If ever there was a winter that you needed insulated blinds it was this winter. Temperatures dropped, the wind blew, snow drifts got taller and taller and all the while you sit there listening to the sound of the electric meter or the fuel gage running, wiping there was something you could do about the cost.

Winter are expensive to say the least. But there is one area where you can take control and do something about "old Man Winter". Here is a list of the benefits of insulated window blinds.

Keep your family cozy and warm

Your family will be able to use the whole house. They will not need to stay away from the outside wall and windows when the wind is blowing and the snow is drifting. Regular window allow the cold air in the house even double pain windows still allow the wind to sneak in.

With insulated blinds you gain back the outside walls and your family will be able to use the whole house again. With some of the new cell shades you gain not one but three dead air spaces which I'm sure you know is the best insulating factor you can have.

Those dead air spaces stop the cold period. With a r-factor somewhere around R-6 you'll smile every time walk by your cell shades, knowing your family is warm and cozy and you still have a jingle in your pocket.

Save You Money

Talk about a jingle in your pocket, smiles come when you see the fuel bill going down. You know from listening to the news that fuel costs are only going to get higher.

Especially with the situation in the middle east not getting any better and if any thing getting worse, fuel costs will only do one thing and that is to go higher.

The politicians will do all in their power to keep the price lower this year because it is an election year but watch out after the election, up-up-and away!

With quilted insulated blinds you can achieve an R-factor of R-7! That is nothing to sneeze at. The higher the R-factor, the more money you save. The more money you save the more you have for vacations and fun times with the family.
Save Energy

Now I know that when I say you will save energy, you are probably not going to do a dance and get too excited. Thats all right! But every drop of energy we save we give that energy as an inheritance to our children and our grandchildren.

The bible say's "that a good man leaves an inheritance to his children and grandchildren."

I would also like to see our country less dependent on foreign companies for our energy needs. Countries like Venezuela and the Persian Golf countries do not have our best interests at heart. As a matter of fact some of them would like nothing better than to see the United States fail.

I like the idea of ​​saving for my children and grandchildren. The great thing about saving with insulated blinds is that you get to enjoy the warmth and comfort of your house while saving. The opposite of that is to spend more money, and be uncomfortable in your house when "old Man Winter" comes blowing "

I can enjoy the awesome good looks of insulated blinds

Whether it's cell shades, quilted window covers or a natural insulator like wood blinds You get to enjoy their natural good looks all year round. Instead of being something you put up for a season like storm windows you get to gaze with rapture at your insulated blinds all year long.

You can sit in front of your insulated blinds with a hot chocolate in the winter time or with a iced tea in the summer and gently soak up the ambiance and cozy mood these blinds reward you with.