We now live in an age where almost every American is obsessed with the idea of ​​how to make more money. Everyone sees to think that money will solve their problems.

This has also trickled down to the rap production world. Every producer wants to know how they can get rich quick. Everyone wants to be paid. Everyone wants to be rich like Kanye or swizz.

You got guys that have been producing all of six months and all ready they are trying to submit their tracks to major artists. Already they are trying to get their "beat cd" heard by the masses.

Me being the person that I am I do not have anything against making money. In fact I'm all for it. But these days the internet is flooded with these guys. They are spamming every page they can trying to get you to hear their beats. Any chance they get they are throwing their beats in your face. Once again I understand wanting to make money but like anything else these things take time. All of these guys you see on MTV or bet or on your favorite rappers cd put in work to get where they are at.

Just because it looks like they just popped up out of here many of these guys struggled for years just top get their shot. Many of them have gotten screwed by labels and have had bad deals and all type of misfortune before finally getting on.

The other issue is quality. I think its really important to perfect your craft before you go throwing your work in everyone's face. Take the time out to hone your skills. It will pay off in the long run.

Another thing is it looks everyone is chasing a major artist placement. I guess these guys think once they get one of their beats on a snoop cd they gonna blow up. The reality is that a new producer only gets like 5, 000 bucks for a beat on a major project. Probably more for a single. Plus with the state of the music industry its probably gonna be a lot less in the future. Even though 5, 000 is nice money for a beat you made in your bedroom. It probably wont change life. Also one placement does not guarantee more work. You could make an album once and never be heard from again.

In my opinion the most effective way for a producer to get to super producer status is to find a rapper or rappers that's on the come up just like you are and team up. Grind it out together. Forget about selling beats for the moment without an offer coming up and you and your rapper take on the industry. This method may take longer and might not get you fast results but if you look at most of the major producers today that's how they got their start. Swizz started with ruff ryders, dr dre the world class wrecking crew followed by nwa, manny fresh with the hot boys and cash money, even newcomer lex luger started with wocka flocka and now wocka is blowing up and lex is branching out and working with kanye , fabulous, and other big name artists.

So basically all I'm trying to say is go after money the smart way but you gotta exercise a little patience if you want the big payoff.