What do you value most in life? For some people, it's money. Others prefer respect or a job title that makes them feel as if they've arrived. If you have health issues, you may rank a pain-free day as a number one priority.

Not me.

I want to be happy. I'm an entrepreneur, so every day the decisions that I make in my business are centered around one simple goal: how I will attract the clients I want into my life.

My Personal Branding Story

OK, so maybe you're going to tell me that it's easy to say you want to be happy once you've already achieved success, built a six-figure business, held the corner office job, or been heavily awarded for your work in fine arts.

But those are just paths in my life that helped make me an expert at what I do. They do not define who I am or represent my core creative values ​​- that's what my personal branding does.

Think about it for a minute. Of all your close friends, how many of them are just like you? Do they share your political views? like the same activities you do?

Maybe all of you even take similar vacations or have similar ethics related to your family. In fact, it's no big secret that research has proven time and time again that we tend to attract people who are most like us into our inner lives.

How to Apply Personal Branding to Your Business

When we talk about personal branding, what we really mean are the things you can do to tighten up the way you're perceived by the world. And I've worked with an incredible number of business professionals, including:

  • Health & wellness professionals
  • Lawyers / accountants
  • Real estate agents
  • Authors / publishers
  • Personal stylists
  • Coaching professionals

The professionals who are the most successful understand that establishing a consistent look across their website, business cards and marketing collateral can enable them to attract the clients they want into their business.

Even the pictures of themselves they use on their website have the ability to help their clients connect with them before they even walk in the door. It might seem simple, but when you start to look like a unified front, big changes automatically happens.

You Attract What Your Personal Brand Dictates

Why does it work? Putting out a specific brand message lets everyone know who you are, what you do, and who you want to work with. It's the perfect way to navigate your ship in the direction you want to go.

It's not just about finding a niche to zone in on, but also highly relevant to:

  • Presenting yourself as an expert
  • Being able to charge what you're worth
  • Offering the right services to the right people
  • Getting recognition and appreciation

I'm not going to preach to the choir here, but you're always going to get greater results when you focus on "the whole package." In fact, I saw it time and time again with the clients I worked with.

And I decided that the piecemeal way of doing things is not the way to go.

I want you to be as successful as you can be. And happy – because that's what is most important. It all starts with recognizing how personal branding works and what you need to do to get the results you want out of life, whether it's in your professional life or your personal relationships.