Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey have put together a brand new program that expected to be able to take anyone from a beginner to an internet marketing superstar. In this review I will discuss whether it achieves this and who should not purchase this program.

I am the King of IM

Like most industries, the IM field is filled with snake oil salesmen and crooks, but there are a few honest marketers who are actually interested in seeing people succeed, Tim and Steve fall into this group. Do not get me wrong they're no saints, they want to make money too, but in making money I've found that they have a real interest in the people that buy their products.

I can honestly say that anyone who is willing to follow this program can have a thriving business and make tons of cash on the internet. It is a well laid out course with tons of content, diving deep into every area of ​​this business. You would notice I keep saying "business", that because it is a business. This is not a scheme, a system, a new trick, a loophole; This is about building a genuine online business with real customers and real business partners and all that comes along with it.

• Finding a niche and keywords
• Setting up your business
• Finding products and suppliers
• Building your site
• Getting free traffic
• Using paid traffic
• Daily store operation
• Sell your store
• and more …

You can see that every aspect of the business has been addressed and if you want to know something that's not in the program, I can tell you from experience that the support and the forums are top notch.

There are videos, manuals, software even DVD's that will be shipped to your house, and the only excuse for anyone not making it using this product is that they did not faithfully implement the teachings and lessons presented.

This Is Not For Me

Although this is a great program for building a real internet business, it may not be for everyone. This program is centered on drop shipping. The drop shipping model allows the marketer to have a website where it sells a physical product but has a supplier who produces and supplies the product to the customer. The product will have the markets name, but it does not have to actually touch the product, the drop shipper takes care of that. All of this is done for the marketer at prices that are close to wholesale so the marketer can make a profit.

This model requires work, no doubt about it, The Blueprint Project Black Edition makes it as easy as possible but there is no way to get around the fact that you will have to put in a lot of work to grow this business. So if you do not want to put in some hard work, then it's not for you.

This is also not for you if you are new to internet marketing and do not have some seed money to spend. The program costs almost $ 1,500.00 and although they have payment plans it might be out of the reach of some, no one can guarantee how soon you will make back your money as it may take a couple of months to get things going.

This is not for you if you like quick fixes, easy money or an automated solution. You will need to be a part of your business for it to become profitable.