Making money online is the dream of every budding entrepreneur. I know when I first got started and was deciding between building an offline business or an online one, there was no question that an online business was the fastest way to earn extra income online – with the least downside.

So why do you want to start an online business? Does it really matter, you just want to do it right?

Maybe you have read the story of how Markus Frind started an ugly dating site called Plenty of Fish and regularly takes in $ 10 million dollars annually from Google and other advertisers.

Perhaps you read about how John Reese took in over $ 1 million in 24 hours when he launched his product Traffic Secrets.

Was it the story of how Mike Filsaime, a once overworked car salesman who put in regular shifts of 15 hours on the job pulls in over seven figures every year that got you interested in making some extra cash online.

Whatever the reason you got interested in learning about how to start an online business, I have to say, you have come to the right spot to learn.

Now you have a number of ways to make a little extra money online, including:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Pay Per Lead Programs
  • eBay
  • Network Marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • Driving traffic to sites via Google Adwords
  • Writing and Selling Ebooks Direct to Customers

All of the above ways are viable, but some of them have some serious downsides – either time, money commitments.

Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing is a cheap way to get started online. However, it takes time to learn and you have to compete against thousands of other affiliates for the same products. Standing out becomes more difficult, especially if the product is just launching and the affiliate commission is a big one.

Pay Per Lead Programs?
Pay Per Lead Programs are great in theory but you need to have a pretty robust website and a list. By list I mean a list of people whoave you their email addresses and want to hear from you.

eBay? Do not get me started. First you need stuff to buy, you have to post the item for sale and create an auction. Then you have to constantly monitor your listings. Then you have to ship the thing you are selling and then start all over. No thank you.

Network Marketing?
Network Marketing has some serious upside, especially if you are at the top of the pyramid – I mean commission structure. Hey mom, dad, do you want to buy this [insert product they do not need] from me so I can make a commission? I am only two more sales away from the level where I make serious money. No thanks.

Google Adsense?
Google AdSense sounds great in theory. You just place the code on your website and Google serves up the best ads for your readers based on the content on your site. Your readers click and you make money. Simple, right? Not so fast.

To make any online income with Google AdSense you have to have a site with plenty of traffic. That's great if you're Markus Frind of Plenty of Fish fame with millions of page views per month. Got one of those sites? Neither do I, so forget that option for now.

Google Adwords?
Google Adwords? Great if you can make extra money doing it, but you will likely spend thousands just "learning" how to make it work. No thanks.

Writing and Publishing Ebooks?
Writing and Publishing Ebooks. Once you set up your website, everything operates on autopilot. So you just write your ebook, upload it to your site and set up your shopping card through a free provider like PayPal.

When you look at the above options for making extra money online, it becomes clear that the first choice for beginners is to create a short little eBook and sell them online. It is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to start making additional cash online.

Okay, so maybe I am biased. I have written over 40 ebooks and made thousands of dollars on autopilot from my ebooks. Yeah, I guess I am a little biased, but with good reason.

I know that if you give writing and publishing ebooks a try, you will never try any of those other ways to make some extra money online. Get started today.