Homeowners insurance for a mobile home in Massachusetts is slightly different than that for a traditional home. The main difference is that there are no attached structures to a mobile home and the insurance company recognizes this. In addition to having the standard protection from theft and damaged caused by fire or certain natural causes, a person who owns a mobile home in this eastern state can also purchase liability coverage.

Liability coverage on a mobile home offers the same type of protection as liability coverage on a traditional home. It pays for any damage or injuries that may result from a person being hurt while at your home. For someone who owns a dog, this type of coverage also protects them in the event the dog becomes aggressive and attacks someone who is visiting the promises.

Virtually all homeowner insurance policies for mobile homes offer some liability protection and in most cases it's more than adequate. For someone who is concerned that the standard level of coverage is not sufficient they can always purchase a higher level of liability coverage.

One way to determine whether you do have enough liability coverage is to consider what your position would be financially should someone bring a suit against you if they tripped and fell on your property or if they were indeed bitten by your family pet. Anything over and above the liability coverage offered by your mobile homeowner's insurance policy would become your personal responsibility. With many people bringing lawsuits against others in the hundreds of thousands of dollars this does cause concern. Remember that any legal fees you'd incur would also be paid for as part of the coverage the insurance company offers. If you do not want to find yourself facing bankruptcy over an incident like this it's a good idea to pay the extra for additional coverage.