If you already have your own laminating machine or want to open the services of photocopy and laminating, there are some things you should pay attention to before. You should note the quality of the engine, such as the quality of this best laminator for office. And most importantly, you must also understand how to use the correct laminating ply.

For users who are still unfamiliar, will usually encounter some obstacles around the results, such as lips, bulging and can severely damage the document. His intention to guard, it turns out the damage we get.

Here’s how to use a laminating machine and some things you need to drill in first, what’s that?

1.     Note the Power Source and Capacity of the Laminating Machine

Before discussing how the steps how to use the laminating machine, make sure first the required power source can be met well. In addition, it is not recommended also to use an extension cord or cable roll together other electrical devices. For example, striking a radio switch, television or athlete HP. What you need to know when the initial power of the laminating machine is expected to require about 600 watts of power. After that, the power will decrease when the heating process has stabilized again.

2.     Make Sure You Have Understood Existing Panel Functions

Generally, Laminating Machine has ON / OFF button, Forward / Reverse, a button to set the function of hot or cold, temperature setting button usually comes with thermostat meter, but some are not. This, of course, depends on the specifications and future of your laminating machine.

3.     Ensure Laminating Hand and Equipment in Clean and Dry Condition

Keep it clean and make sure the machine is dry, why? Of course not to potentially short-circuit.

4.     Prepare Laminating Plastic

Prepare plastic laminating that has size according to document size. It is also not advisable to use leftover or cut-laminate plastic.

Currently, laminating plastic is not so hard to find and the price is quite cheap. Variasanyapun quite diverse, ranging in size A4, Folio, and A3.

Once the preparation is complete, it is the time we start to stage the process how to use the right laminating machine.

5.     Do the Heating Machine

Do Heating Machine, Heating machine laminating can take approximately 5 minutes. Set the temperature to a slightly higher temperature, about 160 degrees. Wait until the indicator is green.

When the indicator light is green, lower the temperature setting to 140 degrees. At this stage, the indicator light will automatically turn off. Since the engine temperature is still above 140 degrees, the machine will stop automatically or be in top condition. After that, the light will come back after the temperature fits 140 (this figure is only limited to the picture only).

6.     Test Roll with Empty Paper

After checking the hot temperature. The trick is to run a roll on a blank paper that is still in a condition straight. Make sure the paper works properly without any obstacles or jams.

7.     Document Laminating Process with Laminating Paper

Put the document in the center of the laminating plastic. Notice, the front is the closed side, while the back is the open part. After that, let the roller pull in accordance with the speed of its laminating machine. You don’t force it out or pull it intentionally.

If so, you can see the result. If the plastic looks clear evenly, it means the document and paper, but if there are still spots, the laminating paper, and the documents do not stick perfectly. Why did it happen? That means the engine is less hot. Conversely, if the plastic looks like expanding, it means the temperature is too hot. So, make sure the engine heat first accordingly.

8.     Turn Off If It Is Not Used Back

If you do not use it again, then turn off the laminating machine. Do this by turning the temperature to the lowest point first (0), then press the OFF key, leave it for a moment. After that, unplug the power source.

Such is the guide how to use a laminating machine, may be useful to run your business and also for those who have an office, this machine should be in need. For those of you who need consulting services, you can visit this site abeveda.com