Trust plays an important role in auto insurance contract that you need to confide on your carrier to help you out in case you are involved in an accident unexpectedly. Here you need to rate the carriers before entrusting them for your safety. You need to look for the financial stability of the company initially, since the company will need to pay out for your claim at any economic condition. Companies which are top rated are generally more financially stable comparatively. Those unstable companies will eventually end up in bankruptcy or exit the industry. Customer of such companies since they become responsible for their accidents themselves and most can not afford to pay for the damages.

So you must be aware of how these companies are rated. There are independent rating agencies like AM Best that screens each company independently and rate various companies. Based on the financial stability of the auto insurance companies, AM Best grades them with a letter. This enables the customers to know if they are buying insurance from a well rated company. A summary of the letter grades are as follows

  • A ++, A + (Superior) – the company has superior ability such that they can meet the ongoing restrictions of their policyholders easily.
  • A, A (Excellent) – the company has excellent ability to meet the obligations of their customers.
  • B ++, B + (Good) – the company has good ability to meet the obligations of their policyholders.
  • B, B- (Fair) – the company has fair ability to meet the obligations of their customers.
  • C ++, C + (Marginal) – the company has a marginal ability only to meet the obligations of their policyholders.
  • C, C- (Weak) – the company has a weak ability to meet the obligations of their policyholders.
  • D (Poor) – the company has a poor ability only to meet the obligations of their customers.

Since buying auto insurance from a good company is very important, better knowledge of these grades is good. The ratings are available free from many online sources. The auto insurance companies themselves post their rating in their websites but some low rated companies do not. Here is the best option is to go to a comparison site to find stable companies. Many such sites only offer companies rated B + and above to attract customers to their sites. In addition to the companies, these sites also thrive for customer satisfaction. As a result, the customer can get a policy from a stable company without further doubts. Apart from the rating, other things to be noted in a company are

  • Pricing
  • Range of offers catering to different insurance requirements
  • Average customer's overall experience with the company
  • Billing costs
  • Payment options available
  • Ease of contact
  • Customer service

A complete analysis of all these factors will certainly help you to choose the best rated company. Many online auto insurance comparison sites will give you the best companies themselves. They enable you to search in a short time. Since you trust these sites, they repay by indicating you the best rated as well as best qualified companies for you. It is simply a win-win situation!