We all have the experience at times of meeting a person and knowing straight away that we will not get along with them. Ancient beliefs suggest that this is because there is some aspect of our own personality which we do not like, and which we can see reflected in that other person. It makes sense that if you dislike something in yourself then you will feel the same about that characteristic in someone else, particularly if you are trying to change that aspect of yourself which you do not like.

If you succeed in changing the aspect about yourself which you do not like, then you might find that those feelings which you have towards that other person also change. If you are to feel good about yourself then you need to have achieved a harmony between your inner and outer self, a balance between your thoughts and actions, or between your private and public personas. Our inner self, the person we are when there is no one else around, has an awful effect on the way we have. Many professionals advise meditation, because it is a way to achieve harmony, both within yourself, and between your inner and outer self.

Below you will find some useful personal development tips in which you can attain harmony, both inner and outer.

We all make mistakes, so you need to be forgiving, both of yourself and others

If you accept other people's mistakes and at the same time be prepared to admit your own, you will in the end feel better, even though there may be unsuccessful consequences as a result of your admission. You will find that this makes you feel more a part of society and inevitably you will feel happier.

You also will feel better if you feel connected to the people around you, so make more friends. As a way to begin this process, listen more to other people, and offer to help them whenever this is at all possible. If you feel useful, you will achieve a greater feeling of harmony.

Whatever we do, some things will annoy or upset us, or cause us stress.

The key is not to let these negative feelings spoil your day, but instead to think positively. You need to be able to see beyond these feelings, and try to find all the positives in them. A positive state of mind is a basic element in achieving a state of peace.

It is not all about what goes on inside your head; if you are not happy with your appearance, then go ahead and change it, because this will help you feel good about yourself, and therefore to achieve harmony between your inner and outer self.