid for as part of the coverage the insurance company offers. If you do not want to find yourself facing bankruptcy over an incident like this it's a good idea to pay the extra for additional coverage. …


Secrets Of Personal Effectiveness In A Digital Age

After a careful study of some of the masters of time management, including Steven R. Covey (Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People), Roger Merrill (First Things First), and Timothy Ferriss (4 Hour Work Week) and after comparing their amazing time management principles to a highly dysfunctional test candidate (myself) I have developed three principles that have helped me become much more effective.

Principle 1. KNOW WHAT YOU SEEK.

According to Dr. Covey, human beings are comprised of four different fundamental areas: mental, physical, spiritual, and social / emotional. Take a sheet of paper, write down the four things, and ask this question: What one thing could I do, that would bring the greatest positive improvement in this area?

Next, identify the different "roles" you play in your life. Things like wife, husband, father, mother, daughter, member of a community, church or club, entrepreneur, cyclist, etc. Then ask the question for each of these roles as well. You now have a list of goals that cover every important area of ​​your life.


First, throw most of your long range goals in the trash. They're meaningless. Why? Because they delude you into thinking that it does not matter what you do TODAY. But today is all you have. How can you possibly reach a massive goal in five years if you do not do the daily work necessary to get there? Yet not everything has to be done on a daily basis, some thing are best performed weekly. For example, in the role of "husband" I try to have a date once a week with my wife. Weekly makes more sense than daily. But monthly is not near enough!

Very few goals outside of daily or weekly make sense. So take all the goals determined above, and develop your daily and weekly method of operation. Write them down on a single piece of paper, and display it where you will see it often.


Think you do not have enough time? Think again. You have just as much time in the day as Mother Teresa or Bill Gates. One major difference between extremely highly effective and dysfunctional people is simply in the use of time.

Every morning, look at your daily and weekly MO. Start into those most important activities you have chosen, and stay on task until they're all done. Do not let ANYTHING distract you from each item. And do not multi-task. Do one at a time through to completion.

There are four things you will have to manage if you want to do this effectively: e-mail, the telephone, media, and other people.


Many experts tell us that e-mail wastes more time than any other business practice. And very few e-mails are mission critical. Here are some steps to take in killing this time sucking, income reducing monster:

1. Turn off the "you've got mail" sound on your computer.

2. Only check your e-mail …


Best Car Insurance Coverage – 3 Key Points to Consider When Choosing

Everyone wants the best car insurance coverage, but not everyone appreciates the variables that affect coverage, and the pitfalls that can occur if the wrong type of coverage is chosen. This article will set these things straight and after reading you'll have a clear sense of how to move forward with your motor vehicle insurance.

1. Third Party Or Full Coverage?
This is an important question to consider when looking for insurance. The answer and decision should be based firmly on your personal circumstances. Third Party might be cheaper, but if you lead a high risk lifestyle (commute long distances, drive in congested areas etc) then it might not be the best option for you. Also, Third Party may not be the best option if your car has a high replacement value, since if it's totaled and there is a third party, only their car will be fixed or replaced.

2. How To Maximize Savings
Most people nowdays can not afford pricey car insurance, therefore it is in your best interest to do the things within your means to bring the cost of insurance down.
Things like fitting immobilizer and car alarms can reduce the cost of insurance by as much as 20%. When you get a quote, try increasing the deductible amount specified as this will reduce the cost the overall cost of insuring the vehicle.

If you have the money handy, you can also do a defensive driving course. This will show greater competency and insurance providers have been known to offer discounts to people who take and pass these types of courses.

3. The Online Factor
Lastly, when considering best car insurance coverage, use an online insurance provider. You'll get the same amount of coverage offered by offline companies at a fraction of the cost. The process online is a lot more efficient too and it's not uncommon to get a quote within minutes of submitting your information.

I hope this article has given you a greater sense of clarity regarding insurance coverage. Remember, the cheapest coverage may not be the best option for you, and where possible use an online provider when insuring your car. …