You've probably heard that one of the better Internet money-making ideas was to sell other people's stuff. Well, it is. But why learn affiliate marketing, when you can fun doing it all wrong instead?

Here are some tips to really mess it all up:

1: Promote everything that can make you a lot of money.

Do not be critical. If it's an expensive product, and you have a chance of making a lot of money with it, promote it. Your list will buy it, and they will not read it anyway, so nobody will ever find out. And you'll get rich.

2: Never ever buy a product before you promote it.

Why waste your good money on purchasing a product, you know will make you a lot of money? As stated above: Your list members will not read it, so why should you? And if you do not as much as skim it, it would be like throwing money out of the windows of a running train, if you went ahead and bought it.

3: Make fake review sites and tell people only good things about the product.

Since you never bought the product, you're bound to make a fake review site. This is easy. You go to the product's sales page and copy all the bullet points from it. The more hype the better. If you find out that there's a problem with the product, do not let your readers know about it. After all, nobody says they are bound to find out.

4: Make up unbelievable results.

When a new product appears, and it claims that it can help people make $ 100 per week, you can make more sales, if you make outrageous assertions. Tell people, how you made $ 500 dollars within the first hour, after you bought [cough] almost bought the product. They'll believe you and purchase it, and you'll make money.

5: Copy and paste your way to your home page.

Do not sweat like a horse, creating the page that is meant to be sucking in customers, absorbing as a love affair. Making a landing page is as easy as shaving with an ax. You copy the text from the sales page, and paste it to your page in a different order. Nobody reads sales pages anyway, so why waste your time on a landing page?

Now, the above should get you started, at least. And of course, as with all Internet money-making ideas, there are wrong ways to do things, and there are right ways.