A Personal Affirmation is a statement that you make to yourself and by using them can help you become a strong, healthier and happier person. The more they are used the better the person you become. Of course it depends on the specific affirmations you choose!

The Personal Affirmation should be said in the present tense like I have, I am etc. It should be spoken as if what you want is already achieved like, I no longer smoke and above all, it must be positive in its sayings. So, in order to change your beliefs and create your new reality, you have to bombard your subconscious mind with the thoughts of your desire.

When Should I say them

The general consensus is that they should be seen or said at least twice a day. Preferably, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, then keep on doing them until what you are looking to achieve becomes the reality. Of course, if you are in a position to look at them more than twice a day, then do so. It can only help. At the very least, 30 days is considered the minimum you should do this. The problem is we all, to a certain extent, want it to happen now, not later. Be patient and it will happen for you.

If you add visualization (seeing clearly in your mind the output) to what you are affirming then the more effective the end results will be. This will add great strength to what you are looking to change.

What should my affirmations be about?

Your affirmations can include how you would like to feel: "I am energetic; I feel wonderful; or I feel safe". Your affirmations can include how you would like your life to be: "I am a prosperous person; I lose weight easily or I solve problems easily. We use affirmations to help us lose weight and stop smoking, to build our self-confidence and self-esteem, to help us get out of depression or to relieve our anger, anxiety and for stress management.

Personal Affirmations Are constantly being used successfully by the young, the old, in fact anyone who have a desire to make a change in their life and they can certainly work for you too.

As the affirmations are personal, most if not all, will begin with "I", as you are the most important person to which they refer.

They are one-line "I" statements can be repeated as often as you like and they follow one of three areas only and they are:

I am ………….

I am a success

I am good with people

I am a confident person

I can …………

I can handle my children

I can be a winner

I can be strong

I will …………

I will challenge myself to change today.

I will manage my time better today.

I will take care of me today

The list that you can apply to just those three statements, I am, I can, I will are endless as I am sure you will discover.