Every one us will agree that making money online does not happen in a single day. But in fact it's a process where we should keep our efforts in an organized manner. Most of us have tried affiliate marketing where we put up a website and then drive traffic to it using all sort of SEO techniques. This is a pretty sound way of doing things however it does take a long time where we lose our interest in affiliate internet marketing.

The only alternative to this method of making money online is PPC . The fair advantage of this method is that it is quiet easier than the traditional internet marketing but you can end up losing a fair bit of money if you do not know what you are doing.

Mastering Google Adwords is the central theme of studying PPC techniques. If Google Adwords, then the authors Kyle and Carson comes to the mind who are pretty well known as the synonyms for Google Adwords. Earlier the two internet marketers are best known for their top rated works namely Beating Adwords, Inside The List and the excellent Wealthy Affiliates. Truly they are the masterpieces from the highly successful internet marketers.

Recently they have come up with a new ebook Who Loves Money . As a fellow internet marketer let me furnish a honest review of this ebook. This affiliate marketing ebook deals with the same concept of management of Google AdWords which is a quick way to rock the online market. In short, Who Loves Money is a volume of new ideas, techniques, strategies and information that Kyle and Carson use to set themselves apart from other marketers.

There are many books that are written by "wannabe" GURUS who have not made a cent online using the techniques they write about! The reality is that they are making all their money from people who buy their book. However, Kyle and Carson, are the internet marketers teaching the techniques what they practice in real.

The unique point of Who Loves Money is that it tells how to target the right audiences instead of simply teaching how to use Google AdWords to sell other people's products.

I'm very much impressed with the author's words that "Who Loves Money Will Teach You How to Make Money Using Your Brain, Instead of Your Wallet". Absolutely "Who Loves Money" does not require you to invest a single penny of your money. Although there are some techniques that can be applied by spending money, but there is no compulsion that one has to follow them to succeed. Each technique is explained in detail and you can follow the steps to make money online.

Finally I would recommend " Who Loves Money " because if one properly use the strategies and techniques within this affiliate marketing ebook you will make money online. The authors guarantee that their techniques work, but it is you to implement them to make money online.