Opening a new restaurant is a very exciting thing. It is also fraught with challenges and questions. One of the big questions that restaurant owners ask is whether or not their facility will sell alcohol. Choosing the sell alcohol or choosing not to sell alcoholic beverages brings with it its own series of pros and cons.

One of the advantages of serving alcohol at a restaurant is the amount of profit it can bring in. Depending on the types of drinks a restaurant offers, a large portion of its profits may be derived simply from the sale of alcohol. For many restaurant owners, this is a good enough incentive to decide to get alcohol. Some restaurants that do not serve alcohol and that have been struggling to get profits opt to start selling alcohol at competitive prices. Some restaurants are able to make so much money from selling alcohol during their regular hours that they are able to offer happy hour specials or other drink specials during their non-peak hours.

An additional benefit that comes from selling alcohol is the ability to attract customers who might have opted to go somewhere else. There are a lot of people who go to have a good meal because they want to have a relaxing drink. If alcohol is not on the menu, some people are going to simply pass over the restaurant and go somewhere else.

There are some challenges that can come with selling alcohol as well. While it’s not so much a negative, the simple fact is that a TABC license is required to sell alcohol. Additional licensing may be required, depending on what the municipality where the business is located requires. There are some very strict regulations that come with getting a liquor license, and a business must be vigilant about adhering to the requirements.

Selling alcohol requires more than just buying the alcohol to sell. You need to have the right equipment, and this is an investment. You will also need to have staff who is licensed and skilled to prepare the beverages. All of this is going to increase the budget for the restaurant.

Selling alcohol means that someone is responsible for checking the identification of all of the customers. If a customer is not of legal age, there could be some serious financial consequences and the business could possibly be shut down.

So there are a lot of positive things that come from selling alcohol at a business. It is going to require a little bit of extra work. However, the fact that the majority of restaurants offer alcohol shows that there’s money to be made in this arena.