For businesses, the problem in expanding their customer base is never that they have no more potential patrons. There are always potential customers to be reached. The problem lies in reaching them– reaching them in a unique way, and reaching them in an effective way. But how a business reaches out needs to be creative, or it will be lost in the sea of ​​advertising potential customers encounter every day, all day. Inflatable rentals are the perfect answer to this advertising problem.

Using a Giant Inflatable

Inflatable rentals are one of the best forms of advertising. Their unique balloon shapes do a wonderful job of attracting local, unreached customers. Inflatable rentals are a great option for seasonal sales or short-term promotions as they provide a large canvas with which to hang a banner or sign from. People are used to seeing flat billboards and signs hanging on storefronts, but a large, professional sign hanging from a large, movable structure that can be set up so close to the road is eye-catching and an unusual way of showcasing a message. A huge inflatable quickly spreads the word in your company about your business' expertise in a visual way. People talk about things that are big and unusual. Giant inflatables are just that. And because they are available for rent, it means little money needs to be invested before a return on that investment is seen in the form of new customers noticing a company's location and walking through its doors in search of their services and goods.

Why Balloon Shapes?

Choosing not to rent a giant inflatable and instead having a custom balloon shape made can be even more beneficial to business. While rentals may have quite a few options to choose from, unless a huge inflatable dinosaur, magician, or hotair balloon, the very best choice may be to have custom balloons shapes that made directly correspond with your business' product or service. A huge floating hotair balloon is head-turning, but a large coffee cup, house, animal, grocery bag, or whatever your business is in the business of doing, creates a greater impact on potential customers because it communicates more and communicates precisely. As previously mentioned, from these balloon shapes, businesses can hang a custom banner or sign. This means that the message of the giant inflatable can change without losing its effectiveness or uniqueness. As sales and seasons change, the word attached to custom balloon shapes can change as well, while the backdrop, the iconic giant inflatable remains the same, creating continuity in a business' advertising campaign.

End Goal: Promotion Marketing

A giant inflatable is a method of promotion marketing that is very cost-effective, practical, and complete with a lot of "bang for your buck". Good promotion marketing is about broadcasting a clear, helpful, concise message. It's about giving potential customers as much information through as many forms of visual communication (picture, text, color, font, etc) without them feeling overwhelmed. Giant inflatables are perfect towards this end because they are a visual message crammed with information.