One thing about event insurance is that it gives you peace of mind at a time when such peace is particularly valuable. It goes without saying that what with the tension and stress of managing a trade show or exhibition, you really do not want to think about everything that could or might go wrong. You want to concentrate on making those critical strategic decisions that can spell the difference between success and failure at such an event. But you do not have to spend sleepless nights worrying about a potential disaster, or the losses it might mean for your company.

Is anything really likely to happen, though, and is any event insurance really necessary? To answer that you have only to consider the investment that went into developing your modular or custom exhibition stand. Remember that the cost of that stand must be measured not only in the cost of the actual materials, but also in terms of the research and development that went into perfecting it, and the prices paid to various design companies to develop the external shape of the stand, the modular capability, the graphics panels, and the in built equipment.

And speaking of in built equipment, just consider the cost of that high fidelity sound system you had incorporated into the stand. Without event insurance you stand to lose it – a fire or high power spike could damage or gut it completely. What about the powerful spotlights that you train on your overhead banner – could you actually afford to lose them to theft, for example. Yes, theft at an exhibition may seem unintentionally, but anyone would agree that the illegally does tend to happen when you least expect it.

But you can not waste time worrying about things like this – your job is to plot strategy, not to worry about these details. So you need to bring in a reliable insurance company that will send an underwriter over to look at the details of your event insurance. This man or woman will examine your set up on site, and will then draw up a list of which your property and equipment his or her company is willing to cover. Yes, very few companies will offer you blanket coverage on an on event. They are more likely to give you a list of which items they are willing to cover, considering certain items high risk.

No matter how busy you are, you should take the time to carefully examine this list, preferably before you invest in the insurance. Better still, you should have a few insurance companies send their underwriters over, and examine all their lists to see who sees to be willing to offer you the most complete event insurance coverage. Do not set for half measures, ask the companies to offer a reference that can prove that they give sufficient and swift support in case of a real disaster or claim.

It all comes down to shopping around and finding the company that suits you best, and which will give you the best possible service at a reasonable price.