Do you want to pay less for private health insurance? Everyone in their right mind would be quite glad to discover a way to enjoy affordable rates as long as such a way will not put them at risk. Here are steps that will help you attract considerable discounts easily …

1. Some persons are not poor enough to qualify for plans for low-income earner and as well have financial constraints that make traditional health insurance hard to pay for. If you are one of such, then you can save on health care by going for a discount medical card. So what are they?

With these cards you are given medical attention from a network of doctors who have agreed to render services to card carriers at lower rates. Such cards are not connected to any health insurance company.

You can make use of this option if you have a medical history that has made health insurance carriers either reject you or give you a rate that is too high. No one is declined for any reason. Just pay your monthly fee and you will have access to a network of doctors who will bill you less for their services.

2. If you drive recklessly then expect to pay higher health insurance rates. Rough driving charges and other traffic violations can effectively increase your health insurance premium. Any person who drives recklessly will more likely make a claim soon as they are more likely to require medical attention.

Improving your driving records and developing a good driving habit will lower your premium. If you use a fast muscle car or super bike, you'll likely pay a huge sum in health insurance. The higher likelihood of an accident means someone could be wounded and need to make a claim.

3. Making use of free clinics will help you reduce your cost. You'll either bring down your premium directly or have fewer and cheaper co-payments to make this way. You can get professional medical advice, blood pressure checks and other medical service at such free clinics. Some communities provide such facilities and others may just be part of a group's social responsibility program.

4. A group health expense sharing plan is another way to bring down your cost. This reflects to a set of people who have chosen to team up and provide themselves with health insurance coverage. You can find such groups in large organizations. Terms and coverage types are different in most groups.

You can check out groups like this, know what they provide and see if they match your personal needs. Getting a group like this that meets your requirement could get you coverage at a reduced rate.

5. Settling for catastrophic health insurance coverage will help you save a lot in health insurance and is your best bet if you are the consistently healthy type. For folks who do not know what it is, it's a type of policy that caters for you if you fall ill suddenly or are involved in an accident.

You'll definitely love this policy if you ever are compelled to pay huge bills due to unforeseen health conditions or accidents. The name really does offer a clue of what it provides coverage against. They come at very cheap rates.

What are typically high are the deductibles which can be as much as $ 2,000. But if you take into consideration the fact that you are getting coverage from accidents or health conditions that could cost tens of thousands of dollars such deductibles are not really that much – Relatively.