You do not need any site building software to create your own collection of mini sites when using blogs as your preferred format.

You can build up a collection of these mini sites all targeting specific areas of the market and even if they are only making a few dollars each, on a daily basis, you will be growing your business as you can simply add more and more of these mini sites and increase that daily income.

The first step is to get that very first blog mini site under way and generating an income.

You need to focus absolutely on getting that first blog mini site making money so that will include creating the content and then promoting that blog by getting back links and getting the posts indexed in the search engines.

Unless you have messed up on your market research and your keyword research you should be able to start generating an income reliably fast.

You should not proceed with other blogs until you have done all that is necessary to create that consistent income, unless of course you realize that the blog is never going to generate money.

Once you know how to quickly create one and get it earning, then you can duplicate the process and build up your business to the stage where you have enough money to invest in getting other people to do the work for you while you concentrate more on finding the market opportunities that are out there.

It is once you get to that stage that you will see your business really start to take off and also give you the opportunity to invest in paid advertising if you want to go down that route.