Before you even start getting quotes for house insurance, it is important that you know the basics, of the house insurance industry. Buying your house is likely to be one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life time, and it is important that your asset is protected, for years to come. In this article we will be going over the house insurance basics; what the insurance covers and how you can lower your premiums while securing your most valued possession. It is time to get some house insurance savvy.

Divisions within house insurance policy:

House structure: This is the insurance against damages done to the actual structure of the house in the case of; fire, explosions, impact, power surges, bursting and overflow of geysers, accidental damage to glass and sanitary ware and acts of nature. These are just some of the things covered and it is important to make sure exactly what you are covered for in this section.

Personal belongings: Your personal belongings are all the things within the home, things that are not attached to the home such as your; clothing, furniture, electrical equipment, jewellery and so forth. If you have personal possessions which are costly you will need more coverage or a special type of coverage.

Liability: If somebody hurts themselves on your property, it is important that you are covered if someone decides to sue you.

Check your home and lower your monthly premiums by getting your house in shape and by beefing up security. Your monthly premiums are determined by a number of factors; two of these factors are within your control.

A homes value as well as the cost of an insurance policy is greatly determined by the condition the house is in; if a house is maintained well, it will be of more value, and also it will lower your monthly premiums. Insurance companies when evaluating your home will look to see if the house needs any repairs, or electrical and plumbing work done, if you do have these problems then you can expect your insurance to be much higher. So before that happens, make the necessary repairs and replacements. Get your house into the best possible shape and lower your insurance.

Safety and security is another big factor which greatly determines your premiums. Even the area you live in has an impact on your insurance. Now of course it is not possible for everyone to live in a nice neighbourhood although we may all want to, be we can do things to make our house as secure as possible. Having high walls around your property, as well as security features such as security gates, sensor lights and barbed wire on the tops of the walls, can secure your outside property. A little tip- if you do not have high walls, then opt for gravel paths around your house as they make a noise when people walk over it, alerting you of any intruders. Alarm systems and burglar bars also make your house more secure.

Use these tips to lower your premiums and get house savvy so that you are in the know before you buy your house insurance policy.