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Risk Taking Is a Perception

Some people think I’m a wild girl and a major risk taker. I always giggle when I hear that because I don’t feel like I’m a risk taker. I only take action if I feel comfortable with it. Other people may perceive that what I’m doing is a risk, but I’ve spent time preparing myself for many of the actions. Some actions I leap into because they’re compelling and sound fun.

Let’s take skydiving as an example. Eva Gregory, my BFF, had done a tandem skydive (you’re strapped to an instructor, who does all the flying, and a large parachute) and showed me her video of the event. It looked fun, but I was so scared. I told her I’d never do it. I said if I ever did, I’d have to watch her video a hundred times in a row to get me pumped up and boost my courage.

Skydiving wasn’t compelling to me. Flying like a bird was compelling. I talked a lot about flying. I had always wanted an airplane, but I wanted to float through clouds like I’d always imagined angels did.

Very soon after the skydiving conversation with Eva, my former mate surprised me with a tandem skydive reservation. I literally cried with fear and said I wasn’t going. He said he couldn’t get a refund. (He lied.)

I wound up going but changed my perspective from fear of breaking all my limbs upon hitting the ground at high speeds, to one of floating like an angel.

I ended up loving the experience and did about 300 solo skydives after that. Is it a risk? Sure, I could sustain injuries, hurt someone else, or die. But I do not feel I’m taking an extreme risk or I wouldn’t do it!

I will not jump unless I know my parachute and reserve (backup parachute) are both packed safely. I know the direction and speed of the wind to assist me in choosing my landing pattern. I also make myself familiar with the plane I’m jumping out of and the landing zone. Most importantly, I only jump when I’m inspired and have a clear mind.

I think riding on the back of a motorcycle, as a passenger, is a big risk. Every bone in my body tenses up when I do it. I feel vulnerable on the back. Let me ride my own dirt bike or quad and I’ll go at full speed. It’s all about how I perceive the activity.

I’ve always been fascinated by people who climb mountains. My friend Rich Fettke, author of Extreme Success, is a climber and fellow skydiver. He has climbed El Capitan at Yosemite National Park twice. He’s slept on the side of a mountain hanging from ropes.

I see this as absolutely terrifying! Does Rich get a rush out of climbing? Yes! But he has done his homework and loves the sport. He has two children and a wife that he adores, so he is very conscious of …


Insurance Agents Are Like Toasters

We work in a unique industry – one in which insurance agents are like toasters. Let me explain …

Everyone owns and uses at least one small appliance at home. It may be a toaster, a garage door opener or a microwave oven. No doubt it's something we use every day. And yet, we can not recall the brand name of the appliance. We all know what it looks like and how it works, but generally can not remember who the manufacturer is … until it breaks. When it breaks, we check to see what brand of "widget" it is and whether repair or replacement is covered. We decide whether we want to purchase the same brand or try a different brand altogether. It takes a problem to draw our attention to the brand – and until that time, since we are not really aware of the brand we're using, one brand is as good as another ! Insurance agents are essentially like toasters. We're generally not thought of by policyholders until something breaks – that is, until there's a claim.

Once there's a claim, we have the ability to really shine. We're responsive and concerned. We work to expedite things and look out for our policyholder's interests. We end up creating more of a relationship with our clients. When there's a claim, we get the opportunity to really shine in the eyes of the policyholder. The problem arises when everything is going well!

When all is well and there are not any claims (which is most of the time), we are not thought of. And when we are not thought of, our clients are easily persuaded to consider using another agent or finding a better rate. The real challenge with keeping clients is not mishandling a claim. It's being faceless. The danger lies in being a nameless toaster.

How do you avoid the misfortune of being forgotten? Let me share a lesson I learned many years ago when I was working to succeed as a small business consultant. I have a pretty strong business background and I knew I could help most any small business in any area they needed help with – finance, marketing, systems, personnel, etc. I marketed to businesses far and wide – businesses in various industries and of various sizes. I was open to any assignment I could attract. After all, I could not afford to turn any opportunity away. I worked hard at developing my consulting practice, but never achieved more than mediocre results. After a few years of struggling, I ended up moving on to other things (read that as, "I had to get a job."). Just after accepting an executive position with a company, I gained an important marketing insight. Here is the insight I got:

If you're not known for something, you're not known for anything.

I had been a toaster. People hard thought of me. They rarely referred others to me. Only a small number of them chose to give …


When to Call Your Personal Injury Lawyer About Medical Malpractice

If you have suffered from injury or illness due to medical negligence, you have the opportunity to file a lawsuit to recover damage for your financial loss and emotional distress. Medical malpractice comes in many forms. Doctors and their staff have to be held responsible for any injuries that you have due to mistreatment. There are several ways to know if you have a medical malpractice case. If you fall into any of the following categories, call your personal injury lawyer:

You Were Treated Improperly

When a physician or other medical staff is treating you, you have a right to proper treatment. Patients go into a procedure believing that they will be treated in a way that will benefit them. However, there are cases in which people are improperly treated. Some examples include administrating the wrong medication, performing an incorrect procedure, or improperly performing a procedure. In addition, improper treatment includes not receiving any treatment at all for your ailment. Some doctors may believe that you are not in need of a procedure. If you subsequently suffer further complications after not receiving adequate treatment, you could have reason to bring your case to a personal injury lawyer.

You Were not Diagnosed

There are some instances in which patients are not given the proper diagnosis, or not even diagnosed at all. This can lead to pain and suffering on your part, especially if a proper diagnosis and treatment could have preceded it. Not having a timely or correct diagnosis can complicate your illness and cause it to escalate to a point that could require even more invasive treatment. To prove that you were injured due to improper diagnosis, your attorney would have to prove that a competent doctor would have diagnosed your illness properly, and that you would have had a better exit had you been under the right diagnosis sooner.

You Were not Made Aware of Potential Risks

Doctors have a duty to provide accurate information to patients with regard to the potential risks that come with their illness and treatment. There may be a time in which the risks of a procedure or treatment method outnumbered the benefits. If the medical staff fails to advise you of these risks, and you suffer from complications caused by the treatment, they have failed to provide you with informed consent. They are required to let you know of any and all risks so that you may make an informed decision on whether or not to go through with the treatment plan. By not giving you this information, they can be held liable for your pain and suffering.

There are instances in which doctors and medical staff may fail to provide you with proper treatment or fail to make you aware of potential risks of certain procedures. If you become injured due to negligence, you should contact your personal injury lawyer to ask about the possibility of a medical malpractice suit. You could have your medical expenses paid as well as receive damages …


5 Must-Read Business Books

The self-employment bug is in the air… and it’s highly contagious.

How do we know?

Exhibit 1:

The explosive growth of coworking spaces. These airy, light-filled, lease-free flexible office arrangements are popping up in droves and teeming with entrepreneurs who gather to collaborate and innovate.

Exhibit 2:

A recent Forbes article suggests a record number of Americans scratched the entrepreneurial itch in 2013. Data released by Babson and Baruch Colleges suggests that last year 69% of new businesses in the U.S. started at home and that 15 to 20% of our workforce is engaged in running a startup or a more established business.

Exhibit 3:

We can personally attest to a surge in demand from our clients for small business tasks such as website development, logo design, social media scheduling, and PowerPoint creation.

Once we became a trusted resource, clients wanted a one-stop-shop. In addition to handing off those pesky time-consuming tasks that we happen to love (like negotiating with your phone carrier on overage charges, or seeing if “unbundling” your cable is even an option) clients wanted us to sort through their inbox and file them accordingly (how nice would it be to open up Outlook and see a big fat goose egg-zero-emails!).

We were only too happy to oblige. We hustled back to the drawing board, built up the team we needed to sufficiently add to our repertoire, and launched our Premium Service offerings.

Now, we’re proud to be a go-to resource for affordable outsourced business services.

As we send each of you off with a newly launched website or punched up logo, we’re silently applauding you. We’re rooting for you. We want to see you succeed. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five actionable business books that’ll provide you (or the newly minted entrepreneur that you love) with the advice, insight, and tips they need to persevere.

Afterall, coming up with the idea is the easy part, where entrepreneurs often fall short, is in the execution. You’re the glue that holds it all together. You’re going to need to become a master delegator, persuader, communicator, team builder, and goal setter. Our top 5 picks address each of these issues.

1. The Four Hour Workweek, Timothy Ferriss

Whether you’re in a soul-sucking job, or trapped underneath your own business, Tim Ferriss teaches you how to “escape the 9 to 5, live anywhere, and join the New Rich.” He’ll break you of misconceptions, such as the need to work 40+ hours per week to be successful, and instead advocates newfangled ideas such as a series of “mini retirements.” He’ll show you everything you need to establish a business that runs without you, and get you focused on how to streamline, eliminate distractions, and automate.

2. Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill

One of the best-selling books of all-time and an acknowledged wealth-creating tool, Think and Grow Rich has sold over 70 million copies-and for good reason. Napoleon Hill, a former advisor to President Roosevelt, spent 20 years interviewing …


Personal Development – How to Feel Good About Yourself

We all have the experience at times of meeting a person and knowing straight away that we will not get along with them. Ancient beliefs suggest that this is because there is some aspect of our own personality which we do not like, and which we can see reflected in that other person. It makes sense that if you dislike something in yourself then you will feel the same about that characteristic in someone else, particularly if you are trying to change that aspect of yourself which you do not like.

If you succeed in changing the aspect about yourself which you do not like, then you might find that those feelings which you have towards that other person also change. If you are to feel good about yourself then you need to have achieved a harmony between your inner and outer self, a balance between your thoughts and actions, or between your private and public personas. Our inner self, the person we are when there is no one else around, has an awful effect on the way we have. Many professionals advise meditation, because it is a way to achieve harmony, both within yourself, and between your inner and outer self.

Below you will find some useful personal development tips in which you can attain harmony, both inner and outer.

We all make mistakes, so you need to be forgiving, both of yourself and others

If you accept other people's mistakes and at the same time be prepared to admit your own, you will in the end feel better, even though there may be unsuccessful consequences as a result of your admission. You will find that this makes you feel more a part of society and inevitably you will feel happier.

You also will feel better if you feel connected to the people around you, so make more friends. As a way to begin this process, listen more to other people, and offer to help them whenever this is at all possible. If you feel useful, you will achieve a greater feeling of harmony.

Whatever we do, some things will annoy or upset us, or cause us stress.

The key is not to let these negative feelings spoil your day, but instead to think positively. You need to be able to see beyond these feelings, and try to find all the positives in them. A positive state of mind is a basic element in achieving a state of peace.

It is not all about what goes on inside your head; if you are not happy with your appearance, then go ahead and change it, because this will help you feel good about yourself, and therefore to achieve harmony between your inner and outer self. …


How Personal Branding Will Make You Happier – Crazy, Right? Wrong

What do you value most in life? For some people, it's money. Others prefer respect or a job title that makes them feel as if they've arrived. If you have health issues, you may rank a pain-free day as a number one priority.

Not me.

I want to be happy. I'm an entrepreneur, so every day the decisions that I make in my business are centered around one simple goal: how I will attract the clients I want into my life.

My Personal Branding Story

OK, so maybe you're going to tell me that it's easy to say you want to be happy once you've already achieved success, built a six-figure business, held the corner office job, or been heavily awarded for your work in fine arts.

But those are just paths in my life that helped make me an expert at what I do. They do not define who I am or represent my core creative values ​​- that's what my personal branding does.

Think about it for a minute. Of all your close friends, how many of them are just like you? Do they share your political views? like the same activities you do?

Maybe all of you even take similar vacations or have similar ethics related to your family. In fact, it's no big secret that research has proven time and time again that we tend to attract people who are most like us into our inner lives.

How to Apply Personal Branding to Your Business

When we talk about personal branding, what we really mean are the things you can do to tighten up the way you're perceived by the world. And I've worked with an incredible number of business professionals, including:

  • Health & wellness professionals
  • Lawyers / accountants
  • Real estate agents
  • Authors / publishers
  • Personal stylists
  • Coaching professionals

The professionals who are the most successful understand that establishing a consistent look across their website, business cards and marketing collateral can enable them to attract the clients they want into their business.

Even the pictures of themselves they use on their website have the ability to help their clients connect with them before they even walk in the door. It might seem simple, but when you start to look like a unified front, big changes automatically happens.

You Attract What Your Personal Brand Dictates

Why does it work? Putting out a specific brand message lets everyone know who you are, what you do, and who you want to work with. It's the perfect way to navigate your ship in the direction you want to go.

It's not just about finding a niche to zone in on, but also highly relevant to:

  • Presenting yourself as an expert
  • Being able to charge what you're worth
  • Offering the right services to the right people
  • Getting recognition and appreciation

I'm not going to preach to the choir here, but you're always going to get greater results when you focus on "the whole package." In fact, I saw it time and …


Buying Insurance for Your House

One of the most important things any homeowner needs to do is purchase insurance for their house. House insurance is also mandated with almost all mortgage lenders if you are financing your home through their services. House insurance is sometimes referred to as home insurance, and generally reiterates to any type of insurance that is used to protect your house in the event that it is damaged or has any of its contents stolen. It is cruel for everyone, whether you own your home or you're just renting.

Insurance policies and costs will vary between the different insurance providers and are dependent on the contents of the house and the total value of the house with its contents. The premium to be charged on house insurance is also usually determined depending upon the risk that is involved in insuring the property and the likely hood of an event actually occurring. In states like Florida where floods and hurricane occurs often the property owners have to pay large sums of money as premium to the insurance companies to cover their property.

A home insurance policy gives coverage to all the belongings of the house, that include the house, the various contents of the house, loss of goods in the house, any form of damages that may occur to the house, damages that may occur due to the regular use of the house etc. This is spelled out in the home insurance policy, which can be a very long document and lists all the contents of the house and the all things that the person wants to insure as part of the insurance for their house. Most homeowners choose to buy a house insurance policy to cover the cost of rebuilding their home should disaster strike. A good homeowner's insurance policy will also cover the possessions in the home against theft and damage.

You can use the power of the internet to research a variety of house insurance policy companies and obtain free quotes. Get at least 4 free quotes to compare and be sure to compare pricing and coverage with your current homeowner's policy to see if you can save some money for the same amount of coverage.

Matching your home insurance coverage with your personal needs is also important. Since the largest part of homeowners insurance is coverage for the house itself, many people refer to homeowners insurance as house insurance. But whether you call it house insurance or homeowners insurance, its valuable protection and you should check your coverage at least once a year or more often if you make changes to your home such as remodeling or putting on a new roof. And you should always shop and compare for the best value for your homeowners insurance needs since rates can vary by hundreds of dollars from company to company for the same coverage. …


Making Extra Money Online – Make Your Money Without Hype

In the recent years, we realize that the average statistics of the population would encompass the fact that 1 out of every 3 middle class families own a personal computer. You'd think that making extra money online would be great because of the opportunities out there.

Yes, you certainly can be making extra money online easily but the one thing that will get in your way is hype. Since you know that there's so much people already on the Internet there is also what we call a lack of trust spreading amongst users online. Go ahead and click on any website you will find 80% of them using slick sales letter that just screams out ridiculously outrageous claims.

The Sad Fact

The sad fact is these are your competitors in making extra money online. They have the same goals as you. Look at the nice yacht, car, luxury home and pictures of diamonds pastered all over their websites. Let me tell you that those 'pictures' are their marketing strategy.

Amazingly, those same strategies sell! You might think that, "wow, this is bad .. how am I ever going to …". How are you going to what? succeeded in making extra money online? Follow along with me so I can tell you a strategy 10 times more powerful than this.

The Happy Hour

Whatever time zone you're in now, this is your happy hour. Its your happy hour because you will discover how to beat these hype marketers flat on their face and still enjoy making extra money online. Your key is to build trust.

You see, your website is like a place of presence online. When a regular person comes to visit your site they are only interested in two things: what will benefit them and what is your personal story. You can start making extra money online by being honest about who you are and what you have to offer.

Have you heard of the phrase, "find a need and meet it" ? Well, making extra money online can be reliably easy if you have something of value to offer to people. Remember that being honest all the time with your own story always sells. Pretty soon you will be well respected for your integrity online. …


How To Earn Money Fast – 2 Easy Ways To Make Money Online Revealed

If you are searching on the Internet how to earn money fast, highly probably is because you want to have more time, more freedom and more surety to live your ideal lifestyle, is not it?

Let me reveal my personal story as Internet Marketer. When I made the decision to earn money by Internet it was several years ago. At that time I could not certainly imagine how difficult and painful might have been to discover a real formula that will have guaranteed me a sustainable stream of income for the rest of my life. I have struggled for several years to find out this real formula by myself – reading this, listening that etc – until one beautiful day I made the decision to play really big in my online business. So I decided to invest a lot of money into the best coaching programs and mentors, in order to find really easy ways to make money online.

And so, my incredible journey has started with immediate results. Do you want to find out which astonishingly they were? Well, firstly I was able to generate a targeted traffic straight to my personal make money system, finally perfectly in place. Secondly, I was able to create magnetic and high catchy squeeze pages that have generated me hordes of qualified leads, willing to follow me and my advices and ready to buy my products and services. Sounds good? Thirdly I was able to grow my online business in the smartest and fastest way, and at the same time see a lot of money dropping directly into my bank account. Sounds really good, is not true?

Do you want to know how I did all this? Well, thanks to these two following phenomenal strategies. In fact, these only two priceless strategies could have brought me exactly these three things, the same things I'm sure you want, right?

1 – High Targeted Traffic;
2 – High Qualified And Warmed Leads;
3 – A Large Amount Of Money Directly In My Bank Account;

These only two strategies address you to really earn money fast. They are something that you will not find out by yourself. What I'm giving to you is priceless knowledge. Knowledge that many mentors and gurus have transmitted to me and that I have paid a large amount of money. You can have these successful strategies only if you pay big checks for their support and personal coaching. Now my friend, I want to give you both them completely for free.

The first one of the two easy ways to make money is called Solo Add. It will cost you some money but trust me, it is money really well invested. You get back a very high ROI (Return On Investment).

The second way is called Adswap. It's totally free and it's really powerful, because not only you will earn money by internet, but you will create infinite valuable partnership and infinite multiple streams of income from every single joint venture …


When You Are Striving For Personal Transformation And Living An Inspired Life

When out to begin living an inspired life, never overlook the personal transformation advantages of a new hairstyle and perhaps some newer clothing.

This certainly will help end the war against yourself over inner confidence living your true free will.

To begin living an inspired life, there are ways to take control of your personal development that will transform your every single day life.

Living an inspired life and be happy within yourself, by following some of these, how to change my life now, suggestions in this article.

You can start today!

Personal transformation is never on the outside, but is the kind of lasting change that transforms your life.

Take a look at some of the self-development tips below if you are ready to explore the ways that you can develop into a happier and more inspired person.

Take baby steps along the road to living an inspired life.

Set small goals rather than lofty goals in order to reach them and feel proud of it.

Working on ways to change your life does not mean that you need to better yourself constantly, but that you are always working on some aspect of yourself and not putting it off.

You can try to fit this into your free time by using your time efficiently, such as practicing affirmations while stuck in traffic with a CD or tape.

Keep in mind that the Course in Miracles states, “Miracles are merely the translation of denial into truth.”

Time to yourself

When you really need it will enable you to turn your life around with ease, taking time for yourself.

When crucial decisions need to be made which will leave you better prepared for tomorrow, having control over situations helps you to exercise the power of choice.

If you are up against anxiety and depression, get on a diet that includes many types of raw fruits and vegetables, soy beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, brown rice and legumes.

This could help increase the level of serotonin in your body and relieve some of the symptoms that accompany depression in a natural way.

Do what you love!

Take time out of your day to do the things that you actually enjoy doing.

Whether it is playing tennis, golf, or hanging out with the kids, going out to eat with your significant other, will help set your mind free.

The Course in Miracles gives us this affirmation, “Today I seek and find all that I want.”

Taking a stroll through the park or reading a good book, and taking the time to do these things will make a positive difference in you outlook on life.

If you want to be a better you, to always be living an inspired life it is so important that you help others.

Whether you are involved in your community or simply help someone you see with directions on the street, your giving will never go unnoticed to others or even to yourself.

I often insist …