Being a personal trainer is not an easy job, especially if you have to balance your time between your personal tasks and your job. It can sometimes be a pause from one’s healthy lifestyle as it spells out “stress” even before you start.

Trying to squeeze in some things like writing a thank you note to someone for replacing the wrong shoe size you ordered, cleaning your house that is due for inspection, confirming your night out with your new and old friends, and setting up a schedule with your regular clients can be a daunting task. In order to do all this, a personal trainer must have an organized to-do list in order to accomplish what is needed to do.

Here is a sample to-do list as a personal trainer:

    1. Meet up with a personal trainer I want to hire over a cup of coffee nearyarea.

    1. Clients are on top of a personal trainer’s list. A regular 90-minute gym session with them is always part of your to-do list.

    1. Set up a regular meeting with my apprentices formulating ideas about diet and lifestyle programs specifically for each client. Every client’s needs and health issues are different from each other so each one should have their own specific programs.

    1. Catch up on my speed-reading training. This is necessary not just for personal trainers but also for any busy person. It can save you a lot of time going though your documents that has “to read” notes and doing other personal stuff that needs your immediate attention.

    1. Christmas season is fast approaching and articles like ‘How to Remain in Shape over Christmas’ should be a priority. Spend some ample time to formulate ideas on how to go about this article.

    1. Check out the business portion of The Age regularly, a must read for every personal trainer who is also venturing into business like fat loss program.

    1. Hook up with other affiliates through meet ups or send them an email. In my case, Isagenix is ​​one of my affiliates.

    1. Internet is a serious business. Take some time off to deal with that new internet business which is the 12-Week Body Transformation program.

    1. Developmental seminars play a major part in enhancing the skills of a personal trainer. I always try to convince one of my colleagues to tag along with me so I do not have to attend it alone and we can both learn together as well.

    1. At times, resolving issues like Ezpay charging higher amount to your customers than what should only be billed is not a good business. Resolving issues like this is part of my job. This way, customers will feel special that you are the one handling their concerns and not just one of your associates. This is a nice customer retention strategy.

    1. Your health and your customer’s health should also be on top of your concerns. Remember to call people connected with your Corporate Health business as much as I can to check on things.

    1. Scan other blogs that can give you great ideas as a personal trainer. I usually leave some comments to those whoave me wonderful inputs. This way, these bloggers can easily remember me and we can exchange ideas on the same topic in the future.

    1. Write those thank you notes to people who deserve it the most. A simple note can leave a lasting impression to you and your clients.

    1. Review client’s contract as much as you can. Checking pending or incomplete contracts can avoid issues in the future.

    1. It is necessary for you to have a blog as a personal trainer. This way, my clients and customers has a way of interacting with me. While I am at it, I usually check for any missing information or links and fix it.

    1. It will help if you engage in other activities outside of your comfort zone. With me, I controlled in an Italian class. Incorporating easy healthy recipes to your training with your clients will be a big PLUS to boost your business. This can also help you seek potential clients and customers.

  1. There always has to be a competition that you will be involved. In my case, I am part of the National Asana Championship. Once a week practice with my colleges is part of my to-do list to win this competition.

I hope that this has given you a nice glimpse into the life of a personal trainer. Read along to know more about having a healthy lifestyle and engaging yourself in a weight loss program.