Many people dream about creating a home based business and finding the easiest ways to make money from home. Why do so few of them actually do anything about it? If you are one of these people that would love to make money from home and retire from the 9-5 work force then it is time to …

"Stop dreaming about life and start living the dream"

There are different schools of thoughts when it comes to starting a home based business. The first group of people will tell you that it is IMPOSSIBLE and the second will tell you it is EASY. I'm going to tell that creating a successful home business and making money from home is none of these things.

If you take the time to actually think about why most people are either overly optimistic or overly pessimistic it makes complete sense. The people that say its easy are normally trying to sell you something or convince you to join a program. Whilst the people that say it's impossible have usually been conned by someone who told them it was easy and when it turned out to be hard thought it was impossible.

Right here today I am going to create a third group, called the

'Truth About Making Money From Home'

Creating an income from home is very achievable if you approach it with a realistic attitude. If you are prepared to expand your knowledge and learn the adequate skills you can create an incredibly lucrative business.

6 figure enters within the first month is simply impossible BUT 6 figure enters within a year or two is very possible.

But what is the easiest way to make money from home?

You are faced with a number of different choices but it is my belief that the best system is this. I like to call it

Affiliate Marketing On Steroids

Most affiliate marketers promote products on Click Bank. This is fine if you are happy earning $ 20 – $ 70 per commission. What I suggest is to find affiliate programs that offer much larger awards. I am talking about $ 1000 to $ 20,000 awards from every and every sale. The amazing thing is that the conversion rates do not tend to be to different for big and small products.

So if you are serious about finding the easiest ways to make money from home – put your affiliate marketing on stereoids now.