Looking to build an online business? I am sure some of you may have already heard of Maverick Money Makers. Is this is another money making scam or is it a real money making opportunity?

Maverick Money Makers is a monthly program that was invented by Mack Michaels in 1997. His aim is to teach you how to build a successful online business. When you go to his sales website you will see that he has a lot of videos which he wants to show you how easy it is that when you follow his teachings, you can have the similar success yourself. He even showed you some proof of what he has make on clickbank. The rest of his sales page are talking about how he did it, and why he wanted to teach you his method.

When you join his program, you are directed to another sales page that asks you whether you want to upgrade your membership to VIP status. As a VIP member, you can download all his training video into your PC, Laptop, handphone, ipod and any mobile equipment that supports video viewing. This actually saves you more time and effort having to connect online every time to learn his program. Normal membership can only access his training video online. As a VIP member, you also entitled to a free 30 minutes teleconference with one of Mack’s trainers.

Once you log in to the website using your member ID and Password, you will be greeted with a website that immediately shows you 3 training videos, each aiming to teach you different money making strategy online. You can access his core training video for more in depth training on how and what you need to do step by step.

If you are interested about making money quickly, he dedicated a section on “Quick Money Blueprint”, which shows you various method that you can make money fast from the internet. Although I didn’t try all his Quick Money Guide, I tested Yahoo! Answer Guide and Super Affiliate Guide. And true to his words, they do bring in money faster than building an online business.

Are you interested in the rest of the review? You can go to http://mindlesson.com/?p=7 to learn more about it.