'' Who loves Money '' is the name of new ebook launched by Kyle and Carson. It is expected to take world of internet marketing by storm. Kyle and Carson previously have 3 previous bestsellers which are

1. Beating AdWords

2. Inside the list

3.Wealthy Affiliate

All of these were major reading sources for affiliate marketing. While Beating AdWords and Inside the list were two ebooks, Wealthy Affiliate is a private membership website with extensive sources for learning regarding Affiliate marketing and it is suitable for both a beginner as well as an advanced person.

Who are Kyle and carson?

Kyle and Carson are 2 young fellows, both 26 years old who became very successful at this very young age. They earn about $ 60000 / month. But to reach there they have worked very hard. They started their journey with less than $ 5 / day budget and reached this stage today. This is what they have learned in 4 years. They then created a very friendly and tenant environment at Wealthy Affiliate.

So what is inside '' who loves money ''

In '' who loves money '' Karl and Carson reveal their secrets that they discovered while doing affiliate marketing and now they are going to share these secrets with you. Since I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I managed to speak with them about '' who loves money '' to find out more about it.

1. '' who loves money '' tell you just amazing tings about internet marketing, some of which will just shock you. Have you ever thought of finding a niche which will make you $ 60 per minute , yes it is minute not hour, not day. '' who loves money '' just tells you how to do it.

2. So far we have learned, how to make money by spending money, '' who loves money '' teaches you how you can make money without spending money. It tells how you can stop wasting money on Google AdWords and start making real money.

3.It also tells about secret strategies which will bring down the cost of your keyword bidding to pennies, instead of dollars, which means more savings and more earnings.

4. Clickbank has over 10000 affiliates but only handful make some real money, why. '' Who loves money '' reveals that. Would you like to know? This ebook reveals that.

5. '' who loves money '' also reveals 2 secret strategies of Kyle and Carson called Slow Roller Technique and Penny Pitcher Technique.

This ebook is a must for any serious Internet Marketeer