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Make Time For Social and Personal Happiness

Everyone has a different definition of happiness. For some, their greatest moments of happiness are when they are sharing time with family. Others may be happiest when they are entertaining friends. For some, happiness occurs when they are able to enjoy tranquil moments of solitude. Perhaps the ideal form of happiness would be to enjoy all three situations in moderation.

If time with family brings you happiness, designing a place for everyone to gather could bring about many happy moments. Designing an outdoor space where you can spend quality time with family would be a positive step towards happiness. Buying a fire pit as your first item to put in your family space would open up several opportunities for ways to entice family members to join you outdoors. When contemplating the design of a space that multiple people will enjoy, it is a good idea to buy a reliably large pit so that everyone can see the fire and feel the warmth. Adding chairs to your outdoor space would make it an excellent place for you and your family members to gather for story telling or star gazing. A place such as this would also be ideal for a time of conversing with each other without the distractions that often exist inside your home. For a more creative way to enjoy your illuminated outdoor space, you could have a family picnic under the stars and around the fire.

When the time comes for you to transform your family space into a place for entertaining, just can simply add more chairs and an outdoor dining set and you will be ready for friends to arrive. Regardless of where you create seating arrangements, you will probably find that most of your guest will navigate toward the warm glow of the fire. People seem to enjoy standing or sitting around the fire and talking with others. You may Observe some guests enjoy quiet thoughts while staring into a fire. The beauty of the fire adds a tranquil atmosphere to the evening.

One of the best ways to enjoy time with family and friends is to be at peace with yourself. When you visit this special outdoor space alone and can enjoy the time you spend in solitude, you will become fully aware of the meaning of happiness. Not only can a fire pit enhance the appearance of your outdoor space it can increase your moments of happiness. …


How to Determine the Top Rated Auto Insurance Carriers

Trust plays an important role in auto insurance contract that you need to confide on your carrier to help you out in case you are involved in an accident unexpectedly. Here you need to rate the carriers before entrusting them for your safety. You need to look for the financial stability of the company initially, since the company will need to pay out for your claim at any economic condition. Companies which are top rated are generally more financially stable comparatively. Those unstable companies will eventually end up in bankruptcy or exit the industry. Customer of such companies since they become responsible for their accidents themselves and most can not afford to pay for the damages.

So you must be aware of how these companies are rated. There are independent rating agencies like AM Best that screens each company independently and rate various companies. Based on the financial stability of the auto insurance companies, AM Best grades them with a letter. This enables the customers to know if they are buying insurance from a well rated company. A summary of the letter grades are as follows

  • A ++, A + (Superior) – the company has superior ability such that they can meet the ongoing restrictions of their policyholders easily.
  • A, A (Excellent) – the company has excellent ability to meet the obligations of their customers.
  • B ++, B + (Good) – the company has good ability to meet the obligations of their policyholders.
  • B, B- (Fair) – the company has fair ability to meet the obligations of their customers.
  • C ++, C + (Marginal) – the company has a marginal ability only to meet the obligations of their policyholders.
  • C, C- (Weak) – the company has a weak ability to meet the obligations of their policyholders.
  • D (Poor) – the company has a poor ability only to meet the obligations of their customers.

Since buying auto insurance from a good company is very important, better knowledge of these grades is good. The ratings are available free from many online sources. The auto insurance companies themselves post their rating in their websites but some low rated companies do not. Here is the best option is to go to a comparison site to find stable companies. Many such sites only offer companies rated B + and above to attract customers to their sites. In addition to the companies, these sites also thrive for customer satisfaction. As a result, the customer can get a policy from a stable company without further doubts. Apart from the rating, other things to be noted in a company are

  • Pricing
  • Range of offers catering to different insurance requirements
  • Average customer's overall experience with the company
  • Billing costs
  • Payment options available
  • Ease of contact
  • Customer service

A complete analysis of all these factors will certainly help you to choose the best rated company. Many online auto insurance comparison sites will give you the best companies themselves. They enable you to search in a short time. Since you trust …


Riding With Green Car Insurance

With global warming becoming more of a threat than ever, the need for people to chose something a little more friendly to the environment when purchasing a new motor vehicle is more important than it has ever been.

Motoring around in an eco friendly automobile depends mostly on how much the driver wishes to do to what is best for the greater good. However, new studies indicate that there is a reason of even greater importance for motorists to purchase a green car. Green car insurance is tackling the feat of offsetting damage caused by vehicles that are not friendly to the environment by donating a portion of policy premiums to charities that are fighting the battle against global warming.

Green car insurance is a rapidly growing phenomenon, and it seems that green car insurance companies are steadily becoming more and more competitive. Drivers of automobiles that have high emissions should consider green car insurance providers in your search for insurance cover. It seems that the general consensus among motorists is to change the things the way things are some direction needs to come from the country’s government. For example, the government could cut the Insurance Premium Tax on green cars as incentive. Today, drivers generally pay about £50 extra for cover on a green car; it is as if drivers are being punished for purchasing green cars. This is not much of an incentive to go green.

Cheaper insurance cover quotes would definitely be a step in the right direction, but for drivers who are being put off by the present green car insurance quotes, the main attraction is the financial savings. By purchasing a vehicle with low emissions, which is more economical, emitting 17% less carbon dioxide, then the fuel-operated equivalents, drivers of green cars are reaping the benefits and cutting costs on fuel by as much as £165 each year and the road taxes are each being cut by £125.

The car insurance industry has planned in advance and is already making way for a more cost friendly green solution and offering the best cover quotes. For instance, when they offer new products, the insurance providers now offer to donate to green charities and invest in green technology as a way of offsetting the damage caused from car emissions.

With this new way of thinking that has been adopted by insurance providers and commercial realities, there is no better time than the present to purchase a green car. With the cost of petrol rising to new heights almost daily, drivers are finding themselves more and more interested in a fuel-efficient green car with lower tax. Customers are finding out first hand that not only are these new green cars better for their wallet but they are also better for the environment as well. Everyone in the UK should be thinking about what they can do to improve the environment and a great place to start is with the purchase of a new green car and green car …


You Can Make Money Just Do not Give Up!

Making money on the internet is easy once you get the knowledge to do so. Getting the knowledge however takes Research and study to figure out what the methods of making money are and what method suits you best.

But know going in that it is a Skill that must be learned, you must study, you must apply what you have learned, and most of all you must realize that anything worth having is worth working hard for!

When I first started out I did not know anything about Internet Marketing so I spent countless hours studying different ways to make money and there are A lot of ways. I tried several different ways and things did not look good. It took almost 6 months after I decided to Make Money Online before I made my first sale. With all the research and figuring out where to start 6 Months of Not Making Money passed. But I Did Not Give Up! I make anywhere between $ 8,000 & $ 10,000 Every Month!

Now I am going to Save You 6 Months –

To Make Money Online You Need:

Desire For Financial Freedom

Belief in Yourself

Commitment to Learning

And a Schedule to make it Happen!

The Other Secret to Save You 6 Months:

Pick Your Method!

There are 3 Surefire ways to make money online:

Affiliate Marketing


Owning your own product.

My mistake was trying to learn all these methods at once instead of focusing on what was right for me at the time. Save Yourself 6 Months and Pick what method is right for you and learn as much as you can!

You Can Do It! Get that Financial Freedom you have been longing for!

It's Time to Take Control!

You should Read an Overview of Each Method & Choose the Method that's Right For You! …


Risk Taking Is a Perception

Some people think I’m a wild girl and a major risk taker. I always giggle when I hear that because I don’t feel like I’m a risk taker. I only take action if I feel comfortable with it. Other people may perceive that what I’m doing is a risk, but I’ve spent time preparing myself for many of the actions. Some actions I leap into because they’re compelling and sound fun.

Let’s take skydiving as an example. Eva Gregory, my BFF, had done a tandem skydive (you’re strapped to an instructor, who does all the flying, and a large parachute) and showed me her video of the event. It looked fun, but I was so scared. I told her I’d never do it. I said if I ever did, I’d have to watch her video a hundred times in a row to get me pumped up and boost my courage.

Skydiving wasn’t compelling to me. Flying like a bird was compelling. I talked a lot about flying. I had always wanted an airplane, but I wanted to float through clouds like I’d always imagined angels did.

Very soon after the skydiving conversation with Eva, my former mate surprised me with a tandem skydive reservation. I literally cried with fear and said I wasn’t going. He said he couldn’t get a refund. (He lied.)

I wound up going but changed my perspective from fear of breaking all my limbs upon hitting the ground at high speeds, to one of floating like an angel.

I ended up loving the experience and did about 300 solo skydives after that. Is it a risk? Sure, I could sustain injuries, hurt someone else, or die. But I do not feel I’m taking an extreme risk or I wouldn’t do it!

I will not jump unless I know my parachute and reserve (backup parachute) are both packed safely. I know the direction and speed of the wind to assist me in choosing my landing pattern. I also make myself familiar with the plane I’m jumping out of and the landing zone. Most importantly, I only jump when I’m inspired and have a clear mind.

I think riding on the back of a motorcycle, as a passenger, is a big risk. Every bone in my body tenses up when I do it. I feel vulnerable on the back. Let me ride my own dirt bike or quad and I’ll go at full speed. It’s all about how I perceive the activity.

I’ve always been fascinated by people who climb mountains. My friend Rich Fettke, author of Extreme Success, is a climber and fellow skydiver. He has climbed El Capitan at Yosemite National Park twice. He’s slept on the side of a mountain hanging from ropes.

I see this as absolutely terrifying! Does Rich get a rush out of climbing? Yes! But he has done his homework and loves the sport. He has two children and a wife that he adores, so he is very conscious of …


Health Insurance Is a Very Important Investment

Health insurance continues to be a subject that sends shivers down the spine of many individuals. The main reason for this is that insurance by itself is already a daunting subject, and specific insurance categories such as health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and critical illness insurance (only to mention a few) can be quite confusing and the associated costs thereof may appear to be quite astronomical.

Fortunately, the insurance industry is a very competitive industry and provides specialized packages (such as health insurance) for people with different needs and requirements. By making an effort to understand the different types of insurance a bit better, you will soon realize that obtaining insurance is to your benefit, it is not at all a matter of throwing your hard earned money in the water.

When obtaining a health insurance policy, you need to familiarize yourself with the terms and phrases that are most often used. This will help you to not only choose the best policy for your needs and requirements, but also to be fully equipped for having to claim from your insurance, as you will then know exactly what to expect.

Your insurance policy may expect you to make use of an accredited provider. This simply means that the service provider has received a stamp of approval and that this specific supplier is meeting very specific quality standards. This is very important, as a health insurance policy provider needs to ensure that you only make use of skilled professionals.

It is a good idea to also inquire about the aftercare stipulations of your insurance policy. In some instances you will require care or follow-up treatment after an operation or a long stay in hospital. Some health insurance policies will cover the aftercare treatments and follow ups, while others might not, so make sure to know what your policy includes and excludes.

When your insurance broker or insurance agent returns to the annual maximum benefit amount, they are referring to the maximum amount that your policy will pay out per year. It is understandable that insurance providers have to set such a limit to protect themselves. Do not forget to find out what your annual maximum benefit amount is.

Once you have chosen a insurance policy and have completed all the necessary forms and documentation, you will receive a certificate of coverage. This certificate is proof that you have obtained a policy, and it furthermore describes the limitations, exclusions, benefits, maximum benefit amount and all factors already mentioned in this article. Make sure that you read through the entire certificate and familiarize yourself with the policy's terms and conditions.

A health insurance policy can generally be obtained as a standardone policy, or as an add-on to an existing policy. Spend some time on the internet to explore possible available packages, and discuss any questions with your insurance agent or insurance broker. Obtaining a insurance policy is the responsible thing to do – you never know when you might need the cover! …


Do You Have What It Takes to Earn Or Make Money Online?

If you want to earn or make online money, bank 10X more that your 9 to 5 job and get more accomplished in your life, these three basic concepts are all you need to get started. They are interest and skill requirements, initialization investment and money making schemes. I will explain all three of these concepts in this article and show you how to leverage your time and efforts to earn or make money online quickly and easily.

Whatever you do in your life depends on your interest and skills. If you do not have the interest in your work field, why put in the effort? Technical skills have become irrelevant these days due to the hundreds of web-designing and marketing software's available. So if you are not into web-designing, you can simply neglect it for the time being. To make online money, the only requirement you need to fulfill is commitment. Commitment is the key to success to any and everything you do in your life. Commitment is a direction towards focus which lets you achieve your goal easily. If you can commit yourself to achieving a goal, you can make money online.

There is a misconception that one needs to invest to make a profit online. I and many other Internet Marketers strongly condemn this belief, although Investment in the form of initialization is required. You will require a web domain and hosting to setup your website and blogs. Moreover, if you have trouble researching the correct method to get started, you can hire someone to coach you or buy e-book's on the relevant topics. The complete initialization investment is never more than a $ 100. Buying web domains and hosting from some of the well know companies will easily get you rebates using their e-coupons available for free on the World Wide Web. In a nutshell, you can get started to earn or make online money for less than $ 100 of initialization investment.

There are many ways to earn or make online money and some times it could get a bit difficult to make a choice from such a vast verity of money making schemes. Some of the most popular monetization variations are CPA (Cost Per Action), PPC (Pay Per Click), PPV (Pay Per View / Impression) and Affiliate Marketing. The quickest and the easiest of them is CPA. CPA or Cost per action advertising is a mixture of pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, sales / leads and other variables. They can easily blend to any traffic / visitor type in online promotion and payout is always good. If you need quick money and want it easily online, CPA is the way to go.

To earn or make online money is not a big deal in any way. A wise choice of money making schemes such as CPA, a small initialization investment of not more than $ 100 and a commitment to owe yourself to work; is all you need to have in order to get started online. It …


Insurance Agents Are Like Toasters

We work in a unique industry – one in which insurance agents are like toasters. Let me explain …

Everyone owns and uses at least one small appliance at home. It may be a toaster, a garage door opener or a microwave oven. No doubt it's something we use every day. And yet, we can not recall the brand name of the appliance. We all know what it looks like and how it works, but generally can not remember who the manufacturer is … until it breaks. When it breaks, we check to see what brand of "widget" it is and whether repair or replacement is covered. We decide whether we want to purchase the same brand or try a different brand altogether. It takes a problem to draw our attention to the brand – and until that time, since we are not really aware of the brand we're using, one brand is as good as another ! Insurance agents are essentially like toasters. We're generally not thought of by policyholders until something breaks – that is, until there's a claim.

Once there's a claim, we have the ability to really shine. We're responsive and concerned. We work to expedite things and look out for our policyholder's interests. We end up creating more of a relationship with our clients. When there's a claim, we get the opportunity to really shine in the eyes of the policyholder. The problem arises when everything is going well!

When all is well and there are not any claims (which is most of the time), we are not thought of. And when we are not thought of, our clients are easily persuaded to consider using another agent or finding a better rate. The real challenge with keeping clients is not mishandling a claim. It's being faceless. The danger lies in being a nameless toaster.

How do you avoid the misfortune of being forgotten? Let me share a lesson I learned many years ago when I was working to succeed as a small business consultant. I have a pretty strong business background and I knew I could help most any small business in any area they needed help with – finance, marketing, systems, personnel, etc. I marketed to businesses far and wide – businesses in various industries and of various sizes. I was open to any assignment I could attract. After all, I could not afford to turn any opportunity away. I worked hard at developing my consulting practice, but never achieved more than mediocre results. After a few years of struggling, I ended up moving on to other things (read that as, "I had to get a job."). Just after accepting an executive position with a company, I gained an important marketing insight. Here is the insight I got:

If you're not known for something, you're not known for anything.

I had been a toaster. People hard thought of me. They rarely referred others to me. Only a small number of them chose to give …


Make Cash From Your Cash With Money Markets!

The current economic state of our country is leading more and more people to try and save money by cutting corners when they can. Sometimes, however, people are not aware of how to just make their money work for them. This seems obvious, but a lot of people just simply forget to read into it. This is a little way to help save a few extra bucks this year; maybe it can help pay off the gas you had to chard on the credit card to make it to work the past couple weeks …

Highly unspoken of, money market accounts are an easy way to make a few extra dollars without tying up your money too much. Currently, many banks are offering no-fee money market accounts for anyone who opens an account up with $ 5k or more; This means that you are able to withdraw and deposit money into these accounts, which have an interest rate around 2.2% (as opposed to a typical savings account of 3.% percent) and an apy of 2.3-2.4% without getting slammed with fees . Of course, if access to the money is not necessary, I would recommend CD accounts (if you're not interested in stocks, cause that's a whole other can of worms) which give you higher interest and apy rates that do not change . The rates right at this moment seem to be looming around 2.7%, which is not a huge difference, but it does help if you can do it. Only a few years ago I was able to lock in at a 5.6% CD rate and made over $ 600 doing absolutely nothing. If you are more interested in the CD account; first try to get one the month of your birthday (they're often times offer a 'birthday' rate which is 5% higher higher than the time) and check into your local credit unions, they tend to have slightly higher rates.

I know, I know, you say "what's the point of making an extra 1.9% when I need to make serious money". It does not really seem like it would make a huge dent. Well, let's do the math. If you already have exactly $ 5,000 to put in the bank; let's say you put it into a regular savings account. In two years (.3%) makes $ 1.50 in interest a month; $ 36.00 in two years (depending on compounding interest). Does not seem too bad. Now let's do it with a 2.3% Money Market account from Bank of America. That $ 5,000 is now working harder for you, supplying you with about $ 11.50 a month; $ 276.00 in two years (and that's without compounding your interest)! That's an extra $ 10 a month for doing absolutely nothing. And of course, with more money the amount adds up quicker.

Okay, so you've got some savings that you want to keep your hands out of (another great thing about CD's), and you want to get a 12-month CD at …


Recognizing Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is one of the most costly and fastest growing white-collar crimes in America today. In fact, it is the second most common white-collar crime, behind tax evasion. The effect of this crime should not be underestimated, and is reported to cost Americans over $ 86 billion per year. That means that each household incurs losses of around $ 1,000 per year due to policy increases caused by fraudulent coverage claims.

Insurance fraud is described as any deceptive means used in order to gain from an insurance policy. Fraud may be committed at any time during a transaction by applicants for coverage, policyholders, third-party claimants or professionals who provide services to claimants.

Insurance fraud is commonly described as being 'hard' or 'soft'. A hard form of this crime is one in which an accident, etc. is certainly caused, or a claim is completely fabricated in order to receive financial gain from a policy. These types of scams can range through many insurance fields including auto, home, life, medical, fire, etc.

Soft fraud describes a case where claims are falsely exaggerated, often to cover a policy's deductible. This is far more common than more elaborate hard frauds, and are sometimes referred to as 'opportunistic frauds'. Falsely exaggerating automobile damage in an accident and embellishing the value or amount of items lost in a fire or robbery are both common forms that are included in the soft category. Similarly, soft fraud also encompasses withholding of information when applying for insurance. Commonly, people will neglect to report aspects of their medical history when applying for medical insurance, or will falsify information about their vehicle when applying for auto coverage, such as mileage, location, etc. This is most commonly done in an attempt to receive lower premiums, or to ensure coverage in the first place. This is illegal and considered deception.

Types of fraud can be found throughout all fields, from health and life, to travelers insurance. For each industry, different methods are used in an attempt to profit from bogus claims. According to the industry's statistics, up to 10% of all claims, averaged throughout all fields, are fraudulent.

While most people committing this crime may feel they are only taking money from the insurance company, they are actually stealing from each policy holder's pocket. Every fraudulent claim is reflected back to the consumers through increased policies and higher deductibles. …