Small business owners need to keep a close eye on their costs at all times. Finding the right business mobiles can save you money each and every month. It is easy to be dazzled and seduced by the latest handsets but do you really need all of the features offered? If you are paying too much. Listed below are some of the features offered on modern mobile phone handsets. Be honest and think about how many of them your business really NEEDS.


Cameras on mobile phones have come a long way in a short space of time. Resolutions are now up to 8.0 megapixels. But is this necessary for your business?

Many small business users will not use the camera at all. Others, such as surveyors or estate agents may use a mobile phone camera for property pictures. Think about whether you NEED a camera for your business, and if you do it really need to be 5 mp plus?


Email has become a part of daily life and many small businesses rely on it in some form or another. However, do you need to access email on your mobile?

Many people will be able to do without email away from the office and use SMS instead. Any received emails will be waiting for you when you get back to the office.

If email is an absolute necessity you need to consider a few things.

  • Screen size – make sure you can read your emails without having to scroll in multiple directions.
  • Keyboard – do you need a full QWERTY keyboard, half-QWERTY or can you manage with a standard mobile phone entry system?
  • Document viewer – make sure you can view email attachments in .pdf, .ppt, word and other formats.
  • Cost of data – if you are going to be sending and receiving emails make sure that your contract is extended to include data usage otherwise you could be paying a reasonable amount for out-of-bundle data.


Many mobile manufacturers are now offering touchscreen phones. Is this necessary for your business?

Touchscreen phones are more expensive to manufacture and will likely offer little advantage to your business.


If your business is involved in a trade where mobile phones get broken regularly, for instance the building trade, cosmetic appearance needs to be shunned in favor of a hardwearing phone. Rubberised phones are available which are shockproof, dustproof and splashproof.

Music and Media

Does your business need MP3 and MP4 players on its mobile phones? It may be that the mobiles are also being used at home, in which case the extra media features may be required.


If you already have satnav in your vehicle / s do you also need it on your mobile phone?


Be realistic about how many minutes and texts your business is going to use each month.

Make a list of the features your business actually NEEDS in its phones and try to choose handsets that offer only the required elements. If you find that the monthly cost for your required features is, for instance, £ 30 per month and other phones in this price bracket offer enhanced features then you can take the better phone in the knowledge that these extras are effectively free of charge.